+gt;+gt;Mr. Klass is former Avionics Editor of Aviation Week + Space Technology Magazine,

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>>Mr. Klass is former Avionics Editor of Aviation Week & Space Technology Magazine, and widely recognized as the world's foremost UFO debunker. ---------------------- Although I am really much too busy working on my new book on "UFO abductions," and my assignments for Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine, I chanced to note your pernicious comment that you "envision in the near future bumper stickers that say, `Kill a Believer for CSICOP.'" What a dreadfully inaccurate comment from one who has attended a CSICOP conference, where the "believers" are invited to present their views -- in striking contrast to MUFON conferences. (At the recent first general meeting of the National Capital Area Skeptics, Dr. Bruce Maccabee was invited to present the pro-UFO side of `UFO-abductions' and given equal time to my own. Did he invite me to speak at his FUFOR sponsored MUFON conference later this month??) As for your lament, "Ufology: After 40 Years, Still No Respect," the same lament has been voiced by The Flat Earth Society, by those who believe in "ancient astronauts," in ghosts and poltergeist -- and was earlier voiced by the late Sir Arthur Conan Doyle when organized science showed no interest in his photos and tales of fairies (the tiny variety). The explanation is simple: The world's leading scientists are dum- dums, which explains why our scientific knowledge has not advanced one iota in the past 100 years!!!!! If world-reknown [sic] scientists fail to be impressed by the evid- ence that you and other UFOlogists find so impressive, then clearly it is "they" and not you who are at fault. And "they" would be more open-minded if it were not for the tiny handful of skeptics, such as Klass, Sheaffer, and Oberg. Why is it that Hynek, McDonald, Maccabee, Sturrock, Westrum, Truzzi, etc., all with Ph.D.'s, were/are not able to overcome the negativ- ism of a tiny handful of skeptics without such academic pedigrees? It never once occurs to UFO-proponents like yourself that perhaps-- perhaps--there is no UFO evidence that the world's great scientific minds find impressive. That it is only impressive to those who have an overwhelm- ing desire to believe, to the credulous and gullible. But be of good cheer, at age 67 I do not have many more years ahead, and Sheaffer and Oberg in time will pass. Then, with the three of us gone-- at long last the world's great scientists will "see the light" about UFOs. And, for the first time, the cultists will have been proven right, and the world's great scientific minds will admit they were wrong.


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