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STANTON T. FRIEDMAN NUCLEAR PHYSICIST - LECTURER 110 Kings College Road Fredericton, New Brunswick E3B 2E7 Canada (506) 457-0232 Mr. William Steinman 15043 Rosalita Dr. La Mirada, CA 90638 USA May 25, 1984 Dear Bill: Re yours of May 18. Some data... I checked telephone information in State College, PA -- home of Penn State after checking the library re Walker. There was no listing so I called the University. I eventually was given a location in South Carolina.. Hilton Head. I got his number there and called. He was out. I left my name and said I would call back the next night when according to his wife he would be in. I did so. He was cagey and careful. There was no admission whatsoever of any involvement with UFOs at all. He did say that the subject had of course been discussed by everybody back then. He did admit to having read the Roswell Incident and threw in some cracks. There is absolutely nothing that can be used in a court of law. He certainly will not respond to pressure. My reaction to how he answered the various questions was that he knew a great deal. He surely wasn't saying that. I think you are probably right about him... his background is certainly impressive and of course Ike had a farm in Gettysburg PA and there were other connections. I don't have a mailing address for him but he does apparently go in to the university still as an ex president. I would certainly agree that HAK was in all the right places at the right times doing the right things for him to have been involved and perhaps still involved in the UFO coverup. I have no idea how to prove that at this time. I have no idea why you want to have the government turn flying saucers over to the scientific community. The security implications of the technology of the saucers are enormous. I do not want technical information made public. Why do you? I want the world to know that indeed our planet is being visited by ETI and that the government knows a great deal. I certainly don't want all the information made public. After all what about all the data obtained by other governments especially the Soviet Union? Do you expect them to make their information available? I would expect them to grab ours and put it together with theirs... A direct frontal approach often calls the troops out of the closet. I certainly appreciate that you have been spending a lot of effort and turning up leads worthy of further attention. But again I must express my strong concern about not going past the data... as was the case with Sarbacher. These guys can't be brow beaten. Impressions and feelings are useful in pursuit of truth but not in establishing it in a courtroom. I appreciate4 the info about Wang, but again his wife's statements to you don't prove anything... about him or HAK. Incidentally I long ago suggested that HAK knew all about UFOs and that was the reason for the embargo raising oil prices because once the truth was out oil would be of much less value... he was closely tied to the Rockefeller interests as you know... But I hadn't checked his early background until you suggested it.... It was probably expected that some of the truth would be released during Nixon's second term.... Hastily, Stan


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