AS MAN] BECOMES MACHINETitle and most of the contents of this article are taken directly f

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AS MAN BECOMES MACHINETitle and most of the contents of this article are taken directly from David Rorvik's book published by Doubleday & Co., 1971. Other comments are written by Al Pinto.In my last article, CYBORG.UFO, I had said that the material presented, is "watered down". That article was meant as an introduction to what you are about to read. In his book, which by the way has nothing to do with UFO's, Rorvik supports what I have presented to you before. He supplies us with valuable technical information into a technology that seeks to make man evolve into machine. Some of the concepts have already been presented to you in my last article. An overview you might say. This article will go more into detail on the subject of ESB, or electronic stimulation of the brain, and participant evolution. This comes from Mr. Rorvik's book; Page 151:ELECTROPROSTHESIS Somatic functions have yielded even more dramatically than the autonomic to ESB. These are the motor functions, movements of the body and it's extremities, which can be controlled by stimulating various parts of the cerebral cortex. In Dr. Delgado's experiments animals were induced to "move the legs, raise or lower the body, open or close the mouth, walk or lie still, or turn around." He found that the animals took all of this very much in stride, seemingly unaware of outside interference. Cats stimulated in such a way as they would suddenly have to raise a hind leg would go right on purring. Nor would they stumble or fall. "However," Dr. Delgado observes, "if we tried to prevent the evoked effect by holding the hind leg with our hands, the cat stopped purring, struggled to get free, and shook it's leg," indicating that the stimulatory command is a powerful one. A number of researchers are working to put this sort of motor control to practical effect. ------------------------------------------------------------------So, if ESB is effective on animals, could it be just as effective on Humans? Rorvik writes: To understand fully the impact ESB may have in the very near future, it is important first to understand something of the actual technique of implanting electrodes in the brain. Thousands of laboratory animals, including rats, dogs, cats, dolphins, bulls and even crickets, have been wired, some with more than one hundred electrodes. Dozens of humans, most of them suffering from serious diseases or mental disorders, have been similary wired- some with scores of electrodes and for periods in excess of a year. ------------------------------------------------------------------What is the history of this technology? How far back does it date too? Is it possible that this science could explain at least that possibility, in which the occupants of UFO's may not be extraterrestrial? That it is indeed possible that the abductees ARE under a mass hallucination imposed on them by their abductors? Rorvik again provides us with more answers: "Recent rapid development in ESB technique follows upon what was a rather slow start. Direct electrical stimulation, in fact, dates back nearly two centuries to the experiments of Volta, Galvani, Du Bois-Reymond and others , who discovered that the brain was more suceptible to electronics than to obscure chemical forces ("animal spirits" they were called) that were in vogue up to that time." That came from page 141-142. He continues to tell us that electronic stimulation of the brain was used in 1870 by battlefield brain surgeons. Then he says: "This medical 'technology' lay mercifully dormant for decades after the war-until Dr. Walter R. Hess, a brilliant Swiss neurophysiologist, devised the modern technique of electrode implantation in 1932, demonstrating in the process that nearly all of man's functions and emotions can be influenced by electrical stimulation in specific cerebral areas." -page 142 Here we are again. Nearing WWII, and humans have already learned about and demonstrated this technology. You will recall that we also had saucer technology back then. What if Hitler and his brilliant scientists got hold of this technology? Rorvik doesn't say whether or not this relates to that situation. He does offer us some scary scenarios, however. He writes:GOVERNMENT BY "ELECTROLIGARCHY" The incredible power that one can exert over an individual's actions and emotions with ESB has given rise to some alarm.What works for lower animals in this realm can also be made to work for man. Most scientists assume, of course, that this technology, will remain in (their) benign hands, ushering in a new era of "electrical nirvana." But if the technology should fall into decidedly unscrupulous hands (and this must certainly be considered a possibility), then a strange and fearful world could result. An electrical engineer named Curtis R. Schafer alluded to this very possibility in a paper he presented before the National Electronics Conference in Chicago some years ago. Half in jest, he proposed computer-controlled electrodes be implanted in the brains of babies, a few months after birth, robotizing them for life. "The once human being thus controlled would be the cheapest of machines to create and operate," he pointed out. "The cost of building even a simple robot, like the Westinghouse mechanical man, is probably ten times that of bearing and raising a child to the age of sixteen." Other scientists have admitted the possibility that governments could try to control citizen behavior by techniques of ESB. The vision of a society controlled by such a government is not pleasant to contemplate-yet it is certainly as "realistic" as that envisioned by Aldous Huxley in his famous novel "Brave new World", in which the masses were bio-chemically stratified via the sort of genetic engineering that is already becoming possible in laboratories around the world. An electronically contrived Brave New World, however, might actually be easy to achieve. The stratification here, of course, would be somewhat different, as the following scenario would illustrate: To begin with, let us imagine a conspiracy participated in by a small group of powerful men who seek to "optimize" society. Noting the fantastic potential of ESB, they invision themselves at the top of an electronically sustained socio-structure that might be called the Eletroheirarchy. The conspirators, let us say, are leading figures in the military-industrial complex who want to run society in the same way that they run their factories and armies. But now, instead of having to worry about personal incentive programs, waste, time consumming inter-office bickering, in house pilfering, and philandering, insubordination, the costly ritual of hiring and firing and so on, they need only punch buttons and transmit the appropriate signals to achieve every general's, manager's, president's, premiere's dream of the efficient society. -page 145-146Rorvik goes on to explain details of how such a government might operate by groups known as the masters, who are only about 50 people spared from electrode implants; The next rung down would be the Electrons, who are somewhat implanted, would be the poets, thinkers, scientists, scholars, etc.; Next, The Positrons would be more heavily implanted and would be the positive thinkers, the ones who put the plans into action. The "white collar" workers; At the lowest level might come the electrons or the most heavily implanted, which would be engaged in the repetitive, often menial tasks. All would be cheaper and more reliable than automatic equipment and mechanical robots. They would be robotized so that they could do their tasks all day, and love every minute of it. I find it more than interesting that this scenario fits in, almost too well, with what the Nazi's were trying to do. If they somehow had access to this technology, which is entirely possible, they would use it similarly as depicted above.------------------------------------------------------------------GENETIC ENGINEERING AND BIOLOGICAL MUTATIONThe idea that the EBE could be a TBE, or TERRESTRIAL biological entity, is also possible. Rorvik writes: Space, as much as medicine, has fostered the cyborg concept; in fact, it was in connection with the space challenge that the word itself was coined. Dr. Manfred Clynes and Dr. Nathan Kline, both of Rockland State Hospital in New York, first introduced the word in a paper presented at the Pschophysiological Aspects of Space Flight Symposium in San Antonio several years ago. They noted that "in the past, the altering of bodily functions to suit different environments was accomplished through evolution. From now on, at least in some degree, this can be achieved without alteration of heredity by suitable bio-chemical, physiological, and electronic modification of man's modus vivendi. The value of this sort of "participant evolution" they pointed out, could be immense, particularly in the space-effort, where a self regulating man-machine system could function so much better than a conventional astronaut.Rorvik also goes on to state what this "cybernaut" would look like. He says: "The astronautic cyborg they envisioned would be considerably more agile and certainly far more effective than our present day moon men. For one thing, the cyborg's space suit would be lightweight and skin tight. It would require no pressurization since the cyborg's lungs will be partially collapsed and the blood in them artificially cooled. Mouth and nose would be superfluous and hence sealed and totally non-functioning. Respiration and most other bodily processes would be effected cybernetically through the utilization of artificial organ's and sensors, some of which would be attached to the exterior of the suit while others would be surgically implanted within the cyborg's body." page 107-108 One Doctor, J.B.S. Haldane, had some interesting thoughts. He said it might be best to breed legless astronauts for the first space flight to the stars, "thus reducing not only their weight but their food and oxygen requirements. A regressive mutation to the condition of our ancestors in the mid-Pliocene, with prehensile feet, that can grasp things, no appreciable heels and an ape-like pelvis, would be still better."Scientists already know how to put genes together in test tubes and how to synthesize their elemental components. Microsurgical techniques provide one means of altering the natural material. Experiments with certain viruses will do the same thing. It seems that special viruses, adept at insinuating their way into certain cells, can be made to freight in with them, specially prepared genetic instructions (in the form of carefully prepared DNA nucleotide sequences), thus altering the course of development in the desired direction.On the subject of Bio-cybernetics, Rorvik offers: "The suggestion, for example, that man be linked directly to computers to enhance mental efficiency provides "participant evolution" with a new demension. Indeed, some insist that bio-cybernetics offers a far greater degree of participation than genetics; the coupling of man and machine can provide instantaneous and, as Dr. Clynes points out, possibly reversible, modification of the genotype, wheras controlled biological change would take a good deal longer and to prove permanent, at least in individual cases." -page 112Well now; let's see. Rorvik states that at the time of the writing of this book, which is 1970, we were about two decades away from controlled biological change, if not sooner. Dr. Clynes points out that, if we used bio-cybernetics, that time period is cut down by a good deal. Couple these facts in with the possibility of this technology in the hands of evil intelligence and we have the makings of truly a great nightmare. One that fits in perfectly with what is going on in the UFO phenomenon. One that could eve


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