Coman-Ra Said: +quot;Sure, antigravity has been around for a long time. Townsend-Brown had

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Coman-Ra Said: "Sure, antigravity has been around for a long time. Townsend-Brown had a model flying saucer flitting around a may pole in 1928. He used the Bifeld-Brown effect, which in- volves the behavior of a charged condenser in a magnetic field. It is the free energy device, almost.... The National Socialists in Germany took the work of Townsend-Brown and had operational flying saucers in WW 2. A book on this has been published in Germany and has gone through three editions. It is, of course, not available in the U.S." (9/27/'76 Letter) CRITIQUE Magazine Said: "Dr. Mason Rose of the University for Social Research, published a paper describing the discoveries of Dr. Paul Alfred Biefeld, astronomer and physicist at the Cal- ifornia Institute for Advanced Studies, and his assistant, Town- send Brown. In 1923 Biefeld discovered that a heavily charged electrical condensor moved towards its positive pole when sus- pended in a gravitational field. He assigned Brown to study the effect as a research project. A series of experiments showed Brown that the most efficient shape for a field propelled con- densor was a disk with a central dome. In 1926 T. Brown publish- ed his paper describing all the construction features and flight characteristics of a flying saucer.... "On September 10, 1981, an interesting interview was broad- cast on Radio Station KTAR, Phoenix, Arizona. It featured Bill Spaulding, head of GSW (Ground Saucer Watch). The unusual inter- view theorized that the Government was using UFOs as a kind of mundane 'control system.' Bill Spaulding said that the American public and other portions of the world are being manipulated into a saucer belief system which is all part of a conspiracy to act- ually PROMOTE UFOs rather than stomp them out. The purpose is so they can carry on the things they are doing, such as cattle mu- tilations, Stealth aircraft testing which is invisible to radar, and mind control, among other things.... "From other sources it is claimed that the CIA, formed in 1947, took over the PUBLIC IMAGE of the 'flying saucers' created by secret flights of US aircraft and artificial meteor research, etc., during the 1947-48 period. By 1950 the CIA had set into motion a plan of encouraging public belief in interplanetary tra- vel through a psychological technique of guiding the release of planted information, ordering 'secret' tests of authentic mil- itary developments which gave misleading impressions to observers, etc. It delegated the Air Force to act as official 'investigator' to stave off public inquiry. It secretly sponsored the formation of UFO study groups and contact clubs. The CIA set up many UFO publishers, sponsored the publicity received by Adamski's books, and others. All testifying the 'extra-terrestrial'origin of UFOs; and purposely creating confusion." (Eric Wynants, "The UFO Con- nection," CRITIQUE, Box 11451, Santa Rosa, CA 95406) DREAMSHORE Magazine Said: "He (Adamski) was an ex-bootlegger and a master con artist. Originally he had written a science fantasy about the Second Coming in which Jesus lands in a spaceship. When the story was rejected, he rewrote it with 'Orthon' instead of Jesus and submitted it as fact.... Joe and Jane Average Middle Amerikan took the Space Brothers to their hearts and pocketbooks, never realizing that they'd just finished battling that very im- age -- blond, white, Nordic Superman -- in WWII." (Mela Quater- nary, DREAMSHORE #29: "George Bush pilots a flying saucer," 618 S. Mitchell St., Bloomington, IN 47401)


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