+gt;+gt; The following is reprinted by permission from UFO Magazine (formerly California U

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>> The following is reprinted by permission from UFO Magazine (formerly California UFO), Vol. 3 No. 1. Subscription information for UFO Magazine can be found under the ParaNet Source Directory, TOP> S;D;3 . ----------------------------------- Author Alleges Sinister Alien Plot ----------------------------------- LETTER ON UFO CIRCUIT IGNITES CONTROVERSY An explosive letter making the rounds in UFOdom claims that offic- ials within the US government unwittingly entered a deadly conspiracy with aliens over 20 years ago - a shocking and unprecedented pact that is now backfiring horribly. In what sounds like a B-grade plot for a 50's sci-fi epic, charter airline pilot John Lear of Nevada reveals information he says comes from reliable sources in the American intelligence network. Because of the out- rageous nature of the information and the questionable veracity of Lear's unnamed sources, the letter has met with a barrage of skepticism within the UFO community. In highly dramatic terms, Lear's 9-page missive chronicles the U.S. government/military cover-up of UFO data and the creation of a top secret group called MJ-12, which is described as "the top military-scientific per- sonnel of their time." Lear alleges that after saucer crashes in the late 1940s and almost 30 succeeding years of suppressed UFO events, the first communications be- tween aliens and our government took place. "The 'deal' was that in ex- change for 'technology' that they would provide us we agreed to 'ignore' the abductions that were going on and suppress information on the cattle mutilations," the letter states. "The EBEs (extraterrestrial biological entities) assured MJ-12 that the abductions...were merely the ongoing monitoring of developing civilizations." In his piece de resistance, Lear charges that the EBEs instigated a "grand deception" to hide their true motives, which include parasitical consumption of human biological matter, "termination" of individuals who might interfere with their plans, and the creation of human-alien cross- breeds. The letter first appeared in December on ParaNet, an Arizona-based computer bulletin board featuring miscellaneous items on UFOs, Fortean subjects and other paranormal phenomena. Though ParaNet's Director Jim Speiser was himself initially skeptical of the letter, he decided to re- lease its contents on a bet with Lear. The letter immediately made waves. "Its being taken with a pillar of salt, even by UFO believers," Speiser says. "They're backing (Lear) into a corner about his sources." Lear acknowledges the high potential of disinformation in what he wrote, which he says is actually an "hypothesis" that should have been released with his cover letter describing months of research trips and first-person interviews with witnesses and intelligence sources. He says, "If we are being fed disinformation, you have to ask -- what in the world could they be disinforming us about?" Meanwhile, one of Lear's sources tells him that MJ-12 members are "wringing their hands" because of recent EBE warnings that something ominous is about to happen. Son of the man behind the Lear jet, Lear has a long and colorful history as a private pilot who has, among other adventures, flown covert missions for the CIA. He's currently employed as captain of a major char- ter airline. Lear stands behind the information contained in his letter. "It was originally for my friends," he says. "I had no idea that it would go out to the entire US and have to be backed up word for word! "People want proof and they want it now. All I can say is that if they'd sat where I have and listened to all the stuff that's come to me - each little thing adds to the veracity of the hypothesis." At the time he offered the letter to ParaNet, Lear, swore the stuff was credible. Says Speiser, "He said if I didn't get a call from the Air Force Office of Special Investigations upon transmitting the letter, he'd buy me dinner at Caesar's Palace." At the time of this writing, Speiser is still waiting patiently for his call and his dinner. ------------------------ Corrections and clarifications: 1) The letter, though written in December, appeared in mid-January. 2) Besides being initially skeptical, I am STILL skeptical. 3) Lear sent me the letter and INSISTED that I put it on ParaNet, which he knew to be a national network. His statement that he didn't know it would "go out to the entire U.S." seems to be what Jesse Jackson would call a terminological inexactitude. 4) Our agreement was to print EVERYTHING John sentme, not just the letter, and I would be hearing from OSI. I can't say as I've held up my end of the bargain, because John has sent me a lot of stuff;however, you'd think the letter would be enough to flush out OSI, if anything in it were true....


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