Gulf Breezes Sentinel Volume 28, Number 49 November 19, 1988 [The following letter was pri

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Gulf Breezes Sentinel Volume 28, Number 49 November 19, 1988 [The following letter was printed in the above periodical. It was accompanied by three photos showing an object with port hole like spots around it periphery. The quality is superb considering it is a photocopy of the original newspaper. Here in lies the story.] "To Whom it May Concern: On the night of November 11th I took the pictures you now see before you. I was reluctant at first to show them to any one but my family but my wife convinced me to show them to Ed. Ed in turn said that the photos should be shown to the press. That is why he is presenting them to you. I had just sat down to dinner when I saw the object from my window. I rushed to my bedroom to get my Polaroid. I rushed outside and started taking pictures. I got off four pictures (5,6,7,8) and then had to change film. I got one more good picture (1) before it shot straight up and disappeared. There may be some reasonable explanation for what I saw but I don't think so. The "ship" looked about the size of a small house. It was, however, quite some distance away and hard to tell. It hovered in the sky for several minutes and then left. It did not spin or rotate but it did seem to bob up and down while weaving slightly. It glowed from the bottom as if that may be the power source. The markings (windows?) on the top there appeared to be a dome or bump that was quite bright. There was nothing colorful about it - no flashing lights, no beams coming from it. None of that "Star Wars" stuff; it was just a dull gray-blue "thing". I don't think that it was military but you may want to check It was quite big and I don't think I was alone in seeing it. I wish to remain anonymous but if these photos and story spark any interest from your readership I may identify myself. I am a prominent citizen of the community however and need anonymity at this time. I know what I saw and would feel much better if I know if I was not alone. Let me reassure you that this is not a hoax. I saw what I saw, took pictures of it, and have given these pictures to you. I wish I could come forward but can not; for while I have nothing to gain, I have everything to lose. Thank you for your time and understanding." [Ends of article.]


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