Computers On-Line Presents: An Idaho Report A report to MUFON concerning a report submitte

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Computers On-Line Presents: An Idaho Report A report to MUFON concerning a report submitted by Don C. Mason State Director Idaho, MUFON At approximently 7:00 PM Mountion Standard Time, Mrs. Barbara Trammell of Pocatello, Idaho stepped outside of her home onto her patio. It was approx. one hour prior to sunset, and although the sun was out, there were a few clouds in the sky. The city of Pocatello, and its airport sit to the east of the witnesses house. Glancing at the sky, Mrs. Trammell noticed what at first looked like a small aircraft flying from the southwest toward the northeast. Mrs. Trammells son, a privite pilot, often flys over her home, and she is familar with his altitude and approx. speed when he is flying. She stepped into her kitchen, and grabbed her 7 by 35 mm binoculars, and stepped back outside to view the aircraft. She noticed that there was something different about this aircraft on this day of April 14th, 1988. She noticed that Prthe aircraft did not have any wings, appeared round, was a dark metallic color and traveling at about 150 to 200 MPH. At the closest the object was in relation to the witness, it passed directly over the subject at approx. 1000 feet. She noticed that the round object had dipped downward without slowing when overhead. Also, while observing the craft, she noticed that it had what appeared to her to be "portholes" in an uneven arrangement around the craft, and what appeared to be a strip around the middle that was self luminescence. Mrs. Trammell stated that she had the object in view for about 2 minutes, and no other aircraft were in sight. The outside temp. was 60 degrees f. She also stated that she listened for any sound, but the object was silent. A check was made with the Pocatello Police Dept. and the Idaho State Police, and the Pocatello Airport for any other reports


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