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DOES THIS PRESIDENTIAL BRIEFING DOCUMENT PROVE EXTRATERRESTRIALS ARE VISITING PLANET EARTH?AN EXPERIENCED RESEARCH TEAM THINKS IT DOES.DID THE UNITED STATES RECOVER A CRASHED ALIEN VEHICLE?DID THE UNITED STATES RECOVER ALIEN BODIES?WAS A _TOP SECRET_ ORGANIZATION OF DISTINGUISHED SCIENTISTS AND MILITARY AND INTELLIGENCE OFFICIALS - INCLUDING FOUR DIRECTORS OF CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE - SET UP TO CONTROL THIS ALIEN RECOVERY AND ITS CONSEQUENCES?THIS PRESIDENTIAL DOCUMENT SAYS YES!------------------------------------------------------------------------------TOP SECRET UFO DOCUMENTS RELEASED! FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 11th, 1987The accompanying document [MJ12DOC2.UFO] is part of the research properties of William L. Moore, Jaime H. Shandera and Stanton T. Friedman. Moore (a professional writer) and Friedman (a well-known nuclear physicist) are recognized and respected UFO researchers of long standing with solid backgrounds for factual reporting. Both have written and lectured widely on thesubject. Shandera is a Los Angeles television producer with a background that includes directing a variety of news and documentary shows. In 1982, after Moore had worked more than a year and a half on his own, the three teamed up ona research project that would take them further into the strange world of government involvement with Unidentified Flying Objects than anyone in the civilian field is known to have ever gone before. This project involved anonymous government agents sharing research pointers and dialogue alleging that UFOs are indeed extraterrestrial spacecraft and that certain elements of the U. S. intelligence community continue to maintain a high-level but covert interest in this phenomenon at a time when official position statements assert that there is no government interest whatsoever.Over the past seven years, the Moore-Shandera-Friedman team, working closely with a number of other associates both in the news media and within the civilian UFO community, has aggressively pursued contacts, developed sources, and carefully researched leads. Numerous interviews were conducted and many days were spent combing through records at the National Archives in Washington,D.C. as well as both the Truman and Eisenhower presidential libraries and numerous similar facilities both federal and private. They can now report that considerable progress has been made.The accompanying document arrived in the mail in a plain brown wrapper at the residence of Jaime Shandera [pronounced SHAN-der-ray] in December, 1984. A detailed and exhaustive study of every aspect of this document has been under way since then. Although we are not in a position to endorse its authenticity at this time, it is our considered opinion, based upon research and interviews conducted thus far, that the document and its contents _appear_ to be genuine. At the very least, it is possible to state with certainty that absolutely nothing has surfaced during the course of our research which would seem to suggest otherwise. Indeed, one document was uncovered at the National Archives which unquestionably verifies the existence of an "MJ 12" group in 1954 and definitely links both the National Security Council and the President of the United States to it. A copy of this document, with its authenticating stamp from the National Archives, is also attached for your examination [MJ12DOC4.UFO].These materials are being submitted for your examination and consideration either as a member of the news media or as one whose own interests and researchlie along similar lines. Please be advised that no use of this material may be made without crediting its source as the Moore-Shandera-Friedman Research Project into U.S. Government UFO Policy.FOR FURTHER INFORMATION OR TO ARRANGE AN INTERVIEW, PLEASE CALL JIM SPEISER OR PARANET AT 602-837-9838, OR LEAVE AN ELECTRONIC MESSAGE ON PARANET ALPHA AT 602-837-0062.Contents Copyright 1


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