CUFON - UFO Information Service Seattle, Washington 3/20/86 Lab Results Of 1966 `Swampgas

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CUFON - UFO Information Service Seattle, Washington 3/20/86 Lab Results Of 1966 `Swampgas Case'. ============================================================================== This information was obtained by Mr.Dale Goudie, director of Puget Sound Aerial Phenomena Research and Information director for the UFO Information Service in Seattle, Washington. The broad details of this case have long been known. This is the case in which Dr. J. Allen Hynek, at the time a consultant to the U.S. Air Force, issued his quickly-condemned opinion that the lights seen could have been swamp gas. New additional information about the famed 1966 Swamp Gas case in Michigan surfaced in 1984 shedding new light on this incident my Dale Goudie. Goudie States: The material consists of a news release issued at the time by William E. Van Horn, the Civil Defense Director for Hillsdale County, Michigan. It contains a hitherto unknown loboratory report covering the scientific analysis of soil, water and animal life in the area of the reported landing. for those unfamiliar with the case, here are excepts from a statement made at the time by Van Horn: On the evening of March 21,1966 at 10:32 P.M. a call was received from the New Woman's Dormitory at Hillsdale College by the Office Of Civil Defense.....from a student reporting that some type of craft had descended from the Northeast, flashed by their dormitory and disappeared to the South. At this time the girl described as well as later, the observing of red, green and white pulsating lights. There were 17 of the college students that made this ovservation At approximately 11 PM, a second call was made by the girl to the Civil Defense Office informing them that the object had reappeared and had settled close to the ground approximately one half mile from the dormitory. Van Horn at once called for help from the Police Department and three cars plus himself were sent in a two mile area from the dormitory to the East. Van Horn checked the area at the half mile point and after he was unable to locate anything. he at once returned to the dormitory. Upon arriving at the dormitory he was escorted to the second floor and taken to a room facing the East, from where he made the following observation. He observed that there was an object which was an approximate distance of 1,500 to 1,700 feet away from them...settled into a hollow and was apparently either near or on the ground. The two lights upon his first observation were what he would describe as a dim orange on the right and a dirty white on the left. After observing this for a period of about 10 minutes the lights began to grow in brilliance, the dim orange became red and true in color and the white became a true white. As the lights became more brilliant, the object or vehice began to rise. It would rise to a height of approximately 100 to 150 feet, stop momentarily and began to descend. This occurred several times. At one time upon descending a glow from the side opposite them came from somewhere and he was able to see a convexed surface. The vehicle was also observed to move right to left and left to right, and did so in a very smooth manner. The acsent and descent were at an estimated rate of 25 to 30 feet per minute. (This was estimated from Van Horns experience as a commercial pilot.) At no time were any of the witnesses able to detect any type of sound or noise. At approximately 4:30 AM, those still observing the scene noticed the lights disappear and this was the last that was seen of it. The area that this was observed in was by no means a swamp but rather an area which is cultivated by Hillsdale College as a park. Goudie, also states that there will be additional information up coming and will be released in a short time by the ufo information service in Seattle. This new information will even bring us closer to the reality of this case and keep this in mind that this case was investigated very carefully. ============================================================================== CUFON - UFO Information Service Seattle, Washington 3/20/86 Lab Results Of 1966 Swamp Gas Case page 2 ============================================================================== 1. SOIL TESTS a. Acid-Base Test b. Solubility Test Acid content of three, which is very The soil was very soluble in a heavy, and Base content of seven or water solution. eight, which is almost neutral. c. Composition Test d. Radiological Test There was no change in soil The radiation reading on the soil composition except for a slight was thirty-one hundredths additive of Boron. roentgens per hour. (.31 r/hr.) ________________________________________________________________________________ 2. PLANT TESTS ( Green and Fungi ) a. Paper Chromatography Test b. Tests for Measuring Life Functions There were found only green and The plants were found to be yellow pigments in this test; the healthy. blue pigment did not show up in this test, so we presume the blue pigment was destroyed. c. Starch Test d. Clorophyll Test This was found to be normal. This was found to be normal. e. Radiological Test f. Spectrum Test On Plants Clorophyll The reading on the plants was The blue pigment was gone; it did three/hundred fifteen thousandths not show up in this test,presuming roentgens per hour. (.315 r/hr) again that the blue pigment was completely destroyed. ________________________________________________________________________________ 3. ANIMAL TESTS a. Blood Hemoglobin Test b. Metabolism Test Amphibian: The hemoglobin was Amphibian: had slower that slightly reduced. normal metabolish but nowt Crustation: The hemoglobin improving. showed no change from normal. Crustation: Could detect no metabolic change from normal. c. Reflex Test d. Radiological Test Amphibian: was sluggish when Amphibian: Three thousand first captured but has not seventy five-tenthousandths. improved. (.3075 r/hr) Crustation: No change detected. Crustation: Three thousand one hundred twenty five-ten thousandths. (.3125 r/hr) ________________________________________________________________________________ 4. MINERAL TESTS a. Acid-Base Test b. Type Of Rock Specimen All rocks, ingenous, metmorphic 1. Ingenous and sedimentary were found to be 2. Metamorphic neutral. 3. Sedimentary c. Check Of Characteristics d. Radiological Test All characteristics of the rocks 1. Ingenous ------- .31 r/hr found to be normal for each type 2. Metamorphic ---- .31 r/hr of rock. There were no chemical 3. Sedimentary ---- .3125 r/hr or structural changes. ______________________________________________________________________________ 5. WATER TESTS a. Microscopic Analysis b. Acid-Base Test All microscopic animals and plants The water was neutral of both acid dead; cause unknown. and base. c. Composition Of Materials In The d. Radiological Test Water The water had a .315 r/hr reading. All minerals found in the water normal with the exception of a slight trace of Boron. ______________________________________________________________________________ 6. ENVIRONMENTAL TESTS TAKEN 3/23/66 a. Temperature b. Pond Life 1. Water 42 degrees F 1. Crustation: 2. Air 54 degrees F 2. Amphibians: There was an No unusual heat shown. unusually large number of them. c. Range and Time of Radiological d. Changes of Visible Appearance Changes Caused by the U.F.O. The first meter reading the meter No apparent changes in environment showed thirty three hundredths were visible. roentgens (.33 r/hr) and its last reading 3 hours later showed twenty seven hundredths roentgens (.27 r/hr). ______________________________________________________________________________ CONCLUSIONS 1. Soil: 2. Plants: The soil had above normal radiation The plants had above normal and also had abnormal content of radiation. Boron. Blue pigments did not show up The Boron is alien to this type of in the tests and were presumed soil. destroyed, but this did not seem to effect the life junctions of the plants. ==============================================================================


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