SWAN COMPANY general contractors P.O. Box _ * _, HI _ * (808) _-_ April 5, 1989 Linda Howe

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SWAN COMPANY general contractors P.O. Box ____ * _______, HI _____ * (808) ___-____ April 5, 1989 Linda Howe P.O. Box 3130 Littleton, Colorado 80161-3130 Dear Linda: A few months ago you called me regarding an old friend of mine, William (Bill) Cooper. You asked me to confirm seeing and receiving documents from Bill Cooper on the night of his wedding in 1972. I have been reluctant to discuss this with you and with the numerous pople who have been trying to contact me. I have never met you or any of the other people that called me on the phone. I would have liked to have met with John Lear, however, when I was finally able to return his call, he had checked out of his hotel in Honolulu. Bill and I were close friends. We discussed numerous subjects. However, when I would push in an area of a classified nature, he simply said that he could not discuss it. Throughout our friendship, I was involved in commercial as well as a sportdiving operations based out of Honolulu (Skin Diving Hawaii). The work which we were involved in required team work and trust. Often the topic of UFO's would be discussed. I learned through Bill that every space flight was accompanied by UFO's. As I have said, Bill and I were good friends. I was best man at his wedding. On the eve of his wedding, there was no party. Here is what I remember of that evening. Bill wanted to discuss something which was troubling him. I was there to listen. Through the course of our conversation, Bill produced some documents which contained what I believed to be classified information. It was about an alien base on the back side of the moon, as well as other information of a tender nature that Bill was involved in at CINCPACFLT in Naval Intelligence. I believed at thee time and still do that this information was true. We decided that I should keep copies of this information in case anything happen to Bill. Unfortunately all I can remember is Space shots and the bases on the Moon. Whether this is due to the information being so unbelievable or so diturbing, I cannot say. Discussions of the assassination of JFK came up but I cannot remember where they led. i have given that evening a grat deal of Linda Howe April 5, 1989 Page Two thought since you called, and have tried to piece together that evening. This is all i can come up with. The information which i was to hang onto has since disappeared. I wish I could be more help to you and Bill, but I do not have the documents and cannot positively confirm anything other than what I have told you. If you talk to Bill, please express my feelings of frustration in trying to recreate one evening 17 years ago. Cordially, (signature) Robert J. Swan


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