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Msg: #4763 Sec: 1 - UFOlogy 21-JAN-88 04:47 AM Subj: "STRANGE HARVEST" etc... (R) From: Tom Mickus To: Linda Howe (X) Welcome to ParaNet Linda. Could you perhaps give us an update on current prevalence of "cattle mutilations". Have they really dropped off dramatically since 1983? In regards to this whole subject generally, what books would you recommend as being the most comphrehensive? Seeing that your documentary was widely publicized, is it very difficult for Video shops to acquire it? And I know this is kind of putting you on the spot, but what's your reaction to the Lear.txt, especially his comments relating to the genetic deficiency the EBEs are supposed to have? One last question, how prevalent was the cattle mutilation thing here in Canada, in particular, Ontario? Thanks, I shall be awaiting your response... ...Tom Reply(s) #4786 #4787 #4829 (REply Quit ?) (D F): rr Msg: #4786 Sec: 1 - UFOlogy 21-JAN-88 11:23 PM Subj: #4763 - "STRANGE HARVEST" etc... From: Linda Howe To: Tom Mickus (X) to Tom Mickus from Linda Howe About current status of animal mutilation phenomena, I have written a softcover book entitled "Animal Mutilations: The UFO Factor" available now with 26 photos, documents and map. It focuses on recent cases, especially those involving UFOs. In answer to your second question above, the mutilations did not taper off dramatically after l983. There was intense activity iin South Dakota near Pine Bluff and Colorado and several other parts of the United States. Tom Adams in Paris, Texas, also has files containing newspaper articles about the l980's and previous years. He is at P. O. Box l094, Paris Texas. He also publishes "Stigmata" and "Crux" about animal mutilations and paranormal phenomena. About the availability of my documentary "A STRANGE HARVEST," in the week of January 25th I am editing a new hour version that will contain a 6 minute update of new material. That video is available for purchase from me for $47.50 including postage. Orders can be placed with a check or money order made out to: Linda Moulton Howe and sent to A STRANGE HARVEST,3208 East Fremont Drive, Littleton, Colorado 80l22, PH: 303-694-9749. I also have available the complete transcript of the first broadcast version of A STRANGE HARVEST, 77-minutes, with updates from l980 to l987 bound in soft cover for $l8.00, including postage. There are several published and video variations I have and for further information about videos and publications, please contact me by letter at the East Fremont address. (REply Quit ?) (D F): Msg: #4787 Sec: 1 - UFOlogy 21-JAN-88 11:55 PM Subj: #4763 - "STRANGE HARVEST" etc... From: Linda Howe To: Tom Mickus (X) About Lear's material -- he has aggressively been accumulating information from many sources since the summer. As is often the case in this hall of mirrors with a quicksand floor (the UFO story), getting to any real hard rock fact underneath the quicksand is difficult. Out of frustration, many people are tempted to run with conclusions based on second guessing and circumstantial connections. I sympathize with the frustration and energy behind releases such as John's. But as I have said to him directly, jumping to conclusions and inferences without hard proof, especially in public forums, can be a disservice. After 7 years since producing A STRANGE HARVEST, the only thing I can safely say is that there has been and is today deceit and disinformation at many different levels, sometimes a single government agency can be sending conflicting and contradictory messages simultaneously. And from the abduction cases, it is also clear that the ET's themselves don't seem to level with humans either. So, every piece of information that surfaces, including John's paper, has a question mark around it? Canada? Many mutilation reports there in British Columbia, Alberta.... after A STRANGE HARVEST WAS BROADCAST IN L980, i GOT A CALL FROM Lynn Lauber, Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Calgray. He wanted to screen A STRANGE HARVEST because quite honestly in spite of the RCMP's public statements about being on the trail of a cult killing the animals, the private fact was that they were stymied like all the other law enforcement in this country and elsewhere. Lauber screened HARVEST and maintained an exchange of photographic and other - More (Y)/N/NS? evidence with U.S. law enforcement. The most recent animal mutilation stories surfaced in October l987 in Gunther, Alabama -- over 40- animals found slit from th roat thru stomach, bloodless, and some internal organs removed. No person or thing caught. In Wytheville, Va currently, much livestock reported missing. (REply Quit ?) (D F): Msg: #4829 Sec: 1 - UFOlogy 23-JAN-88 02:15 AM Subj: #4763 - "STRANGE HARVEST" etc... From: Linda Howe To: Tom Mickus This is a follow up to my correspondence yesterday with Tom Mickus about John Lear's text. John gathered that material from several sources who were all getting a similar dark scenario concerning the gray ET motives. Since September, several UFO investigators have received similar material from confidential sources, so John has outlined some of what has surfaced and his ideas about the material. It's important to keep in mind that John is not alone in receiving such material and the fact that similar stories are coming from different sources in the U. S. and abroad might be significant. However, so far there still is no proof for any of it and I think it is helpful to keep a mental distance on all the unproved material -- like watching a movie from the back row in the balcony without becoming too involved in any particular scene and sensing that the plot can still take some very unexpected turns. (REply Quit ?) (D F): Msg: #4767 Sec: 1 - UFOlogy 21-JAN-88 10:05 AM Subj: MIBS (R) From: Ralph Toscano To: Linda Howe (X) Hi Linda; Nice to have you on ParaNet... I know this may be out of your area of expertise, but do you know anything about the MIB cases?? Or how about the EBE's that Mr. Lear spoke of?....Looking forward to your Sorryߴ about the line noise.... Reply(s) #4788 (REply Quit ?) (D F): rr Msg: #4788 Sec: 1 - UFOlogy 22-JAN-88 12:08 AM Subj: #4767 - MIBS (R) From: Linda Howe To: Ralph Toscano (X) To Ralph Toscano from Linda Howe ... First, MIB's. When I was investigating the animal mutilation mystery in l979-l980 for A STRANGE HARVEST, there were at least 3 different kinds of ETs associated with the mutilations: l) the Grays, the short large black eyed type such as those so often reported and drawn by abductees in Budd H opkins research and others. 2) Blonds, or Nordic types -- taller, pale shoulder length hair and light eyes with pupils bigger than human eyes but basically very similar in appearance to Northern European humans. 3) Dark skinned, brown, Asiatic type with slanted eyes and dark black hair that make strange high pitched language sounds. This is also your MIB description in the UFO literature. Are the Asiatic types doing several things at once including scaring UFO witnesses and mutilating animals? Or are there several different types of ETs on the planet at the same time, each with a different mission or motive? I don't know the answer. But I do believe that human witnesses want to report exactly what they saw. Most people in my experience are try ing very honestly to deal with the inexplicable by trying to explain it. EBE -- this is a government acronym for "extraterrestrial biological entity or entities". It is my understanding that this acronym was used by our government; i.e. the MJ-l2 types from around l947 on. Reply(s) #4801 (REply Quit ?) (D F): rr Msg: #4801 Sec: 1 - UFOlogy 22-JAN-88 06:51 AM Subj: #4788 - MIBS (R) From: Ralph Toscano To: Linda Howe (X) Linda; If all three alien types are associated with the mutilations, then is it safe to assume that each "race" has a parallel need for the parts that they are so precisely removing?... I am also curious about government involvement in these mutilations... Like Army testing of biological weapons on these animals...Did you run into any resistance from the military or government agencies while doing your research for Strange Harvest?? Regards -- Ralph Reply(s) #4830 (REply Quit ?) (D F): rr Msg: #4830 Sec: 1 - UFOlogy 23-JAN-88 02:27 AM Subj: #4801 - MIBS From: Linda Howe To: Ralph Toscano About the 3 different alien types related to the mutilations -- it has been suggested that the particular blond type seen may have some direct connection with the grays such as doing work for the grays without having the same needs as the grays. Further, it has also been suggested that the MIB types have some kind of alliance with the grays but not necessarily the same needs. Thus, various ETs might be assisting each other but for different reasons and different needs. About government involvement -- the Head of the animal mutiliation investigation, Carl Whiteside, at the Colorado Bureau of Investigations perhaps summed up that questiion the best: "Why would the CIA or any other government agency go around mutilating cows or other animals out on the range lands? If they wanted to test for something in those animals, they could simply buy those animals and examine them in government facilities without causing public awareness and fear." Contrary to usual military and government secrecy about sensitive issues, the mutilated carcasses of animals have oftenn been left in conditions of such high strangeness that it seems clear that the mutilators want the animals to be found and wondered about. (REply Quit ?) (D F): Msg: #4811 Sec: 1 - UFOlogy 22-JAN-88 12:14 PM Subj: Aussie Mutes (R) From: Scott Savage To: Linda Howe (X) Linda, With the opening of the UFO flap in Australia, I was wondering if you had ever investigated any mutilation reports from "The Land Down Under." With such sightings as are occurring now, it would seem that the mutilations might be a direct link. --Scott Reply(s) #4813 #4831 (REply Quit ?) (D F): rr Msg: #4813 Sec: 1 - UFOlogy 22-JAN-88 03:00 PM Subj: #4811 - Aussie Mutes (R) Msg: #4831 Sec: 1 - UFOlogy 23-JAN-88 02:33 AM Subj: #4811 - Aussie Mutes (R) From: Linda Howe To: Scott Savage (X) Yes, I made several inquiries about Australia when I was doing A STRANGE HARVEST. There are a lot of cows there and I expected to hear a lot of mutilation stories. But the opposite -- no mutilation reports in Australia. However, there was an intriguing blurb in an English publication about a documentary film done in l9ll called "The Haunted Bilabong" about the mysterious deaths and mutilations of sheep iin the outback associated with creatures from outer space. I tried for a couple of months to try to track down such a film -- if it ever existed -- and wonder today if that magazine blurb was more government disinformation? Or if such a film was actually made in l9ll, who made it? If anyone out there in the Paranet syustem has ever heard anything about such a film, I would greatly appreciate knowing. Reply(s) #4834 (REply Quit ?) (D F): rr Msg: #4834 Sec: 1 - UFOlogy 23-JAN-88 04:32 AM Subj: #4831 - Aussie Mutes (R) From: James Vincent To: Linda Howe 1911? Hmmmm...the very emergence of film as a media itself. If this film did exist, it is probably locked away in some film vault at one of the bigger studios here, or in England. Do you know if it was a silent film? It seems that, being so early, it probably was. I think maybe the best thing to do would be to write all the major studios, asking of such a film. It is very possible they may know of its whereabouts. I will scan my film books and see if I can come up with anything. Also, what was the Englsh publication? Was it recent? They may know how to get it. -=James Reply(s) #4835 (REply Quit ?) (D F): q


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