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ParaNet Alpha Review of Meier Films Available from Genesis ]I[ in Phoenix Available now from Genesis ]I[, in Phoenix, is a film called the Meier Chronicles. It is a film of interviews with Nippon Television, reviewing photos and film brought back from Switzerland. In this film, Genesis ]I[ has condensed two other films available from them. These are "Beamship: The Movie Footage" and "Beamship: The Metal". Undoubtedly, some have heard of the amazing metals supposedly brought back from the alien space ships that Billy Meier saw and had contact with. These were the same metals that strangely disappeared while in the hands of one Marcel Vogel, now of "Crystal Power" fame. I have viewed the Meier Chronicles film, and have had as much contact as possible with both the books available on the subject, and any news or rumors that have come about as a result of this matter. Despite all this, I tried to view these films with as much true skepticism as possible, to avoid unjustly judging them as true or false. The first of these films that I viewed was "Beamship: The Movie Footage". Amazing as its proclamations were, they were quite hard to understand as the conversations were between not-too-educated Billy Meier, and a nodding buffoon from Nippon Television, neither of whom had an over abundance of the English language at their command. Next in line was "Beamship: The Metal". I am not presently placing any kind of judgement on this film, as there is quite a load of technical phrases and potentially false claims, and I am no metallurgist. Further investigation of this movie is necessary, and will hopefully be forthcoming. The last of these movies was a conglomeration of the first two, but with a lot more information, and some updating of available data. In this film, Genesis ]I[ has finally taken to a studio of some kind, and used a higher quality of video tape. Also involved with the movie were Nippon Television Network of Japan, and Intercep, an unknown group apparently involved with Genesis. This film was made (or at least copyrighted) in 1986, and seemed to ignore the then-growing controversy surrounding the Meier case. According to this film, Nippon's publicizing of this media event on Japanese television was such a major success that their man with the nodding head was asked to return to Switzerland and follow up. Meier was now claiming threats on his life, and had visibly aged. He showed the film crews bullet holes in the side of his farmhouse and he feared that he was being constantly shadowed. A large group of people was available to the movement, and had claimed to be witness to several sightings with Billy, during his contacts. Some of these people had taken film, at night, of these sightings. The small, fuzzy, red balls of light showed nothing too extraordinary at face value, but taken with the story behind them, they were indeed almost too good to believe. This, coupled with the photographs taken at the same time, led me to believe that Meier is NOT working alone, and that his contacts could as easily be human as Pleadian. As an example, one of the witnesses (it is worthy to note that she was later committed for mental problems) described the sighting as a red ship moving upward from the "contact" sight where Billy had gone. It then began to turn and moved away. This was supposed to be a Pleadian demonstration of the ships ability to fly. As the ship turned, this lady described the sound of an airplane, one which seemed ever-present during the later follow up films of Nippon, and one that was described as belonging to some government agency that was following Meier. On to the films taken by Billy. Granted, Meier is a one-armed man, and is therefore not capable of taking 8mm film while holding up a pole with a model on the end. One of these films in particular shows a beamship disappearing and reappearing. Nippon took the liberty of analyzing this film. To describe it, there is a small disk-shaped object "hovering" with a wobbly movement, above a valley in front of it. The ship disappears three frames after what appears to be a cloud moves into the frame (thus a darkening effect). Nippon TV seemed to be more than anxious to attribute this and the same darkening effect three frames after the reappearance to the "shock" Meier says he felt when the craft disappeared. They also seemed to think that the fact the ship vanished from one frame to the next as proof that there was no fraud. They neglected to mention that not only is this how a film would be most easily faked, but that the branch that was swaying in the breeze stopped too suddenly when the vanish happened. Admittedly, the ship was moving up and down when the film was taken and did not seem affected by the wind, but if it was being "levitated" by a helicopter off in the distance and out of the camera eye, it would be more affected by that downward wind than by the local surface breezes. Other analysis were done on other films, and one of these concluded, by computer counting of pixels, that the object viewed was at least as far away as the known-size objects around it. From the films and photos available to them, professional analysts were unable to prove fraud. The most impressive of these films was one that involved a Mirage fighter entering into the picture. This was the most impressive for many reasons. One of those was that while the UFO managed to jump about the film when the fighter approached, the fighter's movement was smooth and continuous. Further analysis of this film showed (by someone who was looking for strings and the like) that there was some kind of irregular energy field surrounding the ship, and that this field extended recognizably around the Mirage. The fighter was, as far as this pilot can tell, real, and this film would have been noticeable as faked by the person doing the analysis (aka, if it had been a double-exposure, if there were strings holding up the object, and the like). There was much more film and photographic material than shown, and some mildly dramatic proof of prowlers and "shadowing" by someone not visible in the film. This could have been staged, and that possibility must never be dismissed. Furthermore, Billy Meier and Genesis continually showed the famed "Pleadian Picture", and obvious cutout from an old Sears Catalog. Meier now claims that this was taken aboard one of the beamships. After viewing the "extended" film, and after seeing some of the film and photo evidence shown only in the third film, I must come to the conclusion that either Meier is on to the biggest thing in the history of man, or he is the head perpetrator of a large, elaborate and very expensive hoax. It isn't that easy, any way you look at it, to summarily dismiss this entire field of thought as fraud. Some of it is proven beyond my ability to argue for it, or anyone else either. But there is another possibility - that Meier had something, something small and insignificant by itself, and he took it beyond all possible reality. More evidence was then provided by anxious and willing followers, and Meier was more than willing to accept and warp it. As the lie grew, Meier was unable to control, to stop, it. This is, most admittedly, an extremely optimistic idea. This is giving Meier quite a lot, and allowing him more than his share of compassion. Yet, this is the only thing that I can truly offer as a possibility that some of Billy's excitingly unreal evidence is as real as we want it to be.


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