+gt;+gt; Dale Ledoux is a member of ParaNet Gamma in Lousiana.- While I have not read the

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>> Dale Ledoux is a member of ParaNet Gamma in Lousiana.-------------------------------------------------------- While I have not read the material released under FOIA on this subject, and am therefore not fully informed on it, I am still skeptical. I offer the hypothesis that, assuming there is another civilization advanced enough to visit earth from extra-terrrestrial origin, these beings would also have within their means the ability to determine the fate of their previous probes, and would also have the means to propogate the news of their arrival(s) better than has been done. To date, I have seen no evidence that this has been done. As a past walker among battlefields, I have found many things that are of questionable origin, and many unexplained phenomena. Within the realm of my limited knowledge, I often find 'predictable' systems acting in unpredictable fashion, but all this means is that I don't have all the information. Too much of the UFObia smacks of efforts to ascribe near-godhood to extraterrestrials and to ascribe to government the time-worn idea that THEY (it's always the mysterious THEY) are trying to keep something good from us. I already feel that our country's security is too lax, and if these boys can't keep a secret about a recently developed piece of hardware like the F-19, I really don't think they can keep a secret about assorted and sundry chunks of extraterrestrial hardware stored in some desert warehouse. Of course, these same aliens could also be trying to remain incognito, in which case they wouldn't want the publicity. If that were the case, though, I doubt that they'd be really happy about this evidence in the hands of terrestrial authorities. I still contend that they'd be able to do something about it. Then, too, is the question, what sort of technology do you think the government is hiding if indeed they are hiding something? Unless I miss some bets, I think we can detail a fairly consistent research path to all of today's technology from earlier levels. I wish somebody would point to one of the quantum jumps that would possibly arise as a result of exposure to the detritus of some advanced civilization's space probe. It'd certainly be nice, though, if I could comfort myself with the knowledge that Reagan's SDI is based on some other technology from Alpha Centauri than the stuff I know about. Maybe this IS true. Aw, shoot, there I go again...


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