To: All]] Msg #130, 15-Nov-89 04:23pm Subject: Scientology Here's a little factual excerpt

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From: T.s. Bennett To: All Msg #130, 15-Nov-89 04:23pm Subject: Scientology Here's a little factual excerpt from the file GREYS, about the weirdos started up by L.Ron Hubbard, who spend $30,000 apiece to get "clear". Although the face the public sees is the odious semi- military cult face of the Church of Scientology, buried in the Church are dozens of volumes of L. Ron Hubbard's writings, much of it "confidential" and guarded zealously by (appropriately enough) zealots. When you get into the shadowy "upper levels" of the Church, you become privy to greater and greater portions of L. Ron Hubbard's description of the big SF novel we're living in. This worldview shares some ground with the EBE scenario. To our mind, one of the striking features is a similar feeling of "weirdness", as if it were ,too strange for anybody to create. Hubbard makes an interesting distinction between bodies and spirits, claiming that there are races of spirits as different as races of bodies from different planets, and that a kind of mix 'n match is possible, so that the same "family" of beings could wind up in wildly different bodies - or that different "races" of spirits could be inhabiting genetically similar bodies. Anyway, Hubbard claims that we have all been around as immortal beings for incredibly long times, and that there are indeed alien races roaming around out in space, many of whom are aware of us here, and some of whom are involved in our affairs. In particular, some pernicious aliens are here on Earth, and have machinery to trap beings as they leave dying bodies. Once trapped they can be subjected to a program of brainwashing and indoctrination and finally forced amnesia, so that all memories of past lives and between-lives manipulation is erased.The premise of all this is immortality and reincarnation. Hubbard claims that coercive, technological civilizations will inevitably develop mind-control techniques, because only a mental-spiritual control mechanism is useful and efficient to dominate immortals living in body after body. Hubbard makes much of "doll bodies", which are small, possibly inorganic bodies animated by beings and used, among other purposes, during space flights. He claims that they are also less subject to damage from sudden acceleration. His descriptions, which date from the late '50's, sound disturbingly like EBE portraits. Hubbard insisted that the human race was on the brink of several types of disasters, which often involved the intervention of aliens or the collapse of Earthly civilization from the weight of between-lives assaults and great advances in chemical and hypnotic mind control. He pushed rank-and-file Scientologists, via his endless streams of letters, advices, issues, and so on to get "processed" into a state where one could resist the between-life "implants" and retain one's memory from one life to another (and much more, but this is the basic scenario). Talk about ALIEN, Hows that?


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