Info-ParaNet Newsletters, Number 117 Saturday, December 30th 1989 Today's Topics: Harder T

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Info-ParaNet Newsletters, Number 117 Saturday, December 30th 1989 Today's Topics: Harder Transcript (Lazar) Reply to "Skeptical Inquirer" - MJ-12 New Affiliate -------------------------------------------------------------------- From: paranet!p0.f422.n104.z1.FIDONET.ORG!Michael.Corbin Subject: Harder Transcript (Lazar) #1 Date: 30 Dec 89 10:44:00 GMT ======================================================== (C) Copyright 1989 ParaNet Information Service All Rights Reserved unless copyrighted by Author. ======================================================== Chuck Harder Excerpt from: For the People Sun Radio Network heard on affiliate KROL-AM Radio, Las Vegas, Nevada 12/[14 ]/89, 10 :00 am - 1:00 p.m. Chuck Harder: T.J., hello! TJ: I have a couple questions regarding Mr. Lazar and Mr. Knapp, whom I'm associated with here in Las Vegas. Harder: Bless your heart! TJ: I originally heard that that was going to be aired today. I seem to think you have some kind of difficulty getting it on? Harder: The bottom line is, as you know, Bob Lazar does a lot of traveling, and trying to get him to a telephone and get it hooked up to us seems to be a problem. And we hope that he will be able to get to a pay phone where he would feel comfortable or a phone where he would feel comfortable and call the 800 number. And I hope we'll be able to get him on. TJ: Oh, so you still are going to air that today? Harder: We're working on it. I was just talking to George on the break, and we're trying to get hooked up with Bob. We have a bit of a problem because there's so many doggoned many 800 lines coming in, what we may have to do is screen them and apologize to the people who are calling 'cause we're looking for Bob, okay? TJ: That makes sense. I'm a very good listener to your program through George. I would like information to get "For the People," your subscription every month. Harder: Write to us; enclose a check for $15. We're a non-profit organization, so part of that is income tax deductible, and we send out a circular telling you how much; I think quite a bit of it is if you itemize. Send it to For the People, P.O. Box 101, Cedar Key, FL 32625. The next issue of our magazine will be very, very heavy into the UFO issue with some closeup color photos of what Bob Lazar calls the Sport Model. TJ: Right. I'm familiar with that. If I were to subscribe within the next couple of days, would I be able to get that particular issue? Harder: Yes, but we'll also print some extras, so we'll have them available. TJ: I heard you and Mr. Andrus speaking about cattle and human comparison in blood. The only misstatement I heard -- I've done some research into this along with these guys -- from what I understand, in a government emergency, the cattle's blood would be transferred and made into PLASMA so it could be used for humans, a direct transfusion. The chromosomes are almost identical in makeup. And they can turn cow's blood into a plasma for humans, but that would be it. Harder: That's pretty neat, isn't it? TJ: Yeah, absolutely. These little guys are coming down and picking them up and examining them. Harder: Other people say that the cow "squeezings," if you please -- their squeezing a cow like we would squeeze an orange -- are utilized as nourishment. TJ: Yeah, they make an enzyme and spread it upon themselves and absorb it because their digestive systems are atrophied. That's information supplied by Mr. Lear, and I would assume some of that through Bob also. Mr. Andrus of MUFON doesn't want to claim that they know where the "greys" are from, but yet this information is pretty readily available out here in the Southwest. They're supposedly from Reticulum 4, just from Zeta Reticuli, just 37 light years from the planet Earth. Harder: Walt Andrus is a fine, fine gentleman, and you understand he's extremely conservative. TJ: Oh, I understand that. I didn't really even want to misstate myself there. But I guess just being involved with these guys down here where we've got all this stuff going on so close that sometimes I expect everybody else to have the same information. Harder: I'm glad you're passing it on and I welcome this information. The thing that we're trying to do right now -- and I'll just come out and tell you -- we're trying to make sure that the other media has the information. When George Knapp and I spoke for abo ut an hour, we transcribed it, and the transcriptions have been requested by several different people in the media. And this morning, I even FAXed the transcription to the front page editor of the Wall Street Journal because not only did they want it but George will readily admit, as I'm sure would Bob, and yours truly, that we want them to have it for our own protection. Because I feel I've dug a little bit too deep. TJ: Oh yeah, I'm sure. I'm surprised George hasn't been hassled more than he has because he's at the forefront of the media with most of this [relevant] information. He's done an outstanding job here locally. Harder: Well, I understand that George has had his own problems. And he has told me what I feel what might be a tip of the iceberg. And he was on the air with us yesterday. But I feel that for the protection of Bob Lazar and of George Knapp and KLAS-TV and everybody else who's been involved, I think that the rest of America needs to know. TJ: Oh absolutely. I've even been out to this area -- the Area 51 -- on [viewing it from] public land, and observed -- from information from George -- on where to go, where to stand, and when to stand to see these things when they were testing them out there before they moved them. And he's right on the money! They were there! They're no longer there, but they WERE there. They moved them deeper into the Test Site to an area called Area 10, to the best of my information through a couple of MY sources out at the Nevada Test Site. Harder: Where are the aliens now? TJ: Aliens? I can't tell you. I don't know anything about aliens from what I'm seeing. I'm talking about the recovered material that they had at S-4 out at Area 51 -- the disks. But the best of our information at this point is that was moved from that area and deeper into a site, deeper into the Test Site that they call Area 10. So it's just because it got to the point that when they were running the tests, they had everybody locally interested in UFOs at one point; I mean they even chartered buses and drove up to the area to stand on public land and wait to watch for the tests. Obviously, the Governmment got a little upset at that. And they shut the highways down, as a matter of fact, which is probably not public information. They shut down two highways that run right by the Test Site, for a weekend. One was Highway 375; the other was Highway 318; and they shut them completely down, and they did a massive amount of moving in that area at that time. They were using diesel trucks marked with Piggly Wiggly and some other supermarket chains to transfer a lot of their equipment. Harder: Why won't they tell us, TJ? TJ: It depends on whose line you really want to believe. I've been investigating since 1980, and not that I'm that crack of an investigator. I am a police officer. I have learned how to investigate. But Mr. Lear probably has a pretty good foundation on a lot what's going on. A lot of people don't choose or care to believe what he's saying. Harder: His material, by the way, will be in our next magazine -- his public material. TJ: Great! I'm sure that it's going to startle a lot of people because if you subscribe to Mr. Lear's line of thought, then we're in a lot of serious trouble. It's to the point that the Government, and the Government has no control over what's going on, and they made a false treaty with them, because they knew they were going to go ahead and do what they wanted to do anyway. And I guess we were trying to make some technology advances out of it, and our government got greedy again at that point. And I'm sure -- I don't want to step on Mr. Lazar or George's information -- I'm sure they're going to want to get this stuff out about when they had a conflict out here. Mr. Lazar allegedly replaced a scientist that was killed by the aliens out at the Test Site; and that's how he got involved in the program. But I don't know a lot about that myself; I can only go by what I've been told by these guys; and I'm sure they want to elaborate on that. Harder: Well, the information has reached us from many, many, many different sources, from people who want no money. They don't even want to be identified. And they have no reason to give us the information, and yet from 10, 15, 20, 30 different sources, we get the same information. First of all, we thought it was rumor and it was the same story going around. We tried to track it down further, and we found out, no, it wasn't the same story. So it's fascinating. TJ: It's definitely that. And living this close to whatever they've got going on out at the Test Site where they're testing the disks, it's pretty phenomenal to be able to -- Even at one point earlier in the year, I mean they stopped testing out there, as far as anybody could tell, probably in September, because it just got too public at that point. Even August may have been the last tests. But we -- there was a group of people -- in fact, I was out there with a photojournalist that got some photos one of the nights we were out there. We had them developed, and you can't see disks, but what you can see are orange tracers in the sky -- I mean pretty elaborate orange tracers from the fact that this thing MOVED over quite a distance during just the snapping in the shutter. It left bright orange streaks across the photographs. It's pretty interesting stuff. Harder: The abductions, I think, are something that's going to get the attention of America. Why they are taking us. Where I live, the synchronicity of the incidents is very, very fascinating. Just recently, we had a family disappear. They were camping on a little island out in the Gulf of Mexico; they disappeared. Everything was found but them. We had a commercial fisherman disappear; a lot of fishermen are afraid to go out in ther Gulf. Not too far north of here we had other people disappear. We've had cattle mutilations right nearby. So there's been a lot going on. And a tremendous amount of UFO sightings, and a lot of little newspapers around here have run articles about strange lights in the sky. You know, afraid to run the article, but they just had to run them. So they ran them with, "Gee, what's going on? What is that? We don't know. Nobody will tell us." And you start clipping these things and you put them all together and you go, what's going on? TJ: Once you get into researching, it's blatantly obvious that there's something going on. It leaves you no room for any type of doubt that there actually are some type of extraterrestrial visitors here. The evidence is overwhelming. Other than the fact that if we were to send a flying saucer down on the lawn of the White House, it's going to take an awful lot to get the Government to admit anything. They're so involved they've got their hands bloodied over the whole thing. There's been people disappear, people even murdered over all this. So it's obvious that they're not going to come clean on it. The issue is going to have to be forced. There's no other way to look at it. That's my opinion. Harder: TJ, thanks for calling up. ================================================================= 1214HARD.UFO -- Michael Corbin - via FidoNet node 1:104/422 UUCP: !scicom!paranet!User_Name INTERNET: Michael.Corbin@p0.f422.n104.z1.FIDONET.ORG


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