A PARTIAL HISTORY OF UFOS' IN THE KINGSTON, ONT. AREA Feb.26,1941: A strange light resembl

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A PARTIAL HISTORY OF UFOS' IN THE KINGSTON, ONT. AREA Feb.26,1941: A strange light resembling a long comet with stars at the end of it passed across the sky at 9 pm and disappeared into the south. Aug.10, 1950: At Wolfe Island, near Kingston, strange patterns of lights travelled in a half-mile wide circle in the eastern night sky. Sometimes only one patch of light was visible, sometimes two and occasionally three. They rotated clockwise at varying speeds and changed places without a discernable pattern, completing an orbit in an average of 8 to 9 seconds. Occasionally, one light remained stationary while the others continued revolving. As they passed over the St. Lawrence River, they were clearly reflected in the water Jan.21,1973: In the evening, a glowing object, looking like a "fire from a roman candle", was seen flying about 1500 feet above the city. It seemed to get bigger, then smaller and was dropping illuminated particles. Then, it shrivelled up and died. The sighting lasted about 90 seconds. Jan.22,1978: In the early morning, a mysterious object looking like two triangles fitted together base-to-base hovered over the Kingston Sewage Plant on Hwy 2 E, just east of the city and came within 500 feet of the plant. After being in view for approx. 90 seconds, it shot up into the sky at a 45 degree angle and disappeared at a high rate of speed. Feb.,1978: An object with four round lights, one green, one red, the other two white and all flashing, flew over the city's west end. Nov.,1978: A flying object shaped like a circle with something sticking out of its' sides hovered over some bush near HWY 2 W, between Odessa and Napanee, near Kingston. Apr.,1980: An object with red and blue flames coming from it sped over Kingston towards Lake Ontario where it then made a quick arc in the sky and headed back over the city before disappearing into the west. Jul.8,1986: Two bright objects, orange in colour and diamond shaped appeared over the north end of Kingston around 930 pm. Then at 1130 pm,a strange green light or flash was seen in the sky. Jul.9,1986: A bright orange object was seen very low on the north horizon in Kingston. It hovered for about 5 minutes around 11pm and was a lot bigger and brighter than the object seen the night before. Aug.12,1986: One hundred amateur astronomers stargazzing at Charleston Lake Provincial Park ten miles north of Gananoque and twenty-five niles east of Kingston saw in the southeast sky a greenish, spiralling cloud which moved slowly to the northeast. A small star seemed to be travelling in front and the cloud slowly dissipated like a vapour trail.


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