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Questions and Answers Regarding the Earth Origin Theory of UFO's by Al Pinto This is another in a series of articles I will be uploading to Paranet. My intent is to inform you of the possibility that UFO's could come from Earth. I am not saying that EBE's do not exist. It is very important that we look at all the facts when investigating this subject. It sometimes seems that facts are hard to come by but, in reality, there is plenty of them. In this article, I will present some questions and answers about this theory. Q. Why discuss the possibility of Earth technology being able to produce UFO's when the EBE theory seems to be well documented? A. First of all, the EBE theory isn't ironclad. Most, if not all, of the information regarding the EBE's comes from sources such as MJ-12 and Project Aquarius. Apparently, there are a fe w individuals within these organizations that want the public to know the "truth". We must be very careful not to fall into a trap. For all we know, EBE's could be a dangerously clever way to feed us disinformation. Secondly, history is well documented. It is historical fact that part of Nazi Germany's secret weapon program included disk shaped craft commonly known as Flying Saucers; that genetic experiments were conducted on Humans including vivisection and biolog ic al mutation; "death rays" or pulse beam weapons were being experimented with. Q. How advanced was the Nazi's technology with these experiments? A. You would be surprised. Allied pilots started to see what they called "Foo Fighters" near the end of WWII. It was found out that they were actually the product of Nazi technology. They were small wingless disks that were used as an anti-radar device and "psychological" weapon against Allied pilots. They confused radar and interrupted electro-magnetic currents. It was remote controlled. It led to the developement of a much larger "symetrical circular aircraft" called the Kugelblitz or Ball Lightning Fighter. Vivisection and biological mutation was an integral part to the Nazi way of thinking. They wanted a race of masters and slaves. The physiological and psychological horrors that were performed are still not released today. I am presently researching this end of things. There are books such as "As Man Becomes Machine" by David Rorvik; "Man Modified" by David Fishlock; and "Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain" by Sheila Ostrander and Lunn Schroeder that should open some eyes as to the extent of what we could do with mass mind control and cybernetics. Suffice it to say that the Nazi's were more advanced in this area than anyone else of that time. Pulse beam technology was not given to us by the Aliens as some may think. Nikola T esla was working on this technology back in the late 1800's. The Germans were also experimenting with what they called the "death ray". Q. Why do you keep on mentioning "biological mutation"? A. Here is where I become speculative. First let me tell you about what the Nazis wanted to accomplish. They wanted a pure Aryan race of Nordics. These were to be the masters. They genetically bred humans to produce children t hat were pure Aryan. They had their slave race compri sed of Poles, Slavs, and other "subhumans". The Jews were just for experiments and killing. Since the Nazis loved order and obedience, they found that their present methods of handling the slaves ie: whips and torture, was inefficient. They sought to find other methods that would strip the slaves of will and make them "happy" to perform their labor without the trouble of physical inducements. They needed to control their minds and bodies. The Jews were used for research and specimens. I propose that these experiments were taken much further and that a "mutated race" that could very well look and act like the EBE, was developed. This is an incredible statement, I know, but so is the whole subject of UFO's. I am getting way ahead of myself and will elaborate in another article. Q. If the Nazis had all of this, then why were they defeated? A. There are many reasons as to the d efeat of Nazi Germany. As far as the Kugelblitz goes, it was only in it's experimental stages. It is believed that a prototype flew in February of 1945, but by then it was too late. It never had a chance to change the course of events. Q. What happened to the plans, blueprints, materials, etc. that must have existed on these craft? A. Allied Intelligence took over the secret Nazi plants. It is believed that some of the patents disappeared into secret Russian, American and British files. The rest is believed to have vanished with vario us "missing" German scientists and S.S. men. Q. What happened to the "missing" scientists and S.S. men? A. Some of them were later found but, there are some that simply "vanished". S.S Generals Kammler and Nebe were never located. In March, 1945, just before the end of the war and just after the test of the Kugelblitz, two German provision U-Boats, U-977 and U-530, left a port on the Baltic Sea. According to a paper called the "Brisant" they took with them members of t he fl ying saucer research teams, vital notes and drawings of the saucer, and the designs for gigantic underground complexes and living quarters based on the underground factories at Nordhausen in the Harz mountains. It is relatively well known that the Nazi's had more than a casual interest in the Antartic. It is believed that the U-boats went there to off load their "cargo". One further note: You can bet your bottom dollar that the flying saucer rese arch teams didn't leave the Allies the most important plans for the saucer. Q. What was the Nazi's interest in Antartica? A. Hitler was anxious for a foothold in Antartica and sent men and equipment there all througout the war. The Germans actually mapped the continent better than anyone up until then, and renamed the whole area called Queen Maude Land as Neushwabenland and claimed it in the name of the Third Reich. They even went as far as to drop pins with the Swastica symbol on them into the ice from airplanes. It is very possible that the Germans were building enormous underground establishments there and that the American, Russian, and British "cover up" regarding UFO sightings could be due to these reasons. It is odd that Antartica still remains unsettled. There were vast amounts of land discovered that were free of ice. Antartica is still a mystery in many ways. Q. What did the Allies do with the saucer plans after they confiscated them ? A. They didn't throw them aw ay, I can assure you! It is believed that the British had the most important plans because, unlike America, they allowed the remaining scientists to continue their work at the places where they worked throughout the war. Britain then teamed up with Canada. Canada then reserved vast areas of land, 125,000 sq. miles, for production of experimental aircraft. A company by the name of A.V. Roe presented a wooden mock up of an "Omega" flying dis k to twenty five American scient ists and Air Force experts. The project was a hoax, however, for the working model never left the drawing boards. Was the flop purposely designed to convince the USA that Canada had no saucers? I can tell you that Britain was still unhappy that America didn't share her Atomic secrets. They felt distrusted. Why shouldn't they keep this major secret, which could be an important trump card someday, from the Americans? You also may recall the A.V.R.O. flying disk produced, most likely, for the same reasons. Q. Ok. That may explain sightings during and after WWII, which admittedly is the focal point of the UFO phenomenon but, what about the "cigar shaped" sightings in the early 1900's? A. Again it is very possible to be of Earth origin. Nikola Tesla, as we all know, was a great inventor. A great many of his inventions are still not in use today because they involved radical plans that could adversly affect our capitalistic future. He was abl e to provide free wireless energy to everyone on this planet if only it was permitted. It wasn't. He also wanted to do away with war by providing an inpenetrable field around each country's borders. There were many contributions made by this great man but one stands out in my mind. His Automaton, as he called it, was actually many different things but, he conceived of a flying machine "devoid of sustaining planes, ailerons, propellers, and other external att achments, which wi ll be capable of immense speeds and are very likely to furnish powerful arguments for peace in the near future." Those were his words written in the early 1900's from his book called "My Inventions". There is a picture of this craft in the book and it is "cigar shaped"! Much investigation should be done on this man's work. He presented incredible experiments that would still amaze us today. I find it very interesting that he is not menti oned very much in history and that the government confiscated the contents of his laboratory after his death in 1943. Still, to this day, they will not release some of them. Tesla wanted peace, above all, but the government wanted to use his experiments for destruction and defense. I further propose to you that the evil that the EBE's seem to project is not Alien in nature at all. Human history is filled with people seeking world dominance. It only makes sense that the way to do it in the 20th century is through mind control. Any other method wouldn't work. This could very well explain many of the abductions of people and the implants in their brains. Implants are not a technology beyond our reach. They are used throughout the medical field in a variety of different applications. I suggest that we investigate all of the possibilities and not be so taken in by this EBE hypothesis. I really think that the people behind it all, whether they are our government or some secret scientific and political group, ar e at this point in time, confident, that their secret is secure. The EBE hypothesis helps them greatly. Why do you think it is presented to us? I feel that what I just presented to you is based almost entirely in fact. Isn't it odd that what I am saying is hardly ever talked about in the UFO community? Why? Is it because Aliens sell books and get fat grants by T.V. producers? Is that what we're all about? If that is the case, then I want no part of it. The public has been tricked enough. Our job i s to bring the TRUTH to t he public not pass on information merely for personal gain. I know that it is frustrating to do nothing but spend money to try and uncover who and what is behind UFO's and not be compensated for our efforts. However, selling out isn't the answer. Unfortunately, I don't have the answer either but, between all of us, I'm sure we could come up with one. ------------------------------------------------------------- I presented the above information to you in a mock interview format. I feel that the questions listed above are only a few that I thought should be asked. I sincerely hope that you, in the UFO community, will ask many more. I will be happy to field them and I do not stand alone with this knowledge. My aim is to pass it on to you so you can help pass it on to the public. I will continue to write about this theory, which seems to get more interesting as I go along. There is so much information that I can't possibly decipher it alone. I NEED YOUR HELP! -Al


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