REPLY FORM] 2087/PARANET Listed below is my order for materials you have available (check

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REPLY FORM 2087/PARANET Listed below is my order for materials you have available (check whichever applies): [ ] MUFON SYMPOSIUM HIGHLIGHTS--a professionally produced program made exclusively for the Fund; features major speakers at the 1987 MUFON Symposium, as well as portions of the panels on abduction cases and government responses to the UFO Question; 60 minutes 40.00 Check desired format: [ ] VHS [ ] Beta [ ] USIA BRIEFING--a videotape of the special briefing for the foreign press conducted by the Fund and sponsored by the US Information Agency; features Bruce Maccabee, Jaime Shandera, Budd Hopkins, and many of the Symposium's international speakers; 60 minutes $40.00 [ ] 1987 MUFON SYMPOSIUM--audio tapes featuring many of the speakers at the Symposium and the panel discussion on government secrecy; four cassettes $25.00 [ ] THE UFO CONSPIRACY by Jenny Randles--a recently published look at the forty year history of UFOs around the world by a noted British researcher; hardcover, 224 pp., illustrated (limited supply) $20.00 [ ] THE MELBOURNE EPISODE by Richard Haines, Ph.D. -- the most thorough analysis ever published of the case involving a pilot in Australia who reporteed a UFO, then disappeared: paperback, 275 pp., illustrated (limited supply) $20.00 [ ] ABSTRACTS OF CONTRIBUTED PAPERS -- summaries of the two dozen papers presented at the Symposium, on topics from abduction to physical trace cases; 25 pages $5.00 [ ] THE CANADIAN UFO SCENE by Stanton T. Friedman -- the paper presented at the Symposium by one of the leading ufologists in North America; 7 pages $1.40 [ ] THE ISOLATION SYNDROME by Willy Smith, Ph.D. -- a detailed examination of one aspect of many close encounter caes, the "lonely road syndrome," by the head of the UNICAT project; 18 pages, illustrated $3.60 [ ] CHARACTERISTICS OF CLOSE ENCOUNTERS IN SPAIN by Vicente-Juan Ballesteros-Olmos -- analysis of the most interesting cases over the past 40 years; 25 pages, illustrated $5.00 [ ] DOCUMENTS AND SUPPORTING INFORMATION RELATED TO CRASHED FLYING SAUCERS AND OPERATION MAJESTIC TWELVE by Bruce Maccabee, Ph.D.- - contains the startling document which appears to be the "smoking gun" of UFOlogy; 64 pages, illustrated $5.00 [ ] ABDUCTION CATALOG AND CONTENT STUDY by Thomas J. Bullard, Ph.D. -- a comprehensive analysis of more than 300 abduction cases; nearly 300 pages $60.00 [ ] ON STOLEN TIME: A SUMMARY OF A COMPARATIVE STUDY OF THE UFO ABDUCTION MYSTERY by Thomas J. Bullard, Ph.D. -- a valuable overview on the abduction phenomenon, based on a computer analysis of more than 300 cases; 34 pages $6.80 [ ] CATALOG OF UFO-LIKE DATA BEFORE 1947 by Lucius Winkler, Ph.D. --a comprehensive catalog of cases throughout written history; 84 pages, illustrated $15.00 [ ] UFO LANDINGS NEAR KIRTLAND AFB (or WELCOME TO THE COSMIC WATERGATE) by Bruce Maccabee, Ph.D., with comments by Bill Moore -- an analysis of the officially documented landing of a UFO on a sensitive U.S. military base; 30 pages, illustrated $10.00 [ ] 1986 BRAZILIAN AIR FORCE SIGHTINGS -- a collection of translations of news stories concerning the Brazilian Air Force radar-visual UFO case in May 1986, compiled by Don Berliner and Rich Heiden, with detailed original newspaper clippings; 13 pages, illustrated $5.00 [ ] STILL IN DEFAULT by Bruce Macabee, Ph.D. -- a paper presented at the 1986 MUFON Symposium which points out the erroneous explanations for some of the earliest UFO cases; 30 pages, illustrated $5.00 [ ] SENATOR RICHARD RUSSELL: FLYING SAUCER WITNESS by Bruce Maccabee, Ph.D. -- a complete collection of USAF, FBI and CIA documents related to the sightings by Sen. Richard Russell, Chairman of the Armed Services Committee, and three other witnesses, in the Soviet Union in 1955 (previously unreleased material); 65 pages, illustrated $15.00 [ ] GHOST OF THE ESTIMATE by Bruce Maccabee, Ph.D. -- includes a recently-declassified TOP SECRET Air Intelligence Report; 24 pages, illustrated $5.00 [ ] SCIENTIFIC APPROACH AND FIRST RESULTS INTO UNIDENTIFIED AEROSPACE PHENOMENA IN FRANCE by Jean-Jacques Velasco -- a paper presented to the AIAA by the head of GEPAN, the UFO study group within the French National Space Center; 37 pages, illustrated $15.00 [ ] FINAL REPORT ON THE PSYCHOLOGICAL TESTING OF UFO "ABDUCTEES" by Ted Bloecher, Aphrodite Clamar and Budd Hopkins -- the first scientific testing of nine individuals who recall being abducted by UFOnauts; 44 pages $30.00 UFO/GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTS -- more than 600 pages of documents from the US and Canadian agencies, including the FBI, CIA, NSA and USAF; [ ] Volume I - 203 pages $30.00 [ ] Volume II - 202 pages $30.00 [ ] Volume III - 200 pages $30.00 [ ] UFO/DOCUMENT COMPANION by Bruce Maccabee, Ph.D. -- a special analysis of the 600-plus pages of US and Canadian government documents; 32 pages $7.00 [ ] UFO/GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTS: VOL. I-III (LIBRARY EDITION) -- a handsome bound collection of the three volumes plus the DOCUMENT COMPANION; 937 pages $125.00 TOTAL AMOUNT ENCLOSED.....___________ (Overseas orders: add $5.00 for airmail) Below is my printed name and address: Also enclosed is my tax- ______________________________ deductible contribution to support UFO research in the amount of: ______________________________ __$1,000 __$50 __ $500 __$25 ______________________________ __ $250 __$10 __ $100 Other: _______ Note: All contributors of $10 or more will receive a special "I support UFO Research" button! Please make checks payable to the Fund for UFO Research and mail to: Fund for UFO Research P.O. Box 277 Mt. Rainier, MD 20712


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