PARANET SPECIAL RELEASEby Jim SpeiserParaNet Alpha 08/02 - Barry Goldwater. Senator Barry

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PARANET SPECIAL RELEASEby Jim SpeiserParaNet Alpha 08/02 -- Barry Goldwater. Senator Barry Goldwater. Former Presidential hopeful, former Air Force General, hard-line conservative, hard-nosed patriot, a man with a reputation for honesty and high moral character. Barry Goldwater. The very name strikes terror into the hearts of Communist sympathizers the world over.In 1966, Senator Barry Goldwater, R-AZ, took a trip to Dayton, Ohio, to look inside a building. The building, immortalized in fiction as "Hangar 18", is actually not a hangar, but an old converted supply depot on the grounds of Wright Patterson Air Force Base. It is currently used by the National Security Agency. There, it is rumored, are stored the remains of crashed "flying saucers" from the forties and fifties, and possibly some alien corpses.OK, so its science fiction. But what IS in the building? Well, no one knows for sure, see, because its off-limits to everyone but a handful of NSA and Air Force personnel. Probably some secret government weapon is being developed inside. So it stands to reason that Barry Goldwater should be allowed in; after all, he is a member of, or chairman of, every Senate panel that oversees such things: Intelligence, Armed Forces, Tactical Warfare, Preparedness, Aviation, Science, Technology, Space, the list goes on.Barry Goldwater, Senator Rambo, was denied entrance to the building.I must admit, I am not 100% convinced of the existence of the so-called "Cosmic Watergate", and the skeptics make some very good points. But I'd like to ask those skeptics one simple question: What could possibly be so top-secret that Senator Barry Goldwater, R-AZ, is not allowed to see it?A recent addendum to this story: a local magazine reporter, in an attempt to follow up, received a denial from Goldwater's administrative aide that the incident ever occurred. It did occur, we assure you. The file GOLDWATER.UFO is a series of letters signed by the Senator in answer to requests for more informat


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