BUDD HOPKINS RESPONDS! In early December, abductions researcher Budd Hopkins visited the T

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BUDD HOPKINS RESPONDS! In early December, abductions researcher Budd Hopkins visited the Tucson, AZ, area for an artist's convention. I originally planned to drive to Tucson to meet briefly with Budd, and ParaNet users were encouraged to supply me, via the message board, with some pressing questions to pass on to him. My trip never took place; however, Marge Christensen was kind enough to download the questions and provide them to Budd in hardcopy form for his answers and comments. Below I have transcribed the handwritten notes from Budd, which Marge has just forwarded to ParaNet. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ From: Marc Dantonio #16506 "UFOlogy" To: Jim Speiser Authored at 07:41 on 11-30-88 Subject: Re: Budd Hopkins I would REALLY like to know what ever happened to the story about implants found in pituitary glands on four alleged abductees...it seems the story faded fast and I know Budd started it from what you said. --- QuickBBS v2.03 * Origin: -==- 602-837-9838 Fountain Hills, AZ (1:114/37) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ BUDD HOPKINS RESPONDS: "First, no one mentioned pituitary glands. (I wonder how that got started?) I have heard by phone conversation and letter from 4 probable abductees of small, BB-like objects showing up on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans; in two cases (the women are sisters) they are ostensibly located on or very close to the optic nerves. Dr. Paul Cooper, a neurosurgeon consultant, says that if they are on or near the optic nerves, attempts to remove them would be extremely dangerous. I am trying now to gather the printouts (or whatever they are called) from all 4 people, to present to Dr. Cooper for study. All four cases are extremely intriguing, and are pending." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ From: Clark Matthews #16522 "UFOlogy" To: Jim Speiser Authored at 20:00 on 11-30-88 Subject: Re: Budd Hopkins Interesting, Jim! A Hopkins interview will be very interesting for all of us. As to questions for him: I wonder if Budd would care to hypothesize on alien communications. In particular, I'm wondering if he has any opinions on how they communicate: Is it verbal? Telepathic? Or something else? Also -- and I spoke with him about this briefly in Washington long ago -- has he made any progress in decyphering alien writing? Best, Clark --- QuickBBS v2.03 * Origin: ALPHA - Where it all began [30032/100] (1:114/37) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ BUDD HOPKINS RESPONDS: "Communication with aliens is virtually always reported as telepathic (however THAT works!) "I have a number of very short samples of what seem to be alien notational characters. No attempt to decipher has been made because there are only a few "characters" seen in any one place. (From equipment, possibly - `on', `off',`high',`low'...who knows?) But the characters are extremely similar from perhaps 8 or 10 different abductees." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ From: Marc Dantonio #16614 "UFOlogy" To: Jim Speiser Authored at 10:02 on 12-01-88 Subject: Re: Budd Hopkins I read a message here about that, but maybe I was incorrect about the 4 abductees. Oh well, any more about that anywhere? By the way, I also saw Budd on Unsolved Mysteries yesterday out here. He re-hashed the abductee business, and promoted his books, Missing Time in particular. --- QuickBBS v2.03 * Origin: ALPHA - Where it all began [30032/100] (1:114/37) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ BUDD HOPKINS RESPONDS: "A comment to this suspicious gentleman: I don't believe I even MENTIONED my books, let alone `promoted' them on `Unsolved Mysteries.' The director asked for copies to include in a shot of letters I'd received, in order to show how these cases came to me, and the Chiron identifying me - which was the director's decision - also mentioned me as author of `Missing Time.' I assume from the tone of this man's question on ParaNet that only a NON-writer in a particular research field is clean, so any CSICOP author, by definition, is also sullied by the fact of having written about the subject, and having that fact mentioned by the media. Your objections are silly. One writes to disseminate crucial information." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ From: Jim Delton #16617 "UFOlogy" To: Jim Speiser Authored at 12:44 on 12-01-88 Subject: Re: Budd Hopkins Ask for the specifics of the implants supposedly recovered. Ask were the implant is now resideing. Ask what percent of the people who claim to have been abducted he follows up on and on what basis he makes his determination to continue or not. Ask when he thinks things are "going to pop". Ask for his comments on why previous predictions of "popping" have not panned out. Ask how long he thinks these proprogamed abductees are going to stay preprogrammed. Some of these preprogrammed abductees have been waiting around waiting for their programming to go off for many years now. Ask what he (we) know now that we didn't know before that has moved us any closer to solving the riddle of where the UFO;s come from. (Aside from his speculations, i.e. what do we have that can be considered the equivalent of UFO photos) --- QuickBBS v2.03 * Origin: ALPHA - Where it all began [30032/100] (1:114/37) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ BUDD HOPKINS RESPONDS: "See Answer #1." "People generally do not CLAIM they've been abducted; they SUSPECT it: Missing time experience, connected with sightings, scards from childhood missing time experiences, vivid `dreams' of abductions, examinations, resulting marks, physical evidence - such as dirty feet, dry leaves, grass in their bed afterwards, etc.) I've heard from thousands, and have personally worked with over 200; many have been referred to our investigatory network of therapists, hypnotists, investigators, etc. Proximity, desperation, availability of time and many other factors affect who gets help and who doesn't. Its an ad hoc, part-time activity, which we give our own time, energy and money to. My wife says that everytime I sell a book it costs me a dollar in phone calls, postage, secretarial help, etc. To say nothing of my time. I'm an artist by profession, and a father and a husband. I do what I can." "Since I've never made a prediction about when things are going to `pop' - whatever that means - I cannot answer." "I have absolutely no way to answer a question like that, and I'm not a speculator." "I won't speculate as to origins of UFOs, and I haven't so far. I concentrate on what is happening to humans. The Aztecs knew what was happening to them, and had no way of understanding where Spain was, even if they had been told." "Again, I don't get involved in speculation - I only attend to what is REPORTED to me by the abductees. (See `Intruders', pg. 178, hardcover version). PHYSICAL evidence - ground traces, scars, power outages, etc. - can be gone over in `Intruders', Chapter 2. Ground traces in an abduction are like dented fenders, etc. in a hit-run accident case - physical evidence presentable in court. For speculations by the pocketful, read Strieber, not Hopkins." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Jim Delton #16714 "UFOlogy" To: Mark Owens Authored at 22:57 on 12-02-88 Subject: Re: Budd Hopkins Ego and Money. --- QuickBBS v2.03 * Origin: ALPHA - Where it all began [30032/100] (1:114/37) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ BUDD HOPKINS RESPONDS: "I don't know whether these words apply to the aliens, to Jim Delton, to ParaNet, or whether someone is just suggesting a trite title for a Sidney Sheldon novel." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ From: Jim Speiser #16744 "UFOlogy" To: Mark Owens Authored at 21:59 on 12-03-88 Subject: Re: Budd Hopkins Mark, Budd is not withholding abduction data because its "earth-shattering" (as far as I know, anyway). He's withholding some minor details in order to see if there are any correlations between stories that cannot be passed off as being public knowledge. I asked Budd at the Brewster Conference last year if he was going to eventually publish that data, and he assured us he would. As to the implants, I understand they are a very recent discovery, and Unsolved Mysteries might have been filmed some time ago. Jim --- QuickBBS v2.03 * Origin: ALPHA - Where it all began [30032/100] (1:114/37) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ BUDD HOPKINS RESPONDS: "Comment - `Unsolved Mysteries' was filmed this past summer, and later in Sept. at several locations. Roughly 9 hours of film, I am told, were distilled to roughly 20 minutes." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ From: Mark Owens #16801 "UFOlogy" To: Jim Speiser Authored at 21:19 on 12-04-88 Subject: Re: Budd Hopkins Jim, I see. My point was that if there is physical evidence of abductions then would not the physical evidence stand for itself? I really would like Mr. Hopkins response to what types of physical evidence there is. I have also heard, I don't recall off hand now, that there was something recovered from one of the victims. Very curious. Mark --- QuickBBS v2.03 * Origin: ALPHA - Where it all began [30032/100] (1:114/37) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ BUDD HOPKINS RESPONDS: "See above answers." ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Steve Gresser #17184 "UFOlogy" To: Jim Speiser Authored at 12:16 on 12-08-88 Subject: Re: Budd Hopkins I have a question for Budd; "Is that your real hair?" --- QuickBBS v2.03 * Origin: ALPHA - Where it all began [30032/100] (1:114/37) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ BUDD HOPKINS RESPONDS: "No. It's Bruce Maccabee's hair." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ From: Al Pinto #17646 "UFOlogy" To: Jim Speiser Authored at 22:46 on 12-09-88 Subject: Re: Budd Hopkins I have a few questions for Budd Hopkins. 1. Have any electrodes or implants been actually found or verified that they are implanted in the abductees? 2. How many abductees have seen humans instead of the "little greys" as the occupants of the UFO? 3. Have you any additional information on the North Hudson Park incident which occured in the 70's besides what was written in your book, "Missing Time"? -Al --- QuickBBS v2.03 * Origin: ALPHA - Where it all began [30032/100] (1:114/37) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ BUDD HOPKINS RESPONDS: "Again, see above answers." "In my experience none have seen normal humans INSTEAD OF "little greys" in UFOs. But dozens have seen humans or `near humans' ALONG WITH LGs." "The only new information is a pretty solid 2nd hand report - someone's piano teacher who lived in the affected apartment building - of another witness to the landing. Otherwise, that's it, apart from other reports of UFO activity in the area around that time." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Our extreme gratitude to Budd for taking the time from an EXTREMELY hectic schedule to write four pages - legibly! - of much-needed answers. This file will be a real treasure in our library. Also our thanks to Marge and Dave Christensen for directing our questions to Budd and for forwarding his responses.


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