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EXTRATERRESTRIAL BIOLOGICAL ENTITIES (EBE'S) AND THEIR RELATIONSHIP TO HUMAN BEINGS ON EARTH: AN EXPLANATORY HYPOTHESIS PART I Preface The following hypothesis discusses the significance of UFO occupant activities to human civilization and development. To understand the terminology and concepts discussed in this paper, readers are encouraged to review the following works: UFO Crash at Aztec by William Steinman and Wendelle Stevens, particularly the addendum in the back of the book titled "The Bennewitz Story" (pages 578-604); The Roswell Incident by William Moore; Leonard Stringfield's Status Reports II and III on UFO crash/retrievals; John Lear's "LEAR.TXT" on Paranet computer bulletin board; the updated transcript of Linda Howe's documentary "Strange Harvest" (page 64); Jerome Clark's article in the April 1988 issue of Fate magazine: "UFO Crashes, Part IV", and Communion by Whitley Strieber. Introduction In December of 1987, airline pilot and UFO researcher John Lear published a letter on Paranet. Based on his research, Lear concluded that extraterrestrial biological entities (EBE's) are malevolent beings from space who have orchestrated a deceptive, "well-planned invasion of Earth for its resources and benefits." Lear's scenario reads like the plot of a science fiction horror film: The EBE'S have perpetrated a "grand deception" on humans to hide their true motives which are to create human-alien crossbreeds, presumably for sinister purposes, and consume human biological matter. According to Lear, the EBE'S terminate any humans who might interfere with them. Because John Lear appears to be sincere in his research and has impressive credentials, ufologists are seriously examining his statement. For example, Jim Speiser, Paranet's administrator, says in his introduction to Lear's letter, "John...has contacts in sensitive positions that could conceivably allow him access to information of this type." Lear may have contacts that have provided him with accurate data, but his speculations and hypotheses are presented with the same authority and confidence as his alleged facts, even though his conclusions seem extremely questionable. Rather than being sinister or malevolent, is it possible that EBE'S are members of an advanced evolutionary level of life who are tending this planet as a garden? Might they be cultivating human life, not as a food source, but to give human beings the opportunity to become, through their choices, potential members and contributors to the EBE's' advanced level? Could this planet be one of numerous planetary "gardens" established by the EBE's for such a purpose? In this context, all EBE activity could be seen as benevolent. However, certain aspects of their work might seem frightening or traumatic to a human mind, depending on that mind's level of development and comprehension. Does the plant understand when the gardener uproots it to replant it in better soil, or prunes and grafts to ensure proper improved growth? In the field of science, a single set of data has often been interpreted in profoundly different ways. When we are dealing with obviously advanced technology, how can we be sure that we are interpreting what we see with any accuracy? Can those who base conclusions about advanced beings only on what is measurable or verifiable by current technology ever see more than a limited picture? Even if John Lear's facts are correct concerning underground CIA-alien facilities, body parts floating in vats of amber liquid, etc., the facts do not necessarily warrant Lear's horrified conclusions. Is it possible to arrive at a valid conclusion based solely on "hard evidence"? Perhaps not, but we should not adopt a purely spiritual approach either, as do many UFO contactees and "channelers" or we risk arriving at pleasant metaphysical fantasies that do not jive with observed phenomena. Lear posed the question, "What is the big picture, anyway?" (Lear.txt). In attempting to answer this, we obviously need a big frame of reference. Perhaps examining some of the details that Lear discussed will give us that perspective. * * * * * John Lear suggests, along with Budd Hopkins, that EBE's may be on the "backside of an evolutionary genetic curve." They base this on the EBE's having, for example, a lack of hair and teeth, fewer fingers and toes, and atrophied or missing digestive and reproductive organs. Isn't it possible that just the opposite is true--that the absence of digestive and reproductive organs are signs of evolving and outgrowing the need for "primitive" organs? Rather than the EBE's needing to revitalize themselves by inbreeding with humans and/or consuming extractions from human and bovine tissue, isn't it possible that they are experimenting with hybridization and tissue samples for our sakes? If you consider the possibility that UFO occupants may have been involved in the creation of free-willed human beings from the very beginning, couldn't their present genetic work be an effort to correct the severe damage that we have inflicted upon our genetic structure? Maybe the EBE's are seeking ways to undo the effects of generations of unrestrained primitive behavior (territorialism, wars,selfishness, etc.), drug usage, pollution, food additives, etc.? Could EBE's represent the goal toward which human beings have the capacity to evolve if they choose? This may be difficult for some to accept if they see the EBE's appearance as "strange" by human standards. Could it also be hard to think about because our egos have difficulty with the notion that human beings do not represent the height of evolutionary advancement in the universe? Lear himself notes how difficult it was for the human mind to accept that the Sun does not revolve around the Earth. Lear acknowledges that EBE's may be as much as a billion years ahead of human beings in advancement. How does this jive with his statement that "the EBE's have a genetic disorder in that their digestive system is atrophied?" It seems more probable that a digestive system is simply not required for a space-dwelling organism. (Just think of the time that leaves them free to do more significant work than preparing food, eating, digesting, and eliminating.) And if they are so advanced that they can create life in a laboratory, why would they need reproductive organs? Lear concludes that EBE's are deriving sustenance from enzyme or hormonal secretions applied to their skin. Aren't there other possible explanations for these applications? This is pure conjecture, but could they be applying these secretions to their skin as a means of analyzing them, that is, using their own bodies as test subjects? Let's take a look at so-called mutilations for a moment. A significant point in researcher Linda Howe's examination of animal mutilations comes in an update to her documentary "Strange Harvest." In the transcript of that film (update 1st broadcast, May 25, 1980), Howe says she received information from a psychic in Albuquerque. The psychic correctly predicted that a deviation would occur in the surgical method used by the aliens, "...which is...a necessity in order to arrive at a success in formulation of a serum-like concoction which will be returned to mankind during a time of need." (Howe p. 64) Linda Howe might be commended for her courage as an investigator in quoting a psychic. The point is that there may be beneficial reasons why the EBE's are performing their surgical operations. It is interesting that when a tribe of American Indians were once asked what they thought of "mutilations" occurring on their reservation, they replied simply, "The star people know what they are doing, and should be trusted." Before continuing to speculate about the motivations of UFO occupants, we have to ask ourselves, is it possible to understand what EBE's are and what they are doing if we don't know what human beings are? Consider, if you will, that the true nature of man is a "life force" or mind (often referred to as a "soul") encapsulated in a physical body. Could the human mind itself be the creation of a higher evolutionary level (the EBE's)? Could the human mind be a perennial that experiences successive seasons of growth on a planet's surface just as a perennial plant experiences seasons of growth in a garden? In this context, reincarnation is not a religious concept. It is merely one way of describing how a mental being (man) can experience evolutionary growth and development by progressing through various physical vehicles. If this is the case, then nothing is lost when the physical body dies. The "life force" or mind is not destroyed, but merely transferred to another body, or possibly somehow put in storage. Many close encounter records indicate that the EBE's, although aware that nothing is lost when the human body is destroyed, are reluctant to destroy a human body,even though they have done so in certain circumstances. Ironically, although most humans regard the physical body as a person's totality, we are inclined to destroy each other senselessly, and wantonly. UFO occupants seem to understand far more than we do about the difference between mind and body, and how to work with both, separately or together. It appears that they can extract the consciousness (mind, soul) of a person from the body which is housing that consciousness. In addition to the numerous accounts of physical "abductions", UFO literature is filled with incidents where humans reportedly experience being taken outside of their physical bodies. In addition, some humans feel they have encountered the same UFO occupant on different occasions, even though the individual they "recognize" has a totally different appearance. This could suggest that the EBE's can also transfer their own consciousness or mind from one body to another, like changing clothes. We can see that the variety of UFO occupant types may not necessarily represent different species from different galaxies. The various vehicular types may simply show different levels of development. It seems likely that the more advanced minds of this highly evolved level are the ones in the more advanced bodies.. UFO occupants who appear to be in human form, including the so-called "Nordics," may in fact be advanced humans from other productive gardens (planets) who have been allowed to work with the EBE's, even though they haven't yet advanced enough to earn more evolved vehicles. The presence of such individuals may come in very handy at times, as in the famous Travis Walton case where a large human-looking occupant was able to restore calm to Walton. John Lear states that UFO researcher William Moore has a videotape containing an interview with a colonel connected to MJ-12. The colonel says that the EBE's claim to have created Christ. Once again, Lear draws a negative conclusion from this, speculating that the claim "could be an effort to disrupt traditional values for undetermined reasons." (Lear.txt) But what if the claim is true? If the primary concern of EBE's is the cultivation and nurturing of human minds, then isn't it conceivable that Jesus could have been one of them in human "clothing"? Considering recent evidence that human mothers have been artificially inseminated by extraterrestrials to produce hybrids, isn't this a possible explanation for Jesus' alleged virgin birth? Wouldn't such a hybrid vehicle have given him a greater capacity to stay in touch with his "father," and even perform what humans would see as "miracles"? Consider that the Bible, divested of its traditional religious interpretation, may actually be a record of close encounters. According to this record, the extraterrestrials apparently worked closely with the ancient Israelites and saved them from the terrestrial power of the Egyptians. But the EBE's didn't hesitate to wipe out thousands of the Israelites when they were disobedient. If you see this in the light of the EBE's trying to teach humans how to become more refined and more evolved, the first step being simple disciplines and leaving a strong impression on human minds, it's food for thought. Only human bodies were lost, not minds. It also puts Lear's alleged altercation between humans and EBE's at the Dulce underground base in a different light. Maybe we should be asking: Are we growing in the right way? How should we conduct ourselves in the presence of these individuals and how should we conduct ourselves with each other? What do we have to gain by treating EBE's as hostile invaders? What is the real purpose of these visitations? Since we seem to be far less advanced, maybe the only way we can gain is by concluding they are here for our benefit. J.S. April 1988


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