_WHAT DOES OUR GOVERNMENT KNOW ABOUT UFOs?_ A Research Update by William L. Moore Over the

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_WHAT DOES OUR GOVERNMENT KNOW ABOUT UFOs?_ A Research Update by William L. Moore Over the past 6 1/2 years, through aggressive means, I and ultimately several close associates have succeeded in establishing a cooperative relationship with a number of well-placed contacts within the American intelligence community. As a result, certain information has been made available which appears to pertain directly to our government's continuing involvement with the UFO phenomenon. Among this is both hard and filmed copies of documentation, several videotaped interviews and a number of useful leads which have enabled us to independently uncover additional supporting information. The information contained in the following pages [files] corroborates information provided us verbally during meetings with these contacts. Assurances have been given that additional information can be made available to us over the next several months. This information is being shared with the UFO community, and through them, ultimately, with the public at large, in anticipation that the resulting controversy will prove useful in further verifying the authenticity of its contents and also in the hope that it will assist in setting the stage for additional information to come. Recently a number of rumors have circulated within the UFO community to the effect that some sort of major release of information on UFOs is imminent and that I am intimately involved with it. At this time it is only possible to confirm that a careful effort _is_ currently underway which, if successful, could bring about the release of additional information through a major news media source in the near future. This project has presently reached a delicatejuncture and no further specifics can be provided at this time. If for some reason our major effort should not prove successful, it remainsnonetheless our intention to make available a lesser but still highly significant amount of information which is already in hand and currently under study. Once again, no further specifics can be provided at this time. Meanwhile, any assistance which can be provided us in further researching this material will be most appreciated. William L. Moore, 30 April, 1987. copyright 1987, William L. Moore Publications and Research, All Rights Reserved Published by FWP-_FOCUS_ with the permission of William L. Moore Publications & Research. ****************************************************************************** (Sysops: Permission to copy or reprint is hereby granted upon condition that full credit be given W.L. Moore Publications & Research and that reprinter agrees to make no additions, corrections or deletions to the material herein.) ******************************************************************************


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