Msg: #5508 Sec: 1 - UFOlogy 08-FEB-88 06:51 PM Subj: #5481 - Lear's Text To: Steve Gresser

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Msg: #5508 Sec: 1 - UFOlogy 08-FEB-88 06:51 PM Subj: #5481 - Lear's Text From: Brad Langton To: Steve Gresser Hi Steve, I'm not sure you've b een up on Lambda, but perhaps you have read my rather caustic response, LANG. RES regarding the Lear issue. I have reason to believe that my initial reacti ons were inappropriate. I have been enlightened regarding the mission of thes e forums. Our impatience to get all the info yesterday has led many, includin g me, to be premature in drawing conclusions. I'm not sure we haven't pressed this issue too hard too soon without awaiting reaction time. I have interviewed Mr. Lear and whi le I have many questions regarding the nature of his material, I'm willing to give him a chance to present his case. I have found him anxious to do so, and I'm sure he would be open to developing a similar arrangement with Alpha. We' re supposed to be acting in a professional manner on these issues, yet we ten d to forget that we're human beings with fears, reflex reactions, an imprecise lan guage, and whether we like it or not... our own biases regarding the UFO issu e. At one time I too experienced a sighting, with witnesses, which I recorde d on paper at the time. I never released it because I was afraid of just the reaction Lear.txt has received. Ironically, I was one of the first to put my emotions before my head in dealing with the issue... not a good position for the sysop of such a BBS! Why? Because Lear's contentions conflicted with my idealized view of benevo lent beings from space being necessarily commited to the same values and idea ls as we here in western civilization. Examples from our own world, even our august group of open minded skeptics in the Paranet system, have altered this view. If we can't take the time to give the guy a chance to support his view s,, then what are we doing this for in the first place? Are we all, as Jim po inted out, fantasy prone even at the level of discussion? John has agreed to sha re this resource of evidence with Lambda in the next few days by mail. Perha ps Alpha will be afforded the same opportunity if the climate here was a litt le less hostile. It took a few days for Lambda to come around, but we have... and now, with an OPEN mind, we're going to have the opportunity to see just w hat Mr. Lear has to share. It can't hurt, as one of Lambda's and Alpha's us ers has said, "its time to put up or shut up." That's what were about... that's why we're here. I will keep you up on events from this end, but it would be nice if we all co uld view the evidence that he is willing to share. To quote a rather cliche'd science fiction character, "the decision rests with you." Brad Langton Para net Lambda 716-377-3986 300/1200/2400 baud / 24 hours My error on the last message, that's my answering service number! Paranet Lambda / 5th Generation BBS 716-377-3985 300/1200/2400 baud / 24 hours Brad Langton


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