Robert G. Todd 2528 Belmont Avenue Ardmore, PA 19003-2167 March 21, 1989 Mr. Grant R. Came

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Robert G. Todd 2528 Belmont Avenue Ardmore, PA 19003-2167 March 21, 1989 Mr. Grant R. Cameron 649 Silverstone Avenue Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 2U8 Dear Grant, Many thanks for the material on Cooper's perspective of MJ-12. I don't have any "inside sources" with whom I can check the accuracy of Cooper's statements, so it's difficult to evaluate his material. On the surface, it has a better appearance than Moore's stuff, if only because it _seems_ to contain more specifics. Still, I'm more than a little suspicious of it. Anything is _possible_, but because of the sensational nature of the claims, both Moore's and Cooper's, I _must_ question their truthfulness until supporting information surfaces. That doesn't mean that I have given up looking for information to support the claims, because I haven't. One thing that did catch my attention wsa Cooper's reference to Project SNOWBIRD, which he claims was a cover project for Project REDLIGHT. IF indeed SNOWBIRD was "A flying saucer 'TYPE' craft... built using conventional technology", and if indeed "It was unveiled to the press and flown in public on several occasions," why doesn't anybody know about it and why hasn't anybody seen it? If it was unveiled to the press, and flown in public on several occasions, surely the Air Force would have revealed its official designation and supposed "aircraft buffs" like Lee Graham would be aware of it. I don't pretend to understand what's going on here. No matter how you look at this, a lot of people are lying. They can't all be telling the truth. I don't mean to suggest that Cooper is lying. He may only be repeating what his sources have told him. That brings me to another claim Cooper makes. Cooper claims to have actually seen the GRUDGE/BLUE BOOK Report No. 13. The material you sent makes no reference to the circumstances under which he saw the document, although he hints that perhaps he saw it while in the military.. Where did he see the document during his military career? Did somebody in government shown him the document? If so, why? Was he shown the document in connection with his military duties? He answers none of these questions in the material you furnished to me. Unless he has explained this in another writing, he expects us to just accept the fact that he saw the document. I can't speak for anybody else, but I know I'm not made that way. Given the sensational nature of the claims, I just can't accept these kinds of allegations without something more substantial than somebody's word for it. For me, the circumstances of his having seen the document are almost as important as what he claims the document said. I can't say I would be any closer to believing his story, but it sure can't hurt. The more I learn about these matters, the less likely I am to believe _anything_ being said. For your information, I have attached a copy of a letter apparently written by Richard Doty. I say "apparently" only because the copy I received isn't signed. In the attached letter, Doty (presumably) reveals that his father was never a Blue Book investigator. He says his uncle was, so I guess the Edward Doty I mentioned in a previous letter may have been Richard Doty's uncle, rather than his father. In addition, I don't know to whose book Doty refers in his letter. His comments clearly indicate a knowledge of the book's contents prior to publication. I suppose it safe to assume that he contributed to the book in some fashion. I don't see Doty as being capable of writing a marketable book, _on his own_. Maybe it was coauthored with Bill Moore. Maybe that's why the book with Bob Pratt fell through. As usual, Doty makes everything as clear as mud. I have also received your March 19, 1989 letter and the accompanying copies from the Eisenhower Library. It shouldn't come as a surprise to anybody that Presidents do have Special Projects dealing with all kinds of matters, including those relating to science. Whether or not any of those Special Projects relate to MJ-12 remains to be seen. I wish Stan the best of luck with his endeavors. As far as I know, nobody is saying that the people named as members of MJ-12 were not involved in government service. I know they were. Likewise, since they were involved in government service, we could reasonably expect to see clear and frequent links between these people, links that would be documented in official government records, as well as history books. So what? Aside from the MJ-12 document, I have seen _nothing_ that even hints that these people were involved in matters relating to crashed extraterrestrial craft. Stan Friedman has stated in his own writings that he caught on to most of the names on the list of MJ-12 members long before the MJ-12 document ever surfaced. Although he says he didn't catch on to Menzel, he knew before the document surfaced that Menzel had had a security clearance with the Air Force. In fact, he has written that when Bill Moore and Jamie Shandera first read him the names on the MJ-12 list, he went to his file on Vannevar Bush and pulled out a letter from Bush's attorney informing Bush of the result's of Menzel's loyalty hearing. Stan Friedman also points to the fact that the phrasing used in the Cutler memo to General Twining is almost identical to that used in another memo he and Moore located at the Manuscript Division of the Library of Congress _years_ before. If you start from the premise that the MJ-12 documents do constitute a hoax, then you have to consider how the hoax could have been hatched. In turn, you assume it was hatched with the Roswell incident, and start digging from there, as Bill and Stan have done. I agree that if a UFO actually did crash in New Mexico in 1947, the Research and Development Board would be a _very_ logical place to start looking. Bill and Stan started looking. They looked for years, as I understand it. But not until the MJ-12 documents surfaced did the bits and pieces of information they collected over those years of research magically start falling into place. Either the MJ-12 documents are a hoax, or they are genuine. If the documents are a hoax, I contend that the documents were created around the very bits and pieces of legitimate information and facts Stan and Bill culled from the various archives. The dates, names, the relationships between the government personnel, are all legitimate. We know they are legitimate. Around these random pieces of legitimate facts somebody could have concocted the MJ-12 story. If you start off with the legitimate facts, and embellish them with tales of crashed saucers, of course the story is going to have an air of authenticity to it. Of course the dates and relationships will check out because they were known even before the story was concocted. If the documents are a hoax, I don't know who perpetrated the hoax. As to why the may have done it, that depends a great deal on exactly who did it. It seems clear to me that, if the documents are a hoax, the person or persons responsible had to have information on a par with that held by Bill Moore and Stan Friedman. As a result, the hoax, if it is one, wasn't casually dreamed up one Saturday afternoon when the perpetrator had nothing better to do. Indeed, the legitimate facts gathered and used in the hoax probably were not gathered with the purpose of perpetrating a hoax in mind. I believe it was either an afterthought of the person or persons gathering the facts, or the same legitimate facts were shared with somebody who came up with the brilliant idea to concoct a story around the facts. I don't _know_, in an absolute sense, that it is a hoax. I _believe_ it is a hoax. I can't _prove_ it is a hoax - _nobody_ can, not even the government. If it is a hoax, we may never know. If the story is true, the government _could_ confirm it, provided they _want_ to. If it is false, they can't prove it and neither can anybody else. We could be exchanging identical letters fifty years from now and be no closer to the truth. If Stan Friedman turns up proof that MJ-12 is legitimate, I'll be among the first to congratulate him. _Sincerely_, I wish him the best of luck in his hunt. Bob Atch


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