THE HYNEK RATING SYSTEM At the bottom of each UFO Sighting Report in the CUFON database yo

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THE HYNEK RATING SYSTEM ----------------------- At the bottom of each UFO Sighting Report in the CUFON database you will see a rating in the form S#/P#. This represents ParaNet's initial Hynek Rating of the value of the case. It is not to be confused with the Classification, whic h is simply a representation of the type of case being dealt with. ParaNet ha s devised what we call "the Hynek Scale" or "the Hynek Rating System" in hopes of creating a standard by which to judge UFO reports. The system is explained below. S: Strangeness The "Strangeness" factor of a case description shall be rated from 1 to 5 as follows: . 1 - Explained or Explainable 2 - Probably Explainable, with more data 3 - Possibly Explainable, but with elements of strangeness 4 - Strange; Does not conform with known principles 5 - Highly Strange; Definitely indicative of intelligent guidance . Examples: S1 - Aircraft, meteor, etc. S2 - Experimental aircraft; planet or star S3 - Slow, low flying objects in formation S4 - BOL (Ball of Light Phenomena); physical traces S5 - Close Encounters, Abductions, etc. P: Probability The "Probability" factor of a case relates to the credibility, number and separation of witnesses and/or the soundness of evidence gathered. It shall be rated from 1 to 5 as follows: . 1 - Not Credible or Sound 2 - Unreliable; Smacks of Hoax 3 - Somewhat credible or indeterminate 4 - Credible; Sound 5 - Highly Credible, leaving almost no doubt Examples: P1 - Known Hoaxer or UFO "Flake"; Hoax Photo P2 - Repeat Witness; Conflicting Testimony P3 - Standard, first-time witness; slight radiation reading P4 - Multiple witnesses; pilot; clear photo P5 - National Figure; Multiple independent witnesses; videotape The composite Hynek Rating of a case shall consist of the combined S & P factors, stated as Sn/Pn, e.g. S3/P5; except that cases with an S factor of 1 shall simply be stated as S1. Examples using recent or famous cases: S1 - Wickenburg, AZ, July 10 (explanation:Mars) S5/P1 - Billy Meier S2/P5 - X-shaped UFO, Petaluma, CA May 28 S4/P5 - Brazilian "Ping Pong Balls" S5/P4 - Betty & Barney Hill S4/P4 - Lubbock Lights S5/P5 - MedEvac Helicopter ("Coyne" Case) S3/P2 - Delphos S4/P2 - Anything published in SAUCER SMEAR I believe this rating system will be a useful tool to investigators who wish to narrow their focus to the most promising cases. It is not my intention that any one group "stake a claim" to this system; rather, I'd like to see several groups or investigators rate cases according to their own view, merely using this system as a standard. . The rating of a particular case may, indeed perhaps should, change from time to time as new evidence is gathered. Your comments are welcome. Jim Speiser


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