Febuary 15, 1989 Re: Fyffe Alabama UFO sightings The small town of Fyffe, located in the n

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Febuary 15, 1989 From: UFONET II (Illumi-Net BBS) (404) 377-1141 (GAATL) Re: Fyffe Alabama UFO sightings The small town of Fyffe, located in the northeast corner of Alabama, was the location of UFO sightings on Friday and Saturday, February 11-12, 1989. Over fifty people in the town of less that two thousand called the Fyffe Police Department to report sitings on two separate occasions. The first impression of eye witness Donna Saylor, who watched the strange lights for over an hour before reporting them to the Fyffe Police Department, was that the object appeared to resemble a banana. "I wish I'd never said banana" Ms. Saylor commented in response to jokes about her description of the object sighted just above the tree tops. It hovered at an angle from 1 o'clock to 7 o'clock with "bright lights at the top and bottom and a real bright light at the center. The curvature was outlined in green" with "a real bright light in the center". Fyffe Police Chief Junior Garmany and Asst. Police Chief Fred Works responded to the call. Following reports "well outside Fyffe city limits" they saw something in the sky and attempted to chase it. "At that time me and Fred were on County Road 43" said Chief Garmany. They got out of the car as they saw a UFO coming in their direction. "The object came on over and got straight overhead" said Asst. Chief Works. "It was big, wide and appeared to be a wide triangular shape". "We kept waiting to hear the sound. We kept looking at each other and saying 'where's the sound'. We never heard anything". Over 100 news organizations from throughout the world have converged on Fyffe. "What I saw the first time was like nothing I ever saw before. It was not a helicopter, it was not a plane. Not a sound" Chief Garmany stated. Ron Bonds UFONET II


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