+gt;+gt; The following document has apparently been making the rounds since last fall. Sup

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>> The following document has apparently been making the rounds since last fall. Supposedly it has been mailed to over 6000 researchers, however that is highly dubious, as I don't believe there are actually that many UFO researchers in the world; certainly, no mailing list that large ex- ists. Very few people I know have received one, and I got mine from John Lear. There is no confirmation that the President or any members of Congress have received a copy, either. MUFON was unaware of the letter un- til Walt Andrus got a copy, and is more than a little miffed that replies were referred to the MUFON Journal by the letter's author(s). So far, there has been no identification of the author(s); no one has ever heard of Justice for Military Personnel (JMP), and no members have stepped forward to claim credit. It is, however, an intensely interesting docu- ment, for reasons we will discuss in a later upload. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- R E Q U E S T F O R A N E X E C U T I V E O R D E R J.M.P. / letter to President Ronald Reagan Reprinted copies to members of Congress and the press. 4 Dec 1987 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- President of the United States The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Washington, DC 20500 4 Sep. 1987 Dear Mr. President: The CIA has made a mockery out of our constitution. Our elected re- presentatives have no idea what we in the Military have done and are still doing, since the CIA decided that "they do not have a need to know," mak- ing it mandatory for all of us in the Military and Government, both active and retired, who have knowledge regarding UFOs, to testify with total im- munity before a special congressional committee. The CIA can not object, because officially "UFOs do not exist." The UFO cover-up is not in our national security interest. It should be stopped, because it hurts military morale. Our group, Justice for Mili- tary Personnel (JMP), consists of retired military personnel who were af- fected by, or involved in different capacities with the UFO cover-up. Un- der orders of the CIA, in the "interest of national security," we took part in intentionally misleading the nation, manipulating the press, the courts and most politicians. INTRODUCTION: The CIA UFO cover-up, is being perpetrated against the American peo- ple and not our potential enemies. The Russians have a whole town exclus- ively for UFO research. The CIA insists that the UFO cover-up must be kept at all costs, otherwise the military will be ineffective. The CIA correct- ly maintains, that military personnel will disobey orders when confronted by UFOs. For example, during the Vietnam War, pilots refused orders to fly night missions against UFOs. Since fatal accidents, UFO related, are rela- tively rare (with the exception of the Vietnam War), the CIA prefers to maintain the cover-up. NSA, NASA, CIA, RAND and AFOSI associates, have informed us that UFOs have many origins. Some obviously represent civilizations, thousands of years more advanced than we are. Almost everything about them, their motives and operations are strange and incomprehensible to us. There is little we can do to protect ourselves from them. The Air Force is totally helpless to handle the situation, because of UFO's incredible flight per- formance. The CIA and Pentagon are bewildered by UFOs' apparent ability to jam all our ground and air electronic equipment, or instantaneously dis- able all our weapons control systems. The CIA has decided to try to under- stand and duplicate UFO propulsion systems at all cost. This means that pilot lives have been sacrificed in UFO chases to get "UFO samples" for research, therefore `Ignorance is Bliss.' RAND maintains that the CIA is gambling that a major catastrophe, such as the July, 1952, mass UFO appearance over Washington, DC and the White House, will not happen again, so that no "explanations will be need- ed. NORAD, along with many of us in the armed forces, bitterly oppose per- petuation of this cover-up, pointing to the public panic potential of the 1952 disaster. We in the JMP feel that too many military personnel suf- fered or died as a result of not being informed about UFOs. It is time to tell our armed forces the truth. IT IS UNCONSCIONABLE to continue to use military personnel as guinea pigs. CRIMES WE COMMITTED UNDER CIA PRESSURE: Forty years ago, the cover-up was confined to a very few individuals within the Military and Government. Today, many thousands are effected or involved. This deceitful CIA policy is breeding resentment in the serv- ices, for we were ordered to act illegally, against our fellow military personnel and our nation. Our JMP group has many military personnel and others who are waiting to testify. The following are a few examples of deceptive activities we carried out while on active duty: 1: We intentionally ordered pilots to shoot at UFOs, with the hope of acquiring a UFO for research purposes. These resulted sometimes in instant explosions and death to the pilots or instantaneous "disappear- ances" of pilot and plane. The UFOs occupants seem to be monitoring all of our pilots' actions. We analyzed hundreds of UFO gun camera films and it seems that some UFOs are remote controlled. 2. We have strictly silenced military pilots who reported UFOs. We do not allow our pilots to discuss UFO chases EVEN AMONG THEMSELVES. 3. We interrogated, intimidated and harassed military personnel who saw UFOs, to "convince" them (excluding pilots and astronauts), that they "did not see" what they saw; frightened them with the prospect of long prison sentences if they told anyone what they saw; transferred them alone to bases around the world, where, even if they were to talk, nobody would believe them; forced some of them into mental institutions; jailed them; destroyed their military careers; did everything possible to intimidate UFO witnesses by fear into self doubt and silence. 4. We distributed fraudulent information, through Military and Gov- ernment spokesmen or scientists, to debunk all public UFO sightings. 5. We forced the FAA, NASA, and other Government agencies to conform to CIA UFO policies. 6. We violated the Freedom of Information Act by hiding documents. 7. We smeared commercial pilots who publicly reported UFOs and forced their companies to silence them. 8. We did not confirm when civilian planes around the world also temporarily lost control or completely disappeared when UFOs were present. We slandered ruthlessly some of our most outstanding and competent citizens, who dared to report UFO sightings, while we knew all along that they were telling the truth, as we tracked the UFOs on radar. 10. We silenced Congressmen and Senators who requested UFO inform- ation for their constituents. These representatives are now silent part- ners to this cover-up and are consequently directly responsible for all the crimes we committed. PRESS IN DEFAULT: The national UFO debunking campaign ordered by the CIA in 1953, pub- lished books and planted hundreds of articles in the press, to create an atmosphere of ridicule around the subject of UFOs, falsely creating "UFO contacts" and "UFO" hoaxes. This campaign which is still in effect today, infiltrated major civilian civilian UFO groups, to ridicule them or divert their efforts towards "other explanations." This UFO cover-up has been suc- cessful beyond CIA's highest expectations, due primarily to the brilliant manipulation of the press by the CIA via the ridicule strategy. The Estab- lishment Press, afraid of being ridiculed, proved to be gullible beyond belief to "official statements." The press, for example, in attempting to divorce itself completely from UFO data, did not question why the CIA refused to give UFO informa- tion to the then Senator Barry Goldwater who at the time was chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. IF SENATOR GOLDWATER (WHO HAS BEEN AWARE OF THE COVER-UP) DOES NOT HAVE A HIGH ENOUGH SECURITY CLEARANCE TO GET UFO INFORMATION, THEN WHO IN OUR GOVERNMENT DOES? The press failed to ask, if UFOs "do not exist," why did the CIA tell Senator Goldwater that UFO data is classified "above top secret" and "above any other secret in the USA"? The CIA debunking campaign, using some of the best brains in this country, slowly "educated" most journalists that they can only be rewarded, by abandoning any sense of journalistic ethics when it comes to reporting about UFOs. One of the most audaciously deceptive acts by the CIA involved Pres- ident Carter (who himself had sighted a UFO), when he requested NASA to look into the possibility of UFO research. Until that moment, all of us who were involved with the UFO cover-up assumed that the President was informed by the CIA about UFOs the moment he entered office and that he was aware of the huge sum of money invested in UFO research since 1953. Until that moment, IT WAS INCONCEIVABLE to us that the President of the United States would be kept totally uninformed by the CIA. At that time, NASA's scientific team concluded that the UFO cover-up should end because the public already knew that most astronauts in space photographed UFOs, or had been followed by UFOs, and that the astronauts were forced by regulations to lie to the press. Shortly before NASA's re- lease of the news to the press, the CIA insisted on continuing to maintain the cover-up and pressured NASA to lied to the public. NASA therefore re- leased a statement dictated by the CIA, contradictory to their own scien- tists' conclusions. Victor Marchetti (former Executive Assistant to the Deputy Director of the CIA), openly maintains that President Carter prob- ably was forced to participate in the CIA's UFO cover-up. Most of the preposterous "explanations" of UFOs were originated by the CIA's debunking headquarters, and disseminated to the public mostly through the Air Force, FAA, FBI, CIA, NASA, NORAD or Pentagon spokesmen. These shocking, mind boggling "explanations" (swamp gas, stars, etc.), released usually after long delays, often constituted an insult to Amer- ican public intelligence, instead of an explanation. Though these "explan- ations" often were not logical, scientific, or factual at all, they were eagerly accepted by the press, which was relieved to quickly dispose of "another UFO story." There were often sharp contradictions between these "explanations" and the pilots and radar controllers' statements, which rarely seemed to bother the press, who claim to be Government watch dogs. SCIENTIFIC COMMUNITY IN DEFAULT: Project `Blue Book', the `Condon Report', and many notable scien- tists, are part of the CIA's cover-up. The `Condon Report' is a scientific farce which was immediately exposed as a fraud by the late Professor James E. MacDonald (world's foremost, non CIA, authority on UFOs). The `Condon Report' has been heavily criticized ever since by all other competent scientists (who do not work for the CIA), who actually examined the report in depth. Incredible as it seems, many in the scientific community today have not, and still regard the `Condon Report' as an impartial scientific study. This attitude is a source of much amusement and self satisfaction in the intelligence community. This manipulation of American public opin- ion and the advanced mind control techniques employed by the CIA, were de- scribed by one Air Force doctor as: "Psychiatric Fascism contradictory to any democratic principles." Now more than ever, due to our highly sophisticated detection sys- tems, UFOs are being detected frequently over our bases and missile silos and they have tampered with our nuclear missiles. They are being photo- graphed in restricted areas, monitoring our military experiments. We track them visually and/or on radar across the USA and Canada almost daily. World-wide intelligence reports indicate very similar sightings. Many of us objected long ago to this senseless UFO cover-up. But we could not do anything, because the CIA controls all our military intelligence agencies and has overwhelming influence over many Government agencies. CONCLUSIONS: FBI associates defined the UFO cover-up as the biggest crime ever perpetrated against our people. The CIA, in the name of "National Security Interest," has flagrantly violated the letter and spirit of the law. The Uniform Code of Military Justice DOES NOT offer our soldiers any protec- tion regarding this cover-up. As JMP members, we are torn between our de- sire to maintain the military oath of secrecy and our sense of ethics as responsible loyal citizens of this great nation. Yet we are fully dedi- cated to preventing the UFO cover-up from continuing to be the status quo in this free nation. When our country requests us in the military to give up our lives for this land, the least the Government can do, is tell us against whom we are fighting and why. We have the right to know. JMP CIVIL RESPONSIBILITY: Lack of competent news reporting on this issue, has led to the crea- tion of JMP. We feel it is our responsibility to speak up for our citizens who are still on active military duty. A RAND study indicates that, bar- ring unforeseen circumstances, the CIA may continue the cover-up unabated under the umbrella of secrecy and ridicule. JMP members therefore have pre- pared a program that may effectively disintegrate the UFO cover-up. NSA associate commented to us: "...once the nation will learn the magnitude of the UFO cover-up, it may lead to a sense of awakening and outrage which could lead to civil disobedience acts that will make the Boston Tea Party pale by comparison, and may lead to the downfall of the CIA." The CIA's collapse is not our intention because the CIA is important for national defense. There is a need to preserve whatever integrity the CIA may still have in the American public's eyes. The issue of this letter is not CIA credibility, but our Government's credibility. This insane CIA's UFO cover-up must end. It is a `Time-Bomb' which can't be disarmed. This `Time-Bomb' according to RAND, is gaining momentum and must explode one day, LET US EXPOSE IT NOW AND HELP SAVE ADDITIONAL UNNECESSARY LOSS OF MILITARY LIVES. This letter intentionally omits the most spectacular events in the UFO cover-up. Members of JMP fell that it will be more appropriate that the President himself, once informed by the CIA, will disclose these events to the nation. We regret the anonymity of this letter, but we have no other choice because the CIA has a clear policy of eliminating any in- siders who may expose the UFO cover-up. As soon as the Executive Order is issued, we will be the first to testify. Please reply via the `MUFON UFO Journal.' Mr. President, you have a unique opportunity in the history of man- kind. With the interest of national security and unity in our hearts, we respectfully wait for your actions. J.M.P. San Antonio, TX


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