This is for Jim Spieser of Paranet Alpha and must be given to him the quickest way possibl

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This is for Jim Spieser of Paranet Alpha and must be given to him the quickest way possible. Jim Spieser is to safeguard the information and get it into the hands of Stan Friedman. This file contains information that is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS to whoever has it. It is therefore a matter of Life or Death that you NEVER DEVULGE THE SOURCE OF THIS INFORMATION OR ADMIT TO ANYONE THAT YOU HAVE SEEN IT. Many people who have had this information have disappeared. This is not a hoax and I must again warn you of the DANGER. EXTRATERRESTRIAL BIOLOGICAL ENTITY (EBE) DESCRIPTION The typical EBE as represented thus far can be described as follows: 1. Between 3 to 4.5 ft. in hieght. 2. Erect standing biped. Long thin legs. 3. Small build (thin). 4. Head larger than normal (to human proportions). 5. Absence of auditory lobes (external earlobes). 6. Absence of body hair. 7. Large, tear shaped eyes, opacque black. 8. Eyes slan ted approx 35 degrees 9. Small straight mouth, no lips. 10. Arms resemble praying mantis (normal attitude). 11. Long hands. 12. Claw like fingers, two short, two long. 13. Tough, gray skin, reptile like in texture. 14. Small feet, 4 small claw like toes. 15. Organs similar to humans but developed in a different evolutionary process. 16. The mo st significant finding is that they have a Nonfunc tioning digestive system. Digestive system in those examined were atrophied. Conforms to absence of provisions in recovered craft. (Prelininary finding) 17. Movement is deliberate, slow, precise. 18. (Secondary finding after study) Alien subsistance requires that they must have human blood and other human biological substances to survive. In extreme circumstances they can subsist on other animal fluids.


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