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NOTE...SYSOP....IF YOU HAVE THE MEANS TO TRACE THE ORIGIN OF THIS DOCUMENT YOU MUST NOT DO IT. YOU MUST DESTROY ANY TRACE OF THE IDENTITY AND OR ORIGIN OF THIS DOCUMENT. THE LEVEL OF TRUST YOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN MUST NOT BE BETRAYED. IF YOU BETRAY THIS TRUST YOU JEAPORDIZE THE LIVES AND OR FUTURE OF INDIVIDUALS INVOLVED AND IN ANY CASE NO FURTHER HELP WILL BE FORTHCOMING. WE HAVE NOT GIVEN THIS TRUST LIGHTLY. DO NOT TAKE IT LIGHTLY. YOUR KNOWLEDGE OF SOURCE WOULD PLACE YOU IN GREAT DANGER. DESTRO OTE ONCE READ....GOOD LUCK Though unreceived and scoffed at through the years; Though made the butt of ridicule and jest; Though held aloft for mockery and jeers, Denied by those of transient power possessed, Insulted by the insolence of lies, Truth never dies. A few of us who know the truth are engaged in a dangerous and frustrating attempt to lead the rest of you to it. Because of our present or past involvement we cannot (at this time) let our identities be known. You must understand t ot some frivilous game we play. We go against the most powerful and secret organization that you can imagine. Our very lives are at stake and you must not take that lightly. You must not ignore the information that we have leaked to you. Follow the trail. If you persist, proof in the form of documents will surface. It will take time, money, and tenacity but it will happen. We know, for instance, that the vast amount of paper created, no matter how closely controlled or how highly classified, i tely unmanageable. Copies have been made and files are misplaced. The greatest ally you have is that over the years a great many people have become involved and people make mistakes. Humans also have a little voice inside them that forces them to guestion the validity and consequences of their deeds. We know that this secret weighs heavily on the minds of many people. At this point fear is the only controlling factor. If you dig out enough documentary proof the fear will be lessened to the degr some of us may then come forward. We sincerely hope that you understand. The documents produced by Mr. Moore et al are photographic copies of genuine documents which were procured at great risk. The other documents involved are also genuine and you must follow the trail. YOU MUST FOLLOW THE TRAIL! The documents you are looking for are for the most part labeled........TOP SECRET MAJIC - RESTRICTED DATA............ These are the only documents that can lay it bare. Other documents exist which er classifications but will only hint at and in some instances verify the existance of what you seek. The following is verification of our credentials........... VERIFICATION........During the 70's a newspaper article appeared in the pages of many of the nations leading newspapers. It also appeared in the forgein press. You will find this article if you dig deep enough. It was a monumental breach of security. It was a press release from the CHAIRMAN OF THE NORWEGIAN JOINT CHIEFS OF STAFF, A NG GENERAL. It stated that a flying saucer had intruded into the Norwegian air space and had been forced down by the Norwegian Air Force. The flying saucer crashed on a small island off the coast of Norway and a special team with experience in these matters had been dispatched from the United States to help recover the wrecked craft........... The following day the same General released another story stating that the whole thing was a mistake. The story was supressed and no other articles or follo eared. It was an alien craft which was recovered and brought to the United States by a Moondust team under heavy cover. Now we hope that you will all act as a team and follow the trail. Stop fighting each other and ignore those whose job it is to lead you astray and turn you against one another. Any intelligent person should know that the powers do not spend time and money on disinformation if there is nothing to disinform about. That fact alone should keep you going. Do not fail us. We have the truth and we have given you credentials easily traced. We will guide you when and where we can but that is all we can do for the time being. The Ball no question makes of Ayes and Noes, But Here or There as strikes the Player goes; And He that toss'd you down into the Field, He knows about it all -- He knows -- He knows!  - He knows!


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