This is for Jim Spieser of Paranet Alpha and must be given to him the quickest way possibl

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This is for Jim Spieser of Paranet Alpha and must be given to him the quickest way possible. Jim Spieser is to safeguard the information and get it into the hands of Stan Friedman. This file contains information that is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS to whoever has it. It is therefore a matter of Life or Death that you NEVER DEVULGE THE SOURCE OF THIS INFORMATION OR ADMIT TO ANYONE THAT YOU HAVE SEEN IT. Many people who have had this information have disappeared. This is not a hoax and I must again warn you of the DANGER. MAJESTIC TWELVE (continued) The first series of evidence that Flying Saucers are real came at the close of WWII when captured German documents revealed that the Germans had recovered a downed Saucer in 1939. The Germans spent the rest of the war attempting to build a duplicate craft at a secret location which was found after the war. The craft was built and was being tested when the war ended. The craft fell into american hands and has been cloaked in secrecy ever since. The Germans had not been able to reproduce the metalurgy nor had they been able to learn the secret of propulsion. The recovered craft was a conglomeration of conventional and cutting edge technology of the time. Even though German documents revealed that a real Flying Saucer had been in German hands, no such craft was ever found. Skepticism prevented further research. Much of this information can be verified through records and books published on WWII aviation and other subjects. The seco nd piece of evidence of Alien vi sitors surfaced in 1946 when General James H. Doolittle was sent to Spitzbergen Sweden to examine what was described as but not named a Flying Saucer. His official report discribed a craft the likes of which existed nowhere in the known world. The craft was placed under tight security but remained in Sweden. This is a matter of record, however skepticism prevailed. The situation became serious and believable (for the first time) when the Roswell incident occurred on 07/07/47. This i ncident was the cata lyst in the formation of MAJESTIC TWELVE by President Harry Truman on 09/24/47 with an EXECUTIVE ORDER 01156 that closed the door on the subject. The use of DEADLY FORCE was authorized in order to contain the secret and has been used. Of particular concern was the level of technology of the craft and the fact that the bodys recovered were obviously not of terrestrial origin. It was also disturbing that the vehicle seemed to be a short range reconnaissance craft. This finding was due primarily to the fac t that no food, water or other provisions of any kind could be found. This indicated that there were more Aliens and more Flying Saucers with an unknown mission and with a technology that was far beyond our reach. The concern escaleted when a second crash occurred on 06/12/50 on the Mexican side of the Texas/Mexican border. The craft struck the earth at such a high speed that very little could be found. What was found was taken to a nearby At omic Energy Commission facility for examination. It was determi ned that the pieces recovered belonged to a similar craft as that recovered at Roswell. It was decided that the alien technology must be kept out of foreign hands at all costs. A world wide network was established to identify fallen alien craft so that they would be recovered only by the U.S. Subsequent craft were recovered near Aztec, New Mexico, and near Laredo, Texas. Over the years Alien craft have been recovered not only in the United State s but all over the world. The most recent to my knowledge was in late 1975 or early 1976 when a craft was recovered from a small island off the coast of Norway after having been shot down by the Norwegian Air Force. It was recovered by OPERATION UFO and BLUEFLY teams. The craft was delivered to Kirtland AFB, and the Alien bodys to Homestead Air Force Base both of which are designated as secure storage and examination areas for recovered Alien craft and Alien bodys. Some other designated areas are Holloman AFB, Edwards AFB, Kirtlant AFB, Vandenberg AFB, and Wrig ht Patterson AFB. There are more but this must be kept brief. Some are overseas for those objects that are to large or for some other reason cannot be transported to the U.S. The first face to face meeting between agents of MAJESTIC TWELVE and the ALIENS occurred on 04/30/64 at Holloman AFB. A special area was designated and 3 Alien craft landed. A second landing occurred in May of 64. Contact, meetings, and communications have existed ever since. An agreement was reached and an Alien underground base was established near the small town of Dulce, New Mexico. Another underground facility was built at Groom Lake, Nevada. The result of the meeting with the aliens and the result of diplomatic overtures resulted in the finding that the aliens needed human blood & other human biological fluids to survive. The aliens avowed that the toll would be minimal and they agreed to furnish a list of victims to MAJESTIC TWELVE on a periodec basis. The level of their technology left MAJESTIC TWE LVE helpless but to a gree. An agreement was reached whereby a certain number of humans would disappear and in return the aliens would furnish a list of the victims and would aid the U.S. in becoming the dominate world military power by furnishing the U.S. with alien technology. It must be realized that at the time of the agreement MAJESTIC TWELVE had no choice but to agree. In this way MAJESTIC TWELVE believed that they had bought enough time to perfect a defense against the aliens. All of the early space flights w ere acco mpanied by Alien craft. The later orbiting of the moon and the subsequent moon landings revealed a large Alien base on the moon. The craft on the moon are much larger than our biggest aircraft carrier. They account for some of the sightings which describe "football field sized flying saucer" or "mothership from which smaller craft emerged or into which smaller craft entered". Due to the danger involved and the desire not to antagonize the aliens, further exploration of the moon was cancelled. A project ed moonbase was scrapped. Our space program withered while the Russians (from whom we kept the aliens a secret) surged ahead. It was theorized that if the Russians became too agressive in space the aliens would destroy them and thus eliminate the communist threat for us. This theory was proved to be wrong as the Russian space effort continued without interuption and became dominate. During the 50s the first obvious animal mutilations oc curred. The animals involved were cattle, sheep, horses, occassional dogs & cats, and even a few scattered humans. After historical research was conducted it was determined that the phenomenon had been occurring for at least the last 100 years within the American continent. One of the humans was a Sargeant at the White Sands Proving Grounds. Witnesses saw him being abducted into an alien craft and later he was found mutilated in the same way as the other animals. These incidents continued off and on until through d iscussions with the aliens in the 60s they agreed to that they would leave no evidence of human involvement. The other animal mutilations continued. Our end of the bargain was to conceal the animal mutilations. After 1970 it became obvious that the aliens were violating the agreement. They began (or we just discovered) to abduct humans and perform experiments which included surgical operations, implants, sexual assualts, impregnation of female humans, collection of human ova & sperm, post hypnotic suggestion (or something similar), erasure of memory, and kidn apping. Some abduction victims were given to believe that they had undergone a religious experience. It was believed by some that they had seen God, or Jesus, or Angels, etc. It was subsequently learned that many people were not returned and disappeared altogether. Great concern was manifested when it was learned that these missing people were not listed by the aliens as had been previously agreed upon. When a group was held hostage at the underground base near Dulce, New Mexico in 1979 a rescue attempt was made which resulted in failure and the death of over 60 military personnel. It has become obvious that the aliens are conducting genetic experiments on humans. Prosthetic genetic material has been found in the genetic structure of some of the victims and in some pregnant womens amniotic fluid. The devices resemble electronic chips (much smaller than we have even conceived of) and were artificially spliced into the genetic structure. The purpose of this genetic manipulation is not known, howev er it c onsists of medical-genetic technology far beyond our wildest dreams. It has also become obvious that the aliens are developing a crossbreed between themselves and humans. Several of the results of these cross breedings have been identified and are being monitored in hopes of learning the ultimate goal. It is theorized that the goal is to breed a continuance of their race that will be able to live alongside humans without using them for food. It is theorized that the aliens wish to end the present situa t ion by having crossbred a race that can eat as we do. This is the liberal (and hoped for) viewpoint. In view of what is happening, however, the theorys do not hold up upon examination. The main reason being that the number of aliens has not increased but the number of victims has. There are other reasons. Indications are that something very ominous is approaching. Exactly what is only subject to speculation, however, it has been decided that the h uman race is in great danger. One result of this decisio n is that the Russians have been informed of the entire situation. This disclosure to the Russians has resulted in more cooperation between the two countries and a tremendous change inside Russia itself. The recent improvement in relations between the two countries has been a direct result of this disclosure. The abductions and disappearances have increased each year so that now it is out of all control. The aliens have also adopted an attitude of contempt and are not even pretending to keep a low profi le. In fact speculation is that the aliens wish to be discovered by the population but to what purpose is unknown. This is making it increasingly difficult for MAJESTIC TWELVE to keep the lid on. A crises condition has existed for the last two years. The resultant publicity, books, FOIA requests, etc., have seriously disturbed the control group. The result is that a minority is pushing toward disclosure. The majority is keeping the lid on until EXCALIBUR can be utilized. One of the major blocks to pu blic disclosure is that apparantly the aliens have played a major role in the religious history of the human race. The aliens claim that they created religion as we know it in order to control their food supply. The aliens claim and have furnished proof that Christ was their creation and MAJESTIC TWELVE is in possession of a film which authenticates this claim. It is feared that disclosure would cause the collapse of civilization as we know it and result in anarchy and/or a new religion worshipping the a liens. At the very least even the most optimistic do fear that the world power structure and economy would be shaken to its very foundations, the outcome of which cannot be predicted. It can be stated with some authority that the human race may be the result of alien genetic engineering. UPDATE SNOWBIRD It is speculated upon sound evidence that the project has succeeded at least in part. My sources claim that an alien craft has finally been flown by human pilots. This is born out by reports of alien craft accompanied by BLACK HELICOPTORS. Black helicoptors, and indeed any helicoptors, have never been and are not now a part of the alien endeavor. My sources have witnessed night flights accompanied by U.S. helicoptors which were painted black in order to limit discovery. They have stated that this is neccessary because directional control is not yet mastered. Flights are reported to have strayed as much as 800 miles from that intended. NOTE! This document was prepared from memory. The basis of t his information are briefings performed for very high ranking military commanders who were assuming duty as members of MAJESTIC TWELVE. For the safety of those involved in disclosure no written documentation of any information is permitted. This information comes from personnel who are, or were, members of the intellegence community and who's duty is, or was, to perform the briefings. Due to the fact that this is reconstructed f rom memory there are bound to be errors, however, the information is presente d to the best of my knowledge and any errors are completely unintentional. All information is from personal knowledge or from contacts within the intelligence community whom I trust explicitly. The sources are all high ranking personnel within the MAJESTIC TWELVE framework and all previous information obtained from these sources has been correct. I can personally swear that all information that I have personal knowledge of (most of th is document) is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and memory. I and my contacts do not seek public acclaim or credit. We have nothing to gain by making this information public, on the contrary we can only lose. We believe that the information presented here will probably be ridiculed and at best will probably be subject of wild conjecture. We do not delude ourselves that it will accomplish anything, however we hope and pray that it will accomplish much.  h much. lish much. ll complish much. ch. ch.


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