TITLE: INTRUDERS AUTHOR: Budd Hopkins PUBLISHED BY: Random House AT: New York, 1987 PAGES:

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TITLE: INTRUDERS AUTHOR: Budd Hopkins PUBLISHED BY: Random House AT: New York, 1987 PAGES: 223, 8 photo (Hardback Edition)VIEWPOINT: Fortean===================================================== It's late in the evening when a sudden and bizarre compulsion comes over you to get some junk food at the local fast service establishment. Donning attire sufficient to make you presentable at the local Seven-Eleven you slip into your auto and begin your trek to satiate your hunger. And trek it becomes! Not two miles from you home, along a dark segment of the roadway you spot strange lights in the sky - headed on a direct intercept path with your car. Your engine dies and the car glides to a halt. Mist surrounds the car but you can dimly see some movement as a short form approaches. Then you see it. A non-human creature with large "compelling" eyes, huge head and little or no mouth gestures in your direction. You attempt to scream but try as you might you cannot summon any movement from your own body. You are somehow extracted from the car and teleported into the hovering craft.... And so begins a typical scenario reported in the best-selling book by author/artist Budd Hopkins. If you are into fantasy and science fiction then this book is NOT for you. Yes, I said NOT as Budd Hopkins is relating an account of a life experience. An experience very real to Kathy Davis, the subject of his work "Intruders." "Intruders" reports one bizarre account after another of the intrusion of intelligent alien beings into the life of Kathy Davis. Her case began in early childhood and continues into the future of herself and her children. Even, it seems, to a child which is a hybrid between herself and the alien beings. Only recently made aware of the experiences through the aid of hypnotic regression, Kathy's story is perhaps one of the best documented case events of this type. These happenings were first seriously reported in the mid/late sixties by John G. Fuller in "The Interrupted Journey" and most recently by Whitley Strieber in "Communion." Hopkins' new work contributes much to the investigative reputation of the whole Abduction Phenomenon. While Mr. Hopkin's literary style is not as polished and refined as that of Whitley Strieber, this work is the first of its kind to couple good investigative reporting technique with a sense of drama that keeps the book in your hands and your eyes on its pages until it is consumed. "Intruders" will intrude on your imagination and have you looking over your shoulder any time you find yourself alone ... and in the dark. "Intruders" will both scare you and infuriate you as you consider the possibilities of a race of creatures taking liberties with humans not seen since the days of Hitler. Intruders. Get it. Read it. But be don't be surprised if you find that this book conjures up strange and elusive memories. You wouldn't be the first to have this book awaken memories, here-to-fore hidden from your conscious mind, of a night of terror. by Ted Markley


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