LETTERS TO YE OLDE EDITOR: BOB ZANOTTI of Jolly Olde Switzerland writes: Greetings, and co

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LETTERS TO YE OLDE EDITOR: BOB ZANOTTI of Jolly Olde Switzerland writes: << Greetings, and congratulations on an outstanding issue of "Smear", and for an extraordinarily good job of investigating and reporting the "MJ-12 Affair." Although I always enjoy reading "Smear", I rarely get involved in the mud-slinging. However, I feel the need to add my pinch of shit to the pile this time. The MJ-12 document appearing in the last "Smear" has got to be a hoax for all the reasons that were already stated by the other skeptics. But what gives it away to me, as a full-time political journalist, is the English and form used. [One] "clanker" is the word "media." This is distinct a creation of the 1980's, as an attempt by electronic news sources to grab, or at least share the spotlight with "the press." Indeed, in 1947, references would have been to "the press" and not the "media". The same is true of the word "util- ize." This is a product of 1970's "New-Speak" that no English teacher in the '30s and '40s would ever have allowed in a classroom. The correct word was "use", plain and simple, and still is!...>> We have suggested to Phil Klass that he read every book, magazine, and newspaper published before 1953, to see if the word "media" appears; but Klass has refused to cooperate in this simple experiment! --Ed. RILEY CRABB of far-off New Zealand writes as follows: <<...Also hilarious is Dr. Ernest Taves fulsome praise of the sterling character of Dr. Donald "Quack Quack" Menzel. Hadn't heard of or thought of the professor's pontifical dismissal of the reality of Flying Saucers with his pseudo-scientific blatherings, most of which could be shot full of holes by any competent researcher. As I recall, he took the same line as Hynek - all Flying Saucer believers are either liars, dupes, or frauds. The fact that Menzel was in on some of the early government summaries such as the MJ-report makes him even more despicable....>> STANTON FRIEDMAN of Nuclear Physics fame writes: <> Free-lance writer BOB PRATT, formerly of the National Enquirer, writes: <<...As for the MJ-12 document, I've doubted the authenticity of this ever since I first heard about it a couple of months back. It seems to wrap up so neatly in one package all the evidence needed to prove what so many have been saying for so many years.... Thanks for the plug for "Night Siege: The Hudson Valley UFO Sightings", but I must say you wound me deeply by adding that line about cynics believing the sightings were caused by planes, etc. It sounds as if you have kissed the whole thing off, and I'm sure you'd never do that without taking a good close look at those events (and now you can, for a mere $6.95) ...>> GERD HOVELMANN of West Germany writes commenting on your "Smear" editor's insistence on being considered an AGNOSTIC (not a skeptic or a Believer) regarding UFOs and other mysteries: <<...I wonder why you say that you have difficulties in getting your ideas re anomalies across to others. At least, I can assure you, you had no difficulties getting them across to me - but I realize that this may be because I wholeheartedly agree with what you say. Actually, I have had similar experiences talking to people in both the parapsychological and the skeptical camps. Apparently it is difficult for them to understand that it makes little difference to me whether there ac- tually IS something like a "psi phenomenon", and that I am not committed to any particular interpretation of the results of parapsychological experi- ments. Therefore, it is always a pleasure to be in touch with "middle of the road" people such as yourself. Keep up the good work....>>


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