Initial Impressions of Lear Video Tapes by Brad Langton Paranet Lambda 716-377-3985 I must

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Initial Impressions of Lear Video Tapes by Brad Langton Paranet Lambda 716-377-3985 I must say at the beginning, that the amount of video material that John has supplied is impressive. My only misgiving is that all but the last segment are taken from televised documentaries. I was hopeful that the video material would include footage alluded to in the documentaries that was not shown on screen. In several cases, particularly within the documentary "UFO's Are Real" (Brandon Chase), there were references to military footage of UFO's taken by military personnel. One of the most compelling films dealt with the CNN series on "The Bentwaters Incident." There seemed to be quite a bit of circumstantial evidence surrounding the alleged incident. The viewer is told through interviews and artist conceptions, the details of the Bentwaters UFO encounter. Allegations were made regarding physical evidence left at the scene, but little or none of this was demonstrated by photos of the effects. There was no indication within the context of the Bentwaters Incident that correlates with John Lear's hypothesis except one account by an eyewitness that one of the lead officers met briefly with the aliens. Some of the possible explanations to explain the pulsing light as an artifact of a lighthouse several miles away seemed weak at first glance, but when an audio tape of the mission was synchronized with the lighthouse frequency, there was a match. The point was made that the correlation between the lighthouse pulsing and the UFO pulsing did not continue. Without more information regarding the encounter such as more physical evidence, this particular encounter can not be taken at face value except to say that there is a chance that something did happen, and maybe it involved UFO's of extraterrestrial origen. As with all of these documentaries, it is difficult to pass a judgment due to the lack of first hand knowledge and the tendancy for television to capitalize on the sensational over the mundane. Still, I would be interested in learning more about the Bentwaters Incident because despite the problems I have mentioned, there are aspects of the story that would likely be detailed in military documents that are not currently available and the fact that this was carried on the news without a great deal of hype, does lend some credibility to the idea that something did in fact occur that has not been fully revealed. The least compelling documentary was "A Strange Harvest" which did an excellent job of showing mutilations but was somewhat biased towards a presumed extraterrestrial connection. Interviewed doctors were asked leading questions regarding such matters as the lack of blood in the specimens such as (and I'm paraphrasing) "there's no way then, that you can account for the total lack of blood in the cadavers..." to which the doctors explained a possible explanation being that the blood had pooled on the underside of the body after death. Ms. Howe did not seem to pick up on this point. For myself, unless the mutilations were made sometime after death, one would have expected some blood in evidence around the carcass. Some aspects were mysterious in any event such as the lack of any physical evidence of how the animal got there, or why there were such specific and consistent mutilations around the world. I have no answer for this. The failure of the carcass to attract predators is outside my area of expertise as well and is somewhat unusual at first glance, however, I'm not about to rule out other mitigating circumstances. Clearly the mutilations follow a pattern world wide... there are some very unusual characteristics regarding the wounds which appear to only be possible with technology beyond our own, again, I have no way of validating this. The mere fact that the pattern is world wide does suggest something strange... but as to what it means... this remains highly speculative based solely on this documentary. The next two features; an HBO special "UFO's: What's Going On" and "UFO's: It Has Begun," both offer further random hints at a coverup of the UFO issue. In both cases, no hard evidence seems apparent, although there is a reference in one of the documentaries, perhaps the last one or the next one, showing a hand written note from J. Edgar Hoover of the FBI explaining to the army that they must allow access to the salvaged alien spacecraft. That is one I can't explain away. The final documentary that I really understood was "UFO's Are Real" by Brandon Chase which offered the greatest amount of video footage, photocopied FOIA documents on UFO's, and an impressive display of physical evidence, particulary regarding UFO landing sight soil characteristics that was really turning the tide... until... ...the Billy Maier material was celebrated as one of the most complete and significant cases of UFO evidence to date. Inclusive in the Maier data was the contention that the photographs had been authenticated by photographic analysis techniques. That last entry threw my entire growing optimism that someone had done some exhaustive research into doubt once more... this in the light of our recent feelings about the veracity of the Maier materials. Despite the Maier material, I feel that this particular video presented the most compelling evidence not only that UFOs are real, but that they are literally not of this world. If followup on the specifics dealt with in "UFO's Are Real" corraborates the conclusions drawn in the film, I would be willing to accept the majority of the evidence as proof of extraterrestrial involvement in earthly affairs. The last two entries, "The Tacoma Incident" and "Japanese Moon Pictures" do not offer me any ideas at all regarding the UFO issue. I may need to view these last two segments while following along in John's enclosed documentation to glean whatever meaning they may have. Having viewed the video once, and skimmed the substantial number of documents, I'm still unclear as to how John's hypothesis was arrived at unless its a reference on one document that I have yet to locate. One point seems much clearer to me now than it was before, there is no doubt that there is something strange about UFO's and that they do represent something that we do not understand and that there may in fact be some sentient beings involved from some other world. The Laear materials are a good introduction to the scope of the UFO issue and I highly recommend that anyone who is interested in UFO's should review these materials. I myself must do alot more reviewing before making any final summations. The jury is still out on the hypothesis Lear has presented but I think the circumstantial evidence for the reality of UFO's is enough to secure a conviction in most courts. I will likely have more to say about this at a later time, particularly in light of the recent Texarkana sightings. -Brad Langton 27-Feb-88


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