The text that follows represents my views on Lear.txt and are not necessarily those of Par

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The text that follows represents my views on Lear.txt and are not necessarily those of Paranet or any of its other users or staff. Brad Langton / February 4th, 1988 Msg: #2572 Sec: B - UFOlogy 04-Feb-88 03:27 AM Subj: Contentions on EBEs (R) From: Sysop To: John Lear First of all, I want to thankyou for taking the time to participate in the interview of 02/03/88. I do however, feel that its appropriate that I make a statement of my own regarding the issue at hand. During the interview, I tried to remain neutral and ask questions that may be helpful to those users who have clammored for more information. I believe that I have met this responsibility. For myself, I'm afraid that I find a great deal of the material wanting in proof, or even reasonable expectations for such an advanced culture. You have said that these are the facts, but without proving these facts in some objective, verifiable way, you must understand that your allegations are without substance. If you are sincere about establishing the validity of your claims, you're going to have to go openly public on a nationwide basis with credible witnesses, dates, times, records, physical evidence, and whatever means possible to support what you are saying. I'm not saying that within the framework of your story, there are not elements of strangeness that have been reported in other media at different times in the last 40 years. All I'm saying is that the statement without proof is doing more to harm credible UFO research than it is helping it. I hope this was not your intention, but lets look at this objectively, the story makes alot of the material you read in the tabloids pale by comparison..."Insects From Space Align with US to Harvest Human Enzymes!" You've got to admit, that sounds pretty silly. My final point is one that regards my beliefs about intelligence in the universe and is no more valid than your contentions, but given a civilization "BILLIONS" of years advanced beyond us, I'm very dubious that they would even need bodies let alone spaceships... the more primitive instincts would be barely a race memory. I can't buy the "backside of an evolutionary curve" theory either. I don't even know what that means! De-evolve? De-evolve to me is nonsense. Evolution is an adaptive process that moves in the direction of greatest survivability. We can argue that point untill the end of time and never meet minds... its like philosophy, you either believe the contention or you don't. I'll grant you that the UFO issue has been around a long time and yes, the government DOES cover thing up very well.. but judging from the initial impact this story had, gaged against more reasonable inspection after the initial shock wears off, users that were leaning in the direction of supporting more active efforts to learn the truth about UFOs are now even laughing at the idea themselves. I'm afraid I can't swallow this story John, I've thought about it, I've talked about it, and I've read other peoples views on it, and it just is too fantastic to believe.... EVEN IF ITS TRUE! That last point is important, if you do have something to say, sensationalism is not the way to garner support. - More (Y)/N/NS? I respect your right to express your beliefs, but please respect our rights to have a high degree of proof before going off half-cocked in a blitz to stop the aliens!! Brad Langton Paranet Lambda


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