-From the +quot;Toronto Star+quot; of Jan. 31/88, written by John Picton. * Headline: +quo

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-From the "Toronto Star" of Jan. 31/88, written by John Picton. ******** Headline: "Astronomer confirms UFO 'blitz' on Manitoba" ******** They're back. Unidentified Flying Objects are "blitzing" Manitoba for the second time in 20 years, according to a U.S. tabloid. And Ed Barker confirms that. He's a staff astronomer at the Manitoba Planetarium and he tells of "strange experiences" as recounted by people in dreams and through hypnosis. In a recent block of sightings - called "flaps" in extra-terrestrial parlance - Barker claims that: * A priest travelling along a lonely road last August saw what he took to be a parked van with bright lights. When he pulled up beside it, the "van" vanished. * A 4-year-old boy says he was visited in his bedroom last summer by "ghosts" with large, almond-shaped eyes and big, smooth heads. When he suffered a nosebleed, one of them poured liquid from a silver cup into one of his nostrils. "When he became frightened, the alien changed into the form of his best friend (a girl) in a pretty pink dress." * A boy who wandered away from his friends at school was found in front of the building two hours later, surprised that such time had elapsed and thinking he'd been away for only a moment. Then there's the strange story of the mother in Thompson who looked out the window and was surprised to see her 5-year-old daughter being transmitted upward inside a shaft of light and dust. The girl's playmate, an 8-year-old boy, grabbed her ankle and yanked her back to earth. "The parents told me about that", says Barker. "I interviewed the boy, who's now in his 20's. He confirmed the story." Barker adds he's in the "process of finding a hypnotist because a lot of this you can't just do by memory recall to bring out the salient features." Features of those stories he has been told about people who, when they were children , "had strange dreams that were much more than dreams, in which they were confronted by three or four slimy creatures." In one incident, "there was a possible abduction sequence in the country" in which two people shared the same experiences." Were those experiences factual or fanciful? "I am being cautious because its rather a spectacular kind of claim." Eunice Bullerwell has a rather spectacular kind of claim. Eunice, 40, and her husband, Mel, run a horse ranch at Spearhill, about 210 swampy kilometres (130 miles) north of Winnipeg. And, she says, she got the fright of her life last Sept. 4. "It was in the night time, about 11:30, and I was on my way to pick up my three teenage children from a dance. "I was going fairly slow and happened to look to my left and that was when I noticed it " - a ball, about the size of a compact car, with an orange glow at its base "like putting a candle inside a pumpkin." Says Eunice: "It rose slowly above the trees and tears of fear came into my eyes, and I drove like no o


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