e QT, and says, don't tell ANYBODY, its a SEEEE-CRET! and so I keep quiet, only to find it

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==================INSIDE UFOLOGYJanuary 20th, 1988================== ABDUCTION BREAKTHROUGH? ParaNet Alpha 01/20 -- You know what I hate? I hate when somebody tells me something really juicy on the QT, and says, don't tell ANYBODY, its a SEEEE-CRET! and so I keep quiet, only to find it blabbed all over the world in the next MUFON Journal. Case in point: rumor has had it for some time that David Jacobs was on to something in his continuing abduction research. He has reportedly found some kind of matter, which he calls "biological matter", crusted on the skin of a large percentage of his abductee clients. Its been described as a moldy, brown substance which stains the skin of the victim. It was reported that he was trying to raise funds for a comprehensive analysis of the substance. According to the latest MUFON Journal, "Dr. Jacobs has had some of them analyzed, but the only type of analysis he can afford is not very informative." He has taken his samples to Dr. Bruce Maccabee's Fund for UFO Research in Washington, which has offered to try to raise funds for further study. The Fund has another drive in progress, to try to raise money to have the MJ-12 documents analyzed, and they have made the following offer to contributors: Any contributor of $50 or more to each cause will receive copies of the analysis report(s) before it is released publicly. Write to: The Fund for UFO Research, PO Box 277, Mt. Ranier, MD 20712.-------- MIXED REACTIONS Dan Gordon, the radio newsman-turned-UFO buff, seems to be losing the support of MUFON. Gordon, the news director of WYVE in Wytheville, VA, attracted the attention of Ufologists nationwide by holding a news conference on the station when that area was besieged by UFOs back in October. He later held a symposium at the local high school, at which he presented evidence and testimony of witnesses to a huge, brightly lit nighttime object that had reportedly been buzzing the locals. Soon afterwards, when the hoopla started dying down, Gordon apparently had become enamored of the attention, and began claiming more and more far-out incidents, including patrols by NASA vans, crashed saucers, and abductions. ParaNet's Ron Jennings reports that Gordon's only photos are of red and green lights on a dark background, which, he says, COULD be nothing more than airplanes. Undaunted, Gordon is now reportedly claiming some animal mutilations in the area. Says MUFON's Walt Andrus, however, apparently the whole flap is over some National Guard mid-air refueling operations involving KC-135s -- which is what some of the more credible witnesses agreed on the first place. -------- AND FINALLY... OK, I ain't gonna let it happen again. I was told to keep this a secret, but its bound to be in the next Journal anyway, so here goes. Budd Hopkins has been working with a famous TV star who strongly believes he is an abductee. His name is....is...is....shoot, I can't do it. Maybe I should resign MUFON, instead of try


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