To: Tom Miller]05-Sep-93 02:04pm Subject: False Alien Invasion I have no reason to run and

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From: John Noonan To: Tom Miller 05-Sep-93 02:04pm Subject: False Alien Invasion I have no reason to run and hide, I know the truth, I will not be decieved by the Islamic Anti-Christ Lord Maitreya and his futuristic forces. Lord Maitreya has been secretly gaining fame amoung the world leaders. He has made plans definite that he will strike New York City with his Soviet ICBM'S before 1994 is over. He has learned the tactics of the US government during the Gulf War, a program meant to force the US to bring out it's secret military weaponry into the open. Lord Maitreya who is a 33rd degree Mason of the Jewish rite, and a descendant of King Solomon, so far claims to be the son of God and a messenger of peace, here to cleanse the world. His true reason is to rule the entire world. This "King of the Mongols" will start his reign of terror during the conjunction of Mars and Saturn in Aries, during the next vernal equinox. Jobs will be created and there will be an economic boom as the world goes to war from June 17, 1993 to October 31 1997. /\lternate Remember what I said about the last man on earth? // \ //mage Well, it's time! ====//===== --- Star-Net v1.02 * Origin: Alternate Image, 519/457-6855 (1:221/120.0)


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