No longer a Time to Debate! by Ralph Toscano There exists the possibility that the UFO phe

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No longer a Time to Debate! by Ralph Toscano There exists the possibility that the UFO phenomenon is far stranger than we are led to believe. The UFO-Buff considers each case as authentic, and that the "space-brothers" are here for our redemption. Then on the other hand you have the hard-core skeptic. His major focus is to see that all the people who have a UFO experience are discredited at whatever cost. Last, and perhaps most important, you have the concerned investigators, who unfortunately are stuck between these warring factions, and sometimes being pushed into one of these camps without any consideration for his true expertise. The thought has crossed my mind that perhaps the best way to cover for any activity would be to get the people of the particular race so involved with arguing amongst each other that they actually "miss the boat" as far as what is really going on around them. I feel that the strangeness of this phenomena is not entirely centered around the "Extra- terrestrial Hypothesis". I think that for the most part, it has been the government of each country that has made this phenomena so mysterious. If you go on the premise that the documents recovered through the FOIA are legitimate, then these materials speak for themselves. The U.S. government is obviously up to some clandestine operation designed to suppress or dis- credit any individual victim to a UFO experience. And the documents go MUCH deeper, there are hints that the government actually has in its pos- session assorted space debris TOTALLY alien to planet Earth!! Even if these documents prove to be bogus, and we have no reason to think they are, then we must turn to the many incidents in which irrefutable physical side-effects are our best evidence. The whole phenomena is not going to go away, its been around a lot longer than the 40 years we acknowledge. There are many passages in the Bible which describe strange lights or even veh- icles that parallel the incidents that occur today. These occurrences con- tinue throughout history. It is no longer a question of is there something happening here, but more a question of WHAT is happening here! Since we cannot rely on our military or even our government for that matter, any information must come from other sources inside these communities. It is time for an operation such as "BluePeace" to swing into action! Let's get the congressional hearings started now! All the skeptics will be needing a change of shorts when this happens.


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