Article 4773 of sci.physics: Subject: reported confirmation of Pons/Fleischmann results Da

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Article 4773 of sci.physics: Path: dasys1!cucard!rocky8!cmcl2!nrl-cmf!ames!pasteur!ucbvax!ulysses!smb From: (Steven M. Bellovin) Newsgroups: sci.physics Subject: reported confirmation of Pons/Fleischmann results Message-ID: <> Date: 3 Apr 89 21:37:30 GMT Organization: AT&T Bell Laboratories, Murray Hill Lines: 7 Posted: Mon Apr 3 16:37:30 1989 According to the Associated Press and the New York Times, the Hungarian news agency MTI has reported that two physicists at Lajos Kossuth University have succeeded in reproducing the Pons/Fleischmann results. The rector of the university has confirmed the news agency report. They claim to have observed neutron emission, and to have confirmed this ``by subsequent control tests''.


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