This is a somewhat dated, partial list of books, pamphlets and monographs available from W

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This is a somewhat dated, partial list of books, pamphlets and monographs available from William L. Moore Publications, one of the most respected organizations in UFO research. To order, download this file and use the order blank at the end. This file and other files on the system that begin with MOORLIST will be updated periodically, so keep checking. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- William L. Moore Publications and Research 4219 W. Olive St. Suite 247 Burbank, CA 91505 Book List and Order Blank Please order from above address. Include Postage as indicated. MANKIND: CITIZEN OF THE GALAXY by Kenneth C. McCulloch The thesis of this surprisingly well-researched book is that Mankind is descended from a colony planted on Earth at some time in the past, and that we are descended, either partially or entirely from extraterrestrials...At present we cannot tell exactly when the colony was established. It appears, however, that at some time in the past, there was a natural disaster which nearly destroyed the civilization then existing on Earth. The survivors were reduced to spending all their time and energy in mere existence; and all that remained of their previous high civilization were legends and memories of a Golden Age in the distant past, and a few unidentifiable artifacts. The rebuilding process is still going on. Once the present time of troubles is past, and a world community is established, we will be ready to meet our extraterrestrial neighbors (or relatives). Probably only at that time will they finally want to meet us and help us to become Citizens of the Galaxy. Large format, 287 pp. w/references and index. Illustrated. (F-265) $15.00 NO DISCOUNTS. ******** UFOs: THE MOST HIGHLY CLASSIFIED SUBJECT by William L. Moore (1986) An investigation into the circumstances surrounding the Top Secret (Canadian) W. B. Smith memorandum of November, 1950. According to this document, inquiries made through the Canadian Embassy in Washington disclosed that "UFOs are real" and that the "matter is the most highly classified subject in the U. S. Government." This paper details the results of an investigation into the affair, and includes considerable never-before-published material. (F-266) $10.00 ********* SKY CRASH: A COSMIC CONSPIRACY by Brenda Butler, Jenny Randles and Dot Street "A UFO has landed in Britain - and that staggering fact has been officially confirmed." -- NEWS OF THE WORLD, London Towards the end of December, 1980, a quiet clearing in Rendlesham Forest, England, waas the unsuspecting host to an event which was so dramatic that its consequences are difficult to grasp. On that night, something came out of the sky and crashed into the pine forest. What that something was is the subject of this spell-binding book. The research suggest that the thing from the sky may well have been a UFO. 283 pp. Hardcover. Illustrated. From England. $14.00 (F-249) ********* GEORGE ADAMSKI: THE UNTOLD STORY by Timothy Good and Lou Zinsstag On November 20, 1952, George Adamski claimed to have met and spoken with the pilot of a landed UFO in the California desert -- a claim that has been the subject of intense controversy ever since. Now, drawing on previously unpublished evidence, Lou Zinsstag, who knew Adamski for ten years, and researcher Timothy Good have documented an appraisal that throws new light on this enigmatic man and his extraordinary claims. 208 pp. Softcover. Illustrated w/index. From England. $9.50 (F-268) ********** CRASHED UFOS: EVIDENCE IN THE SEARCH FOR PROOF by William L. Moore In the nebulous world of UFOlogy, there are hundreds of stories of UFO crash landings wherein both the wreckage and the bodies of dead alien creatures were removed by military units and never seen again. Allegations of above Tope Secret operations, massive cover-up, and all manner of covert operations against researchers who got "too close to the truth" abound. This paper sheds new light on the confusion by presenting pertinent fact resulting from an in- depth investigation into two of the most prominent of these stories: the Frank Scully/Aztec, New Mexico crash story of 1948-50, and the Roswell Incident of July 1947. Included is new research into a number of highly controversial government FOIA documents including the J. Edgar Hoover memo of 1947, the March, 1950 FBI memo on crashed saucers, and the FBI TWX from Dallas on the Roswell crash. Significant insight into the work of crashed saucer researcher Leonard Stringfield is also presented. An ABSOLUTE MUST for anyone interested in crashed UFOs. 60+ pages, 20,000 words, nearly 100 footnotes. Includes copies of government documents. $10.00 (F-258) ********** THE SPITZBERGEN SAUCER CRASH by William L. Moore Researches the rumor that a UFO crash-landed on the remote Norwegian island of Spitzbergen in early 1952. $1.50 (F-209/A) ********** ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ORDER BLANK: WILLIAM L. MOORE PUBLICATIONS & RESEARCH 4219 W. OLIVE STREET SUITE 247 BURBANK, CA 91505 "Please send the following items:" (order by title or item number) (A)__________________________________________ $________ (B)__________________________________________ $________ (C)__________________________________________ $________ (D)__________________________________________ $________ (E)__________________________________________ $________ (F)__________________________________________ $________ (G)__________________________________________ $________ Name ______________________________ Address ______________________________ City, ST Zip______________________________ ** I am enclosing $________ for publications, plus $________ for postage. (NOTE: Postage surcharge is 75c for the first item, and 25c per additional item up to a maximum of $2.50.) NOTE: FOCUS subscribers are entitled to a 30% price reduction on all items except those labeled "No Discounts". Please calculate deduction before adding postage surcharge. If you are a FOCUS subscriber, check here: ____. ** All orders are shipped Book Rate (surface mail) unless additional Priority or Air Mail postage is included. ALL PRICES ARE IN US DOLLARS. Foreign currency IS acceptable at current exchange rate, and IS PREFERRED for small transactions. Canadian and International Money Orders MUST be in U. S. Dollars. Foreign checks and drafts (even if drawn on US banks) MUST include an extra $3.00 processing fee. Intl. Postal Reply Coupons are worth .30 each. US and CDN orders, please allow 30-45 days for delivery. Foreign (surface) allow 30-120 days. Sorry, no credit cards. *** Prices subject to change without notice. ParaNet is not responsible for price changes.


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