May 27, 1987 - The Great UFO Debate After forty years, Have We Got Anything? By God, if we

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May 27, 1987 - The Great UFO Debate . After forty years, Have We Got Anything? By God, if we don't then somebody is blind! The works of Hopkins and Strieber alone should be enough evidence to convince any normal unprejudiced group of people. Non-human entities have been and still are taking US citizen's by force, disfiguring the bodies and inflecting psychological changes upon them. Had a Black, Mexican, Puerto Rican (or any minority for that matter) perpetrated what these aliens regularly get away with there would be lynch mobs searching the hills with shotguns and blood hounds looking for them. I have seen people convicted and put in prison by our legal system with less proof. Consider the following scenario. A typical abduction case but the situation has been changed to reflect humans instead of aliens. . Joe is walking down a dark country road. Suddenly bright headlights from a car (UFO) startle Joe. As the headlights creep nearer, Joe is paralyzed with fear. Then a strange seedy bald little midget (ALIEN) grabs Joe and ties him up (PUTS HIM IN A TRANCE) so that he can't move any part of his body but his eyes. He's hauled (LEVITATED) in the a silver customized van (SAUCER SHAPED OBJECT) where he's terrorized (TERRORIZED) and cut up with a knife (CUT UP WITH A SHARP OBJECT). Joe is than carry (FLOATED) back to where he was pick up and told to keep his mouth shut! (MADE TO FORGET THROUGH SOME UNKNOWN PSYCHOLOGICAL PROCESS). Folks, that is called kidnapping and armed assault. . The truly amazing part of the story surfaces when this pattern is repeated not once or twice or even three times but HUNDREDS. . It is amusing and thought provoking to speculate about their purpose. Makes good cocktail talk. But, the facts remain. 1) They come in the dark. 2) They incapacitated people in a way we don't understand. 3) People are taken against their will. 4) There bodies are often disfigured. 5) They cause people to lose their memory for which our science can't yet explain. 6) They conceal there presence. Not a very pretty picture. . What is called for is an aggressive, proactive program to determine their purpose, communicate our dissatisfaction with their methods (IF there purpose is innocent) and lastly establish a method to stop, by force if necessary, their culturally unsatisfactory actions (call me ethnocentric but when they're here they live by our rules.) Ted Markley


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