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Message #4758 - CULT_WATCH Date : 29-Oct-90 12:20 From : Richard Phelps To : David Rice Subject : UFO/ROCK & ROLL LINK Replies : #3376 <- Hi, David, thought I'd offer some references on the UFO subject, which is appropiate for this echo...most of the references are aimed for a college-level audience, so I hope these will help informationally-wise in this thread. I'll note which are from a Christian viewpoint...I should note that there is one group, C.A.U.S. (Citizens Against UFO Secrecy), that may have some ties (according to an ex-Scientologist Christian friend of mine) to the Church of Scientology; that group authored a book entitled WITH CLEAR INTENT, which seemed to take a rather adversarial role towards the U.S. and British governemnts; more so than most other works on UFO's, so be cautioned about this one reference...if I can obtain harder info on C.A.U.S. in the future, I'll let everyone on the echo know of it. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. UFO's: Is Science Fiction Coming True?; the Spiritual Counterfeits Project (SCP) Journal, August 1977, Vol. 1 No. 2 ... $3.00 copy (includes postage and handling); order from SCP, P.O. Box 4308, Berkeley, CA 94704 This is perhaps the best Christian resource on the topic I've seen in the last 15 years; although it was printed in 1977, I've found the info to be just as timely for today (see especially the section on page 17 on Brian Scott's "automatic" drawings...sound familiar? Look at the popularization of "spirit channeling" (read: spiritism and sorcery, per Deuteronomy ch. 18!). The folks at SCP have done an excellent job documenting their information, and as one can see, references on UFO's are quoted from Dr. Alan Hynek, and Dr. Jacques Vallee, as examples. 2. Above Top Secret; by Timothy Good, c. 1988, published by Quill, 105 Madison Avenue, N.Y., N.Y., 10016, ISBN 0-688-09202 A somewhat more academic treatment of world government cover-up of the UFO phenomenom, with very detailed case histories, and much material obtained via the Freedom of Information Act. I recommend this book more than the book WITH CLEAR INTENT, since there seems to be better-supported documentation. 3. Dimensions; by Jacques Vallee; c. 1988, published by Contemporary Books, Inc., 180 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60601 ISBN 0-8092-4586-8. Very scholarly, although somewhat leaning towards Jungian psychology. He clearly establishes what, for a non-christian world-view, is the operative mode of UFO's; that "they are extra-dimensional appartions, controlled by a non-benevolent intelligence", that "pop" in and out of 3 dimensional space (see the SCP Journal listed above, pg. 20-21, for a comparision of tyhis phenomenom to the scenario described in the book FLATLAND. I highly recommend Jacques Vallee's other works on UFO's, such as MESSENGERS OF DECEPTION (but bear in mind his Jungian psychological bias, but note his assertian that the UFO phenomenom is, in his opinion, a *conditioning* process, which goal, he believes, is non-benevolent to the human race (hmmm....). Also recommended is Dr. Alan Hynek's books; I believe one is titled THE UFO PHENOMENOM; A SCIENTIFIC EXAMINATION. Like Vallee, he approached the subject from a objective, scientific, non-sensationalist view. Unfortuanately, the same cannot be said for Phillip Klass, who seems forever bent on a rather narrow scientific-materialistic view, and he seems to enjoy "debunking" even the most well-documented "extradimensional" cases that Vallee and Hynek have taken seriously. On the other hand, Whitley Strieber, a previously published author of fictional occult/horror stories, has admitted to a fascination with the "darker" spiritual side of things; to be fair, on a recent "Larry King Live" show, he asserted that some UFO researchers had unfairly "pigeon-holed" him as believing that his "alien" experiences were just that; aliens from UFO's; Strieber said that he was not willing to go that far as to what it was that he experienced; that he didn't know who or what it was that he experienced (has anyone heard differently re: Strieber? I haven't had time to read any of his material i depth). 4. In Advance of the Landing: Folk Concepts of Outer Space, by Douglas Curran, c. 1985, published by Abbeville Press, Inc. 505 Park Avenue, New York 10022 A rather interesting look at the UFO sects in the U.S.; it does not attempt to explain UFO's themselves, but rather examines the people who make up the groups; included are photos and descriptions of various UFO groups. 5. Beyond the Four Dimensions, by Karl A. Brunstein,. c. 1979, published by the Walker Publishing Co., Inc. ISBN 0-8027-0612-6 Again, a rather alternative outlook on the phenomenom of a possible linkage of extradimensional forces and modern theories of physics. Although I don't agree with most of the author's premises, it's interesting reading, since Dr. Brunstein has credintials in Physics. 6. Excerpt from a book The Search for Extraterrastrial Intelligence (published by the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, at P.O. Box 2, Green Bank, WV 24944-0002); the excerpt is entitled How Do We Reply?, by Dr. Gerrit L. Vershuur, National Radio Astronomy Observatory; Dr. Verschuur advocates that we contact "ET" by exploring alternative means, such as "trance induced contact, automatic writing, personal experiences regarding contact, and the UFO phenomenom..." as well as "the Jungian collective unconsciousness." Although I don't agree with much of these approaches, his statement that "the SETI experience has many of the hallmarks of the technological search for God. The SETI experience has many of the hallmarks of a religious quest. There is a parallel here, to the religious experience in which you make a commitment to pursuing your path no matter where it leads. In our case, pursuing the search for ETI, no matter where it leads, may lead you into interesting places of self-discovery. So, why are you involved? Contact with ETI is not going to be a personal thing. It will be collective and is going to effect the entire human race. So why are you involved?" [quoted from Dr. Verschuur's work cited above] leaves open the spiritual side to this UFO personal belief is that we are witnessing a spiritual phenomenom that is attempting to counterfeit the order originally intended by God, as set forth in the Old and New Testamnets. It is interesting to note that Lucifer has access to space-time manipulation, as well as a large source of information, but in both cases he is not infinite, as God is; in his attempt to decieve, he is not above using any method or technique to distract man from the true God. The UFO phenomenom, with its stories of contact with ET's that speak of "a new world order and religion, of alternative realities, of high technology that, for each generation that witnesses UFO's, is tantalizingly just beyond that generation's understanding (as an example, the "airship" UFO's of the late 19th century, of a "we-are-your-ultimate-salvation theme," bespeaks of something that a non-benevolent intelligence would seek to do to counterfeit the order that God intended, in a last-ditch effort to bring many down to his dark order (I'm speaking of Lucifer and hell), through methodologies that are enticing and appealing to our ever-curious scientific-technical age. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------- I hope that the above references and comments prove helpful in future dialogue on this echo, as a current interest in UFO's, ET's, the English "circle" phenomenom, "new-age", and spritism seems to be on the increase.. I believe it will be of vital importance to gain an orthodox, biblical perspective on these matters, as I see our culture (and the recently opened Soviet-bloc countries) looking for spiritual answers. As has already occured in the Eastern bloc countries, they are getting the worst and the best of American values; the pornographers, drug czars, and gun dealers, along with the "gab it and grab it" health-and-wealth TV preachers (Copeland, Hagin, Price, Treat, Tilton, etc), and the LDS, Moonies, and other uniquely American cults are making inroads, along with Christian missionary groups that have had a proven track record of integrity and honesty, which have started helping out the victims of Chrnobyl, and the Romanian children's day-care centers, and passing out Bibles. There is much interest in spiritual phenomenom in these countries, what with the 70 year plus oppression that has for the most part lifted. Well, enough for now; I need to sign off, but I hope that all can benefit from the above references. I believe we are for some challanging times ahead, as world events seem to be coinciding with those times that Jesus prohesied of. --- * Origin: Saints Alive In Jesus / CfC # 27 206-277-8813 (8:7000/27)


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