OMNI ARTICLE Government agencies still have hundreds of UFO documents that they refuse to

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OMNI ARTICLE Government agencies still have hundreds of UFO documents that they refuse to release to UFO researchers. The National Security Agency (NSA) admits to withholding more than 100 UFO-related documents, the CIA refuses to release about 50, and the DIA says it's withholding six. This is black-and-white proof of a cover-up, says Greenwood. "In a literal sense, information is being covered up in being withheld." The most tantalizing of all the withheld UFO documents are those belonging to the NSA, the supersecret agency whose primary job is eavesdropping on military communications. No one really knows what UFO information its documents contain, but Friedman has an idea what one may be about. Someone working for the agency told Friedman that in March 1967 a listening post picked up communications between Cuban radar installations and two MiG-21 jets sent to intercept a mysterious, bright metallic sphere in Cuban airspace. When the MiG pilots failed to make contact with the object, they were instructed to shoot it down. "Suddenly there was this shrieking from the pilot in the second plane," says Friedman. "The first plane had disintegrated." Friedman's contact says that NSA headquarters was sent a report on the incident. UFO researchers took the NSA to court for its UFO documents in 1980, but federal district court judge Gerhard Gesell, the same judge who presided over the Oliver North case, ruled in the NSA's favor. The agency refuses to release any of its UFO-related documents because to do so would reveal sources and methods, and that would be a violation of national security. But Friedman believes that there is something about the phenomenon itself that the agency regards as a threat to national security. These objects are violating our airspace, he points out, and they show the powerless response of our military systems to such intrusions. Friedman has a name for all this. He calls it the cosmic Watergate. Philip J. Klass, an aerospace journalist and the field's foremost skeptic, says there is no such thing. He points out that many of the communications intercepted by the NSA come from potentially hostile nations and many of them are coded. So the agency's rationale for not making these documents public is actually quite simple. "They might reveal the location of certain listening posts," he explains, "and even more important, they would reveal that we have cracked and were able to decipher certain codes." So if the question is whether the withheld documents contain any answers to the UFO mystery, the answer is, Probably not. "Long ago a lot of us used to think that the government was covering up a knowledge of extraterrestrials and their craft," says Greenwood, who six years ago coauthored 'Clear Intent: The Government Cover-up of the UFO Experience'. "But we've had a change of attitude. We just don't see the government as having any answers. If they knew what UFOs were all about, I think history would have been a little different than what we now see." This argument gains power, oddly enough, from the Roswell incident itself. "If it was a UFO that crashed in Roswell," says Jacobs, "a whole series of events would have been set in motion in the government. There would be major studies of it. Hundreds of scientists would have been involved with it over the past forty years. The government would be acting very differently about UFOs than they do now. All of UFO history makes sense if there was not a crash, and none of UFO history makes sense if there was a crash." Jacobs adds, "It's still possible that one could have crashed and there's an entirely different scenario at work." If the craft at Roswell had been an E.T. craft, insists Klass, then the United States would have wanted to know just how many of these craft were passing overhead. At the very least, he says, we would have established a space-surveillance system similar to the one that was set up three years after the launch of Sputnik. Klass cannot imagine the government doing nothing and simply hoping the aliens are friendly. Never in his 24 years of UFO investigation has Klass encountered a government cover-up of significant information. If you think there's a cover-up, he says, call your local air base and report that a saucer has just landed in your backyard and that strange-looking creatures are getting out of it. If the government really were trying to keep things under wraps, he says, the voice on the other end would ask for your address and a SWAT team would be there within minutes. Instead, what will happen, says Klass, is that the voice on the other end will simply thank you for calling and suggest that you report your sighting to the local police department or to one of the national UFO groups. That's too simplistic, says Bryant. If they really have hard evidence about aliens and flying saucers, what would they care about what's in your backyard? For the past several years Bryant, who happens to be a Pentagon employee, has been placing ads in military newspapers encouraging anyone with UFO information to come forth and blow the whistle on the government cover-up. So far no one has come forward to reveal what he calls the "ultimate secret" that will motivate the general public, the press, and Congress to resolve the issue. He's not surprised. "So few people in the government really know about UFOs," he says. "And those who don't know are covering up because it's just the way of doing things. It's the bureaucratic way. When in doubt, don't let it out. Don't even let out that you don't


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