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-------------------------------------------------------- - ParaNet Pi Exclusive : The Mickus/Fenwick Interview - -------------------------------------------------------- ======================================================================= THE CRUCIBLE BBS 416-244-9999 - 24Hrs - 12/24/96 - 44 Megs ======================================================================= On November 6th/88, Lawrence (Larry) Fenwick, noted Canadian UFOlogist was interviewed for ParaNet on Sunday afternoon at the Toronto residence of ParaNet Pi Sysop, Tom Mickus. He had previously agreed to this interview, with the full knowledge that it was being taped, and that the transcript would be released for distribution on the North American ParaNet System. He spoke for approximately 4 hours, of which approximately 170 minutes were taped. During that time Larry spoke frankly and in some depth on a number of issues and events current to UFOlogy. The interview was done at my request, and Larry graciously assented to agree to the exchange, without any strings attached. Additionally, no money was exchanged. Although an interview, much the dialogue is in conversational style, appropriate for the informal setting which we were in. Regarding the content you are about to read, Larry neither makes the claim that this is original information, or that he knows all of it. But as you will see, he does have some pieces of the puzzle, in my estimation. Before the interview, I gave him every right to protect his sources, as well as have certain portions of the interview "off the record". While he has withheld some names, none of the substance of what we discussed was held back. Its all here for you to examine and evaluate. As I've mentioned, approximately 170 mins of our exchange was suppposed to have been on tape. However, after the interview, and to my extreme chagrin, I soon realized that the first 45 mins of the tape was almost blank, and the A-B, C-D order of the 4 sides seems to be haphazard. I am puzzled as to what happened, but at this point blame the recording device for screwing up...and of course also blame myself for not ensuring the integrity of the recording device, although the process was monitored throughout...and I am genuinely perplexed as to how this had happened. What I have therefore done, is to paraphrase the dialogue as much as possible, in order to bring out the 'highlights' of what we discussed in the first 45 mins. About one third of that had contained an in-depth bio of interviewee Larry Fenwick. Perhaps on a subsequent occasion, Larry can recount some of the information which we covered, a good portion which included commentary on the two recent TV productions, namely that of "UNSOLVED MYSTERIES - the Gulf Breeze segment", and of course "UFO-Coverup LIVE". For the time being, to the best of my recollection, some of what Larry brought up will be included in an appendix at the end of the formal transcript. One last note...this entire effort on my own part has consumed almost exclusively 4 days of my life. The transcibing process took close to 40 Hours, using simple tape recorders. Every effort has been made to insure the integrity of the dialogue of the part of Larry Fenwick. I can confidently say that I have reproduced accurately 99% of what Larry Fenwick said in the 125 mins of taped dialogue which was intact. The 40 Hours of time I think reflects this. My own dialogue, sparse as it is, is about 90% accurate. In some areas I have clarified my questions. Throughout, you will notice the use of square brackets [ ], these are added in by myself in areas that required some clarification...especially when certain mannerisms, inflection of speech, pause in speech etc., didn't "translate" into the written word sufficiently. Whereever you find words capitalized, that will indicate a word strongly emphasized, and indeed I have added this clarification in most of the instances. Lastly, although you may find some hints as to my interests and positions on various aspects of the UFO issue, I have not as yet come out in favour of, or against, most of what Larry Fenwick has said. For me, in part, the jury is still out. Having said that, I cannot help feel that much of what Larry Fenwick has enuciated here is quite significant. There should be enough information here for sleuthing armchair UFOlogists to get involved in, and to track down. The information conspiracy must end...the people must know. If what Larry and others say is true, even a part of it...then we don't have much time. In closing, I encourage you to spread the transcript of this file onto other Bulletin Board Systems. If it acts as a catalyst for action...pro or con...then it will have served its purpose. -Tom Mickus 11/10/88 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- [The transcript begins at the near the end of side 1...] "...on the air, and they went up and interviewed Robert Sufferin [sp?], and they got him on camera, and he was interviewed on Channel 9 [CFTO Toronto], on the local news. ...well there was a deluge of phone calls, and people started descending en masse, on Robert Sufferin's property. About 2,000 - 3,000 people descended onto his property. They were there day and night, from all over southern Ontario." "And what year was this?" "1975. This was in October of '75. The agreement between the aliens and the American gov't, [with] the intelligence agencies, was made in June of that year." "June of '75..." "That's right. Thats when the agreement was..., for the exchange of technology was made. One month to the date, after that 'event' occurred to Robert Sufferin, he got a telephone call from Falconbridge Air Force Base from a lieutenant, who asked if he and his wife would be willing to undergo psychological tests. A battery of tests. He agreed, so did his wife. They took him...I don't know when this occurred, fairly soon after that,...nor do I know where the tests were administered. I would assume somewhere in southern Ontario. They gave him tests, and so on. And a month later..." [ tape change ] "...now the information that we found out, and that I just described, was as a result of an interview that Harry and Joe and I did with Robert Sufferin on his property. We weren't allowed to make to make notes, until we got into our car. No tape-recorders, no photographs. He talked extensively, for several hours, about UFOs in general, about various topics. This was the 2nd of two interviews done with him. I wasn't present at the first one..., there was a gentlemen by the name of Wayne Forsyth who was doing a documentary for public schools or high schools on UFOs, who was with Harry and Joe the first time he was interviewed, and his wife was also there. Now we only talked with Robert when I was there. He said...he told us about this incident [UFO hovering over his barn, and another one which landed for 'repairs' in the adjacent field, then both flew off after a short time...neighbor phoned Sufferin to tell him that he thought his barn was on fire, which it wasn't...the UFO hovering above was extremely bright and luminouscent], and he told us about the telephone call from Falconbridge Air Force Base, and about the incident where three men showed up in full military uniform on Dec.7th, 1975. They came in an O.P.P. [Ontario Provincial Police] cruiser, unmarked...an unmarked cruiser, driven by the head of the detachment of the O.P.P. Bracebridge, who has since denied that he was ever there, to one of our members [CUFORN] who was his best friend. In other words, he lied to his best friend. He said, 'that no cruiser was ever sent up there...impossible.' The three men who visited him [Sufferin], one was the lieutenant from Falconbridge Air Force Base, the other two were from the United States. One from the Air Force Office of Special Investigations, AFOSI, and the other officer was from the Office of Naval Intelligence. As you know, OSI and the ONI are part of the Project Aquarius unit. They are all linked together, as you saw in the Oct. 14 television show. They brought with them a portfolio...a book...whether it was the 'yellow book' written by the alien or not, I don't know. It was quite thick he said, hundreds of pages long." "The yellow book goes back to..." "That was written by an alien, for the Americans." "And when did they originally get that?" "They got that in 1975, in June of '75, under the agreement. The alien actually wrote it out...and it was used. ...Now what Robert was shown was a series of photographs, full colour, dating back to WW II...close-up photographs in broad daylight of UFOs...which were POSED [his emphasis] In other words, the aliens stopped the craft, and allowed pictures to be taken. And these were all gun-camera photographs, taken from jet aircraft...from various aircraft. A pile of them...a pile of them. And they were all 8 1/2 by 10 glossies. He was shown these photographs. He was also told several things. They told him that when the incident occurred...right to the minute. He had not told his wife or his sister that he had noticed the exact time of this landing, or landings we should say, on his property. They told him why the landings occurred...what happened. There was a landing for repairs to one of the craft. The other one hovered over the barn...the one in the field had some problems...mechanical problems. It took off, finally it got out of there. They told him this, and he didn't know why [they were telling him]. And they apologized for the landing on his property, they told him why the UFOs are here on this planet...what they represent, and where they are from. They also told him that they knew of the previous two sightings he had had with his brother-in-law on several nights prior to that incident. They had been on his property and been looking out the window, and a couple of over-flights had occurred of UFOs. He hadn't told a soul about that, not even his wife, only his brother-in-law had known. So there is no way that they could have known, unless they were in contact with the aliens when it happened. They said that they had tracked these UFOs on radar..., at Air Force bases its done all the time, except that the 'unknowns' are never publicized. They always say when someone calls in and says, 'We have a report of a UFO...did you track anything on your radio at Downsview Air Force Base or Falconbridge or Toronto International Airport...or ANY airport in the Western world?" Their orders are [to say] 'No.' Deny, deny deny...right down the line. And we surmised this ourselves although this was confirmed. The interview proceeded thusly, as Roberts said. They gave him a telephone number to call...and unlisted, unpublished telephone number to call in case there were any further incidents on his property. And they said that there had been an agreement...an agreement made with the aliens between the American government and the aliens. And they told him a few things about a long range program...or plan, a master plan they called it, which was underway. Now that's all that Robert Sufferin told us in 2 hours. We talked about things other than UFOlogy for most of the time. As we left the property...we were about 35-40 feet away from Bob, and he called out to us. This was in daytime, and we were going back to our car. He called out to us, [and] he made this statement...and we wrote it down in the car, 'What was the cause of WW II?' He had been told..., the classified information about the programming of Hitler..to cause WW II. And we did an article about the case, with the exception of that statement. As we thought it didn't fit in. And in 1982 we found out the information..which I have just told you. We are way ahead of the game as far as that TV show is concerned [UFO-Coverup LIVE]. We know a little about what was mentioned by Condor and Falcon, plus more. At that point in 1982 we found this information out. This was 7 years after the Sufferin incident. We didn't interview Robert Sufferin until 1978 by the way. He had remembered what had occurred in 1975, a few years earlier. This is in the summer of '78. So...we had made the notes, and in 1982 we had heard this information. In 1983 I was looking through some old files, and I came across the Sufferin incident...and we had written up an article on it [previously] in a small journal that Harry Tokarz had churned out on his own. It ran about 4 issues, it was called "UFO Pulse Analyzer" and he had mentioned this in an article. And I looked at the notes, and see in the margin there, "What was the cause of WW II", which I had written down in the margin. And I wrote down below that, 'What has this got to do with UFOs?'. At that time we didn't know. And later on we found out." "Bill Moore was in touch with Robert Sufferin by phone, in our presence. He phoned him. We gave him the phone number." "In 1982?" "No...actually this was in 1981. He was here in Toronto, and he called Bob up in Utterson, Ontario, where Bob lived at the time. Bob still owns the property, but we don't know where he lives now, he's moved around a bit. So Bill Moore talked to him on the phone...we didn't hear what Bob said on the other end of the line, but Bill said that he confirmed what I suspected. Bill had heard a little bit in 1980. He got the documents in 1982 on Aquarius and this sort of thing...MJ-12. But he had heard a little bit. The agreement was mentioned. I know that Bill mentioned the agreement on the phone..., he knew about that. How?, I don't know. But that was the clue. Now I asked Bill..." "The world war II thing?" "Yes. That programming had been done." "Just to clarify...did someone ask him this question?" "No...this was separate [from the interview]. As we were leaving, he just blurted that out. Robert Sufferin just blurted it out." "So he just said it to you [unsolicited]?" "Yes, out loud. He yelled it out after us as we were walking back toward our car." "And that was it?" "Yes, that was all. We didn't ask him. What the hells he talking about [they said to each other]. We just walked on to the car...made a note of it,...I wrote down right behind the note, 'What has this got to do with UFOs?' We couldn't see any connection at all at that time. And it was only in 1983 that I happened to come across the statement that I had written out in the rough notes for that article which was done for that "UFO Pulse Analyzer" magazine. My goodness, that was it. The year before we had found out about the connection. In '83 I saw that little note, and I said, 'My God...he was told the truth'. And later on...in 1982 there was this symposium...the MUFON symposium in Toronto at the Westbury Hotel. I talked to Bill Moore privately at that point. He was one of the speakers there...and I helped run the convention a little bit, and I said to Bill, 'You know the Robert Sufferin case?" He said [Moore], "Yeah, I remember that." [Fenwick] Because he had read the whole article, and so on; and I had told him what had transpired and so on, and he was quite interested in that. And I said to him, '...when those three military officers talked to Sufferin, they really gave him everything on this Project Aquarius, it seems to me.' Then I said to Bill, 'Do you think that this has happened prior to...a month or two prior to somebody else maybe?' [making reference to the 1975 Sufferin incident] And he said, 'Yeah, in the United States it happened twice, between June and October' [1975]. Two other people were told in the United States the same information was given to them." "In 1975?" "In '75 yes, just after that." "So those two would have been before the agreement [U.S.- EBE agreement] then, right?" "No, the agreement was in June of 1975. The Robert Sufferin case occurred on October 7th. Somewhere between June and October of '75, two other close encounters occurred in the United States in which aliens had nearly been killed...by a car or whatever, I don't know how. But Bill wouldn't go into detail on that. I questioned him, but he refused to go into any detail on that. He knew about it...through Condor and Falcon. And it was a test of the psychological reactions of people to the fact that we are the ETs [in reference to earlier statements by Fenwick as to our alien heritage] ...this is not our home planet." "So that was the reason for spilling the beans to these three, relatively simple folk?" "Yes, thats right. And there's something else also... When Tracy Torme visited Toronto, he worked for CTV [Canadian Television Network], he was a script-writer for them; he arranged in advance, through Bill Moore, to visit us...in my apartment in fact. And he talked a little bit about what he had heard. Later on he told us all that I have told you...through Bill. He got it through Bill Moore. We asked him what the classified information would mean to the human race. What areas of the human race...of human endeavour or aspects of human interest [that] would be most affected if ALL the information about Project Aquarius came out in the open. And he unhesitatingly said, 'Religion.' He said that there would be mass suicides, those who were extremely religious among the Christian community would commit suicide. And he said, anthropology, ..Science would be heavily affected by it. Anthropology, History..., you take just WW II [for example]. If the historians knew that...and they are not on a need to know basis, they are not going to be told unless the entire world knows. This would create one of the biggest upheavals in all the universities, and all the history teachers in the world, and professors, would really be astounded if they knew that that was fact. And he said that a lot people wouldn't believe it if it were told to the public. There would be some panic, there would be suicides. I said, 'well maybe there wouldn't be that many', but he said [Torme] 'Yes, there would be a fair number...in the millions'. But there are billions of people in the world, so that percentage wise its not a lot. But, 'This is why,' he said [speaking again of Torme] 'the information is not being told to the public. Because it would affect people too adversely.'" "The War-of-the-Worlds syndrome?" "Yes, that's right. That is their mental attitude...the people in Project Aquarius who don't want the information released,...not [the attitude] of the 10 people who have talked [Condor & Falcon being 2 of the 10] out of the 24. There are 24 people in Aquarius, total. 10 of the 24 have talked. The other 14 don't want the information released because they have that attitude...War-of-the-World's thing...mass panic and so on. And I think that in the atomic age that we live in, we're passed that stage...if you can learn to live with the Bomb...and not worry that much outwardly...maybe inwardly I guess. This generation is used to that threat hanging over them. If they heard this information, it wouldn't upset this generation, the present generation as much. And this attitude of the younger generatiomn...of not being upset too much about it is why those people have talked, why the rebels have talked." By the way, the rebels are Vietnam veterans." "All 10 of them?" "All of them. They're all Nam veterans." "And what is the range of rankings, and their ages?" "From Colonel up to..., well one of them is a 2-star General. I don't know any names. I know Condor is a black man by the way. They were in Nam, and they saw their own officers kill their own men under the influence of drugs. And they decided that whatever they did in peacetime, somehow they would get back at the American government. They all...these happened by coincidence, or not,...to all get involved in the UFO phenomenon. And these people in Aquarius are full-time on it. And they decided..., they got together...over a period of time, very clandestinely,...and word went from one to another, [in effect agreeing that they] '...would approach someone neutral in the UFO field, someone who is not affiliated with any major organizations, someone who is reliable...' And they picked on Bill Moore. And he got a telephone call from one of them, and they arranged to meet...I think it was at a 'McDonalds' in fact...in Phoenix if I'm not mistaken. Bill mentioned this." "There's a lot of information that we have gotten. Now, Tracy Torme told us that he had heard this from Bill Moore, and Bill was under sedation for back trouble. Bill started talking...and didn't realize it. And Tracy told us, 'Don't tell ANYONE that you got the information from Bill Moore. And to this day, Bill Moore doesn't know that we got it through Tracy. He wasn't supposed to reveal it. He told us about 15%... 15% of the classified information under Project Aquarius." "That he [Torme] knows?" "That he knows. He knows all of it. So does Bill Moore, Bill told him everything." "Torme knows all of it?" "Torme knows all of it, and so does Moore. Bill Moore told Torme this. Torme is, by the way the son, the oldest son of Mel Torme the singer. I've met Mel in town here one time. This is what he told us. He said [Tracy], 'I can't tell you anymore.' And he later on told Moore to... [?] ..Harry and Joe near New York city. They drove down there with their wives or girlfriends whatever, and they met him in a motel...and he started talking...and he wouldn't allow them to make notes. Nothing, just verbal. Hear it, and remember it. And he told me when they came back. Outdoors we were walking along the street one night, and it's dark, and they're telling me when no one was around...there was no one within sight, in the area I live in. So that no one would over hear...not that a satellite couldn't pick-up the conversation...but certainly no one on the ground, so they were careful in that respect." One thing you have to remember, when you are talking about the UFO phenomenon...and here I'm showing my conservative bent..., and that is, let us suppose that the information posed by Condor and Falcon on that show, and told to Bill Moore, is all false. That everything is false. Its all disinformation...or what's know in as 'grey' propaganda, a bit of truth mixed in with a lot of phony things. Let us suppose that all of this, all of what I have said to you about Project Aquarius...[that] the classified information supposedly, is all false. If in fact it was deliberately promulgated to test a reaction among UFOlogists to this sort of information, as to whether they could follow-up on it...or find out whether it is true or not. That in itself would be of interest to people in the UFO field. This is one of the reason's why I am talking about this information. If its all false, its certainly a most interesting scenario. And the motivations behind the spreading of...lies, from a psychological point of view, it certainly is quite interesting. So I must...as I say...I must predicate, I must be conservative here, predicate what I have said as an afterword shall we say, with that statement. All of what I've said, I'm sure is interesting to people. Some of it to some people might be unbelievable, some of it might be astonishing, some of the people might agree with some of the things said, [saying to themselves], 'that sounds plausible'. But when you use 'grey' propaganda, you mix in plausible things with things that are false. That was done with that television program show in England, called, "Alternative 3"...they mixed in a few facts with a lot of baloney. I have a letter from the guy who wrote the script, on how they dreamed it up at lunch-time one day." "Its interesting that you mention that. John Lear was one of the first people I met on ParaNet, and we had a bit of a dialogue on that very subject. I ended up finding a short paragraph on it in a movie compendium [see A3MOVIE.TXT in the UFOlogy File Area], and it ended basically by saying that the movie was only fiction, but that people still view it as being true." "There are still people who believe it. And there have been mysterious deaths in England lately among people involved with defense contracts, computer scientists. And I've got newspaper clippings from England on that, just this last week. So there is a bit of truth mixed in." "Which elements in the movie do you think are true?" "Well, obviously that people have died, but whether they are coincidental or not, we don't know." "What about this thing about a Moonbase?" "No. I don't think so. I've talked to Buzz Aldrin about that on the phone. And I said, "Ah, somebody's trying to dream up a story for the National Enquirer...what nonsense.' [Aldrin said] 'I didn't see any bases on the moon while we were up there on Apollo 11, thats' a lot of nonsense.' He denied it. Technically there could be bases on the moon underground, NASA has the capabilities now, they had them years ago. In the 1960's I wrote a full page article for "Daily Commercial News" on underground construction on the moon, I still have a copy of the article. All the technical data is available in the Toronto Public Library. I did research for weeks and weeks on that." "The hard part is getting the equipment up there." "Thats all. But the actual installation and so on, is not too difficult." "What other elements of the A3 Movie would you see as...." "Factual? That's all. I've given them to you. That's all." "Now, these people who are coming up missing, what's happening to them. They are being killed because of what they know?" "I think that that's a Soviet thing. I think the Soviets are involved in those..., those murders...those deaths, those mysterious deaths in England lately." "Oh, so you don't see those being related in anyway to goings on in the field of UFOlogy?" "No, not at all." "So the A3 Movie then, there's really no relation at all to.." "...not to UFO's." "Its more an East-West thing?" "Yes, primarily that. And a test of reactions I suppose, as some suspect, by the producers of the show, that's all. They wanted to see how people would take it." "And that's a recurring theme..." "I know it is. I have a whole file on A3...Alternative 3, a thick file...ending with a letter from the producers." "Saying that..." "Saying that its all a hoax. That they dreamed it up over lunch one day. I have it on their official letterhead of their production company." "And you said that Torme was interested in it?" "Yeah, he hadn't seen the movie. It wasn't shown in the states, it was shown in Canada twice on Global TV in southern Ontario." "When did he get in touch with you, years ago?" "No. Just a month ago. He happened to mention it." "He's probably gotten that from Lear then..." "Oh yeah. Lear tends to repeat what he [has] heard. Lear doesn't in terms of a lot of information on UFOs. Linda Howe has told me that she was in touch with Lear...and that they had all kinds of problems there..." "...and disagreements?" "Disagreements, yes. One's repeating what the other says. Back and forth, then it spreads around and so on. Rumours... and things get exaggerated with a rumour, and this is what has happened with Richard Doty...the Richard Doty case." "Have you read the so called Lear document, the Lear text?" "No." "Okay...but what you've heard about John Lear, he's basically repeating things from other sources." "Sure. He's not doing any research himself." "And from what you know of what he's said, I should probably give you the Lear.txt as to actually read as he makes a quite a number of claims..." "I've heard some of the claims through Linda Howe. Linda Moulton Howe." "Which of what you heard would you say he is correct or wrong about?" "I've heard too much...too go into detail" "What about some of the highlights...crashed disks, there are supposed to be 30 crashed disks [in the hands of the U.S. Government]." "Well, I've heard that years ago. It was an estimate. It was a guess, that's all. And these guess's get exaggerated and passed around from one UFOlogist to another. From someone maybe who's in casual conversation with another, [and says] 'Maybe there are about 30 of them crashed, who knows.' And before you know it, its THIRTY." "Personally, how many do you think?" "The Roswell one is definite. Also the one at Elindeo [sp?] Texas, on the Mexican border is definite..." "And what year is the second one?" "1980. And then in 1948, the one in Kingmon [sp?] Arizona. that's a definite one. And I think maybe the one other one is in Syracuse, New York...in 1967. Those are the only ones I know of, although I've heard rumours about one in the Rockies in Canada in 1952. Rumours. Indirect contacts with someone who is there, this sort of thing." "And all these crashed due to mechanical problems...none of them have been shot down?" "Yes [mechanical problems], except for Roswell. Roswell wasn't a mechanical problem, Roswell was a lightning strike. And also there was another crash that occurred in Michigan, Hillsdale. Dexter Michigan...where Gerald Ford got involved in calling for a congressional investigation. That was a crash. That was landing for repairs, put it that way." "And the one about the farmer's case you mentioned, where it landed and took off..." "That wasn't actually a crash, but a landing for repairs. same in England. That one at Bentwaters, that was a landing for repairs...and it was repaired, and they took off again." "Okay, you mention Bentwaters. Maybe we can get into that a bit. Now do you believe that's true, about what supposedly happened?" "Oh yes." "Maybe if you would recount..." "Well I'm recounting investigations done by other people. I don't like to do that, its second hand information." "But you basically believe that..." "An alien craft landed for repairs, and was assisted in its repairs by the commander, Commander Williams of the Air Force base there. Gordon Williams." "And how many were there?" "I had heard that there were more than one, lets put it that way." "And how many air force personnel do you believe witnessed this..." "It depends on what part you're talking about, the underground meeting, or the above ground meeting. There were at least a dozen people involved in that case. And there were military policeman involved. One chap who wasn't there, who claimed originally to have been there, was a fellow named Larry Warren. He actually heard it from someone else, another military policeman who was at the underground meeting with the Men In Black [MIB] supposedly. Giving instructions." "But not much is known about that meeting?" "No, its only referred to very briefly in the book by Jenny Randles and Dot Street, 'Skycrash'. There's another authoress, but I've forgotten her name. I think there's about one or two sentence about that in the whole book. And that was probably the most important aspect of it...and they couldn't get any more information on that. I've got an unpublished manuscript by Larry Warren at home...part of one chapter really...about 10 pages. He's writing a book, so he said that this is not for publication...and he talked about some of his experiences, not there...but as a Military policeman being transferred to some secret NSA facilities in Egypt, and another one in Florida." "Connected with..." "Connected with he doesn't know what. Every American and Canadian Air Force Base has underground facilities. If anything were to go in or out, it would be like 3 or 4 in the morning. A UFO comes in for repairs, or whatever. If you want to deal in rumour...I was on a bus one day downtown. It was night and I was the only guy on the bus, and talking to the driver I mentioned UFOs. He said, 'Oh, I wonder if there is any connection with my friend. This guy I know is a janitor up at Downsview Air Force Base. And he's in the underground facilities. He said that you would be amazed as to what's under there', but he wouldn't go on any further about that. I questioned him further, but he said he didn't know any more than that." "You've obviously heard the claims about the underground bases, in Nevada..." "...Nellis Air Force Base. That is the main facility in Nevada... Apparently that is near Area #51, or 'Dreamland' as its known. But its not on the map. You'll find Nellis on the map, but you won't find Dreamland or Area #51 on the map. Its all in the area where they test the UFOs that are lent to them. There was one which supposedly crashed in 1984, killing the Commander, General Robert Bond. And it was on the front page of the Toronto Star [Major Canadian Daily] as a crash of a steath weapon. That's how they publicize it. And even Walt Andrus said that that was a Stealth weapon...the head of MUFON. Actually it was a UFO lent to the Americans in 1975, and test flown all the way up through 1984, when it crashed killing the pilot, General Robert Bond. If its something classified, not necessarily stealth, but a UFO lets say...then you wouldn't have anyone less than a general flying it. It would be on a need to know basis, you wouldn't have an ordinary pilot. And when he died, his wife was told, his family was told that [there] was a crash of an American Air Force plane...which was classified, that's all, not a UFO. But is was a UFO. It had been fitted with jets, but there was a problem with controls." "The same with that case in Texas, where those two women and the boy..., the Cash-Landrum case. That was one of the craft lent to them, the diamond-shape one. So they have different kinds of..." "So they way it was presented on the show [UFO-Coverup] was basically correct?" "Oh yes, it was an alien craft. There's no question about that. That's what it was. And I had suspected this for quite some time with John Schussler [sp?] who had written about this, and lectured about this at various symposia. I mentioned this, along with Harry and Joe...all three of us said to John, and he's with NASA...he worked on the original Shuttle program, and he's semi-retired now with MacDonnel Douglas. He's a program director for the shuttle mission...one of the early shuttle missions. And we mentioned our theory that it was an alien craft. And he said, 'I don't think so.'...but now he KNOWS. That's what it was...there's no question thats what it was...even though the television show said that maybe it was an American secret weapon, or maybe it was an alien craft. They left it up in the air. But it was an alien craft, there's no much doubt about that." "So...over the years you hear all these stories, and unless you've been there, unless you were there when the thing happened...that's all they are, Stories. Second-hand, third-hand information and so on. Unless you're like Bill Moore, or the people in Project Aquarius who are on this full-time, you're not going to find out the truth. You're going to hear what is purported to be the truth. You'll hear second-hand stories...you'll hear newspaper accounts...." "Now here's something that you might not know, and that is...in relationship to the media, about publicity of UFOs, you don't see too much in the daily papers about UFOs, not very much. You do see, almost every week in the tabloids...tabloid magazines, articles about..oh, 'Aliens Found in Soviet Tundra' or whatever...you know, all sorts of stories. There are various publications in the United States. One is called 'The Sun', you have another one called 'The National Examiner', another one called 'The Globe', another one called 'Weekly World News', and there is the "National Enquirer", and 'The Star'." "The history of those publications, just briefly... The National Enquirer was the original, the original tabloid, the largest circulation newspaper in the world incidentally. The Weekly World News and The National Enquirer are published by the same company. The publisher ...is with the Central Intelligence Agency. He is...I believe, Deputy Chief of one of the Divisions to do with counter-intelligence. When The National Enquirer and The Weekly World News publish a UFO story, it is true. [With] the other publications, they are copies of The National Enquirer. They [other publications] hire freelance writers who use phony names and bylines, and print stories which are false, in most instances. 90% of those stories in The National Examiner, and The Globe, and The Sun, and The Star ...The Star doesn't publish that sort of thing anymore but they used to...; are phony stories. Now, if you were to publish the stories that are in The National Enquirer, and The Weekly World News, on the front page of The New York Times or The Washington Post or The Globe & Mail, it would really upset people. But if you publish them in tabloids...where all the stories are sensational...at least the headlines are sensational, then they don't stand out, and they don't frighten people. People tend to laugh at them and say 'Oh well, its all phony'. But if you are in the UFO field, you find out that stories are not phony. You follow up on them, and you find out that they are actual cases. The general public doesn't know that they are." "But the names of Doctors, etc., within the articles are..." "...True. In The [National] Enquirer and The Weekly World News." "The actual names are true?" "Yes. Those are the real names. But in the other journals, The Examiner, The Globe, The Sun, they put phony names all the way through and phony stories, and so on. Even the writers are using phony names." "Do you know the publisher's name off-hand? Its listed of course..." "No, I know that he's a 'Jr.', his father has the same name. All you have to do is look in The National Enquirer and you'll see the publisher's name there." "In that particular magazine, is it just him himself, or are there other's involved too?" "No, just him himself. He gets the stories from Aquarius... and from MJ-12." "The rebels, or the..." "The rebels. I think he's working with them. I'm not certain about that, I can't be certain about that...maybe not. And publishes them [UFO stories] to see what kind of reaction they get from the readers...[to see] who sends in letters to those articles." "Okay...before we follow-up on the media thing; MJ-12 has 24 members?" "No. 12. Project Aquarius has 24 members. Two different groups." "Now what's their relationship?" "A direct relationship. Project Aquarius is the overall umbrella organization. MJ-12, Majestic Twelve are the people who work with ONI on field investigations. They go to the crash sites; they have the meetins with the aliens, along with Aquarius people. Aquarius people don't get involved with the crashes. The MJ-12 people do that...they are scientists, and military people and so on. They work as a team. They are flown out...at a moments notice...from wherever they are." "The MJ-12 Group?" "Yes. The Aquarius people, they do the overall supervision of the MJ-12 people. And they get information from all sorts of sources, like the CIA, the DIA, and so on... the National Intelligence Agency and so on. And they are the umbrella organization. They co-ordinate everything. The Navy does the field investigations along with MJ-12. There's always someone from the Navy on MJ-12. Usually the Secretary of the Navy...someone big like that. So they get an overall view on Aquarius of what's going on. And they decide the policy." "But...since 1975 they have NOT been deciding policy. The aliens...the EBEs...tell the people at Project Aquarius how to handle the whole thing. Under the agreement...'Do Not Reveal Our Presence, or We Will Interfere With Your History.' And it was mentioned on that TV show [UFO Coverup] ...and they ARE going to interfere in our History, that is why we are going to have World War III." "Now getting back...I'm going to digress a little bit. There were three books written in the last 8 years. By a fellow from Northern Ireland with the initials, W.A. Harbinson. According to...I can't recall who told me this, whether it was Bill Moore or Tracy Torme...worked [Harbinson] with the National Security Agency. He wrote three books. One called 'Genesis', which talks about the Nazi's in the South Pole...developing UFO's and this sort of thing; a rather interesting book. And if you read the end of the book, its a fictional book...until you read the end there is about 12 pages of footnotes. References to 'samizdat'...the neo-Nazi group in Toronto, and their publications...and a lot of Nazi books, a lot of military books by a fellow by the name of Walther Horndorffer [sp?], and several other books, quite a few books actually mentioned there, and famous books on UFOlogy. All this information comes from those books...but if you didn't go to the appendix at the end of the book, you wouldn't know that if you had just read the novel and said, 'the heck with the rest of it, I won't bother reading it', you wouldn't realize that that's all based on fact. The names have been changed in most cases." "Then he wrote another book called 'Revelation'. And a third book called 'The Light of Eden'. I've read all three books. And I think that they are a TEST of how people would react to those books, [as in] how many people had written to the author...what did they have to say about it...how much do they know. They are trying to find out who might know, who has found out some of this classified information that shouldn't know. Now, the second book 'Revelaton'...there's a lot of sex in these books, the third book particularly.. each one had sexual stories in it, a couple of stories, very explicit stuff though. The second book 'Revelation', takes place in a little town; which is in existence, is called Armageddon in Israel. And what happens...now this is supposedly in 1990...at that town there is a confrontation between two individuals...I use the word individuals, lets say entities or individuals. Just prior to that there has been a bomb explosion at the most holy shrine of the Muslims [in Mecca]. The bomb has been thrown by a muslim...and the Jews are blamed. A holy war, or jihad is underway at that point, and the Americans and Soviets come in with everything they've got. And there's a war between the Americans and the Soviets...and the Arabs and the Jews, all together." "The Soviets leave their country unprotected...meanwhile the Chinese come in and invade the Soviet Union and takeover the country. Takeover the entire Soviet Union. Takeover the entire country." "This is all detailed in the book of course..." "Yes. Part of it. Part of it I got from another source, from a former member [CUFORN], now deceased. The two individuals I mentioned earlier are the Anti-christ or Devil...the devil incarnate shall we say. And the Jewish Saviour, not Christ. The real Jewish Saviour who has yet to arrive according to the Jewish Talmud [Note: Some Christian Fundamentalists would view such a figure as the biblical 'False Prophet'] He will arrive in our time. That will be 1990, its only 2 years from now. At that location, in the midst of the war...war will have been underway...and it will not be a nuclear war to start with, but it will end up that way on July 7th, 1999...a nuclear war between the Chinese and the Americans. And we will all be 'gone' with the exception of certain people who had been abducted, who will supposedly be taken off this planet by mother ships, large carrier craft [to be] taken somewhere else and maybe brought back somehow, or taken to some other planet. Maybe they will be cryogenetically frozen or something, I don't know. Taken to another 'time' and brought back to planet Earth when all the radiation has died down in 200 or 300 years...and woken up whatever, I don't know how they do it...maybe re-seed the planet, whatever they do. But get the abductees of here for some reason...maybe genetic...maybe they are going to inter- breed, create a muscular species. The species [EBEs] don't have much muscles." "There's already inter-breeding going on." "Yes, there is inter-breeding already going on....When men and women are abducted their is ova extracted, and semen extracted and so on. This is going on for various reasons. But genetically, they want to improve their...,get a hybrid race that will have their brains, and our muscles. Basically they are very weak, physically. But they have a lot of mental capacity...they can lift all kinds of objects with their minds; they are so powerful with their telekinetic abilities. So I think that when you read these books...the three books by Harbinson, you are being tested. Now, getting back to Armageddon... The war between the Arabs and the Jews, and the Soviets and the Americans... all involved at once; will last 9 years. The Soviet Air Force, Army and Navy...everything will be wiped out by the Americans. The Americans will win that battle...the Jews will win the battle. The Arabs and the Soviets will be wiped out...everything will be gone." "That they've sent there..." "Yes. Everything is wiped out. The Soviets will have nothing left in the Soviet Union. They'll have sent everything they've got to Israel. Everything. They'll have left themselves defenceless because they figure that this is the opportune time to takeover that area, which is oil-rich. Obviously they would want that, so they will pull out all the stops. And the war will last from 1990 to 1999. On July 7th of 1999, the nuclear holocaust will occur. That's the date that Nostradamus predicted in his book...books, in his predictions. That very date." "Are you going off that, or is that just a coincidence?" "I'll tell you something else, this is from another source. I mentioned a deceased member of our organization...his name is Charlie Alcock Charlie has a fascinating history If you've ever heard of Alcock & Brouwn, they flew the Atlantic before Lindburgh, as a team. Sir Charles Alcock, was Charlie Alcock's first cousin. Charlie was a pilot who flew in various air races, in Cleveland...various races, etc. He flew for won a race for England, and was given an escorted Helicopter tour of London, with Price Phillip at the controls, and was given a surprise dinner with the Royal Family. He ran a joke shop of all things, while living here in Toronto. He had died of a second stroke." "He had had a sighting of a UFO and had told his friend who happened to be Commander of Wordsmith [sp?] Air Force Base in Michigan, around Sudbury [Ontario] when they went skeet shooting one time. The friendship was terminated at that point. When Charlie talked to me, he said that the commander said, 'I'm not going to get together with you anymore, I don't want to talk about UFOs, and if you are going to talk this way, forget our friendship.' And that was it. Charlie said, 'Goodbye, I don't need you anymore.' When Charlie had his first stroke, he was sent to a Toronto hospital. He was up at ambulatory at the time, and 4 people from CUFORN interviewed him and tape-recorded the conversation, a 1-hour tape which I have at home. He had a Men-Black-Incident [MIB] in the hospital. He had talked to someone about the UFO event in the hospital, one of the other patients. And just the night after that he had a visit in his bedside at night by an entity all dressed in black...who warned him not to talk any further about this." "Charlie mentioned something on the tape which I have, of an incident which took place in the 1930's, when he was in high school in grade nine." "Some thought came to him during class, something about in the future. He doesn't know how it came to him. He started doodling, and did some drawings. The teacher saw him doodling, took a look at the pictures, and then confiscated them. After the class, Charlie was asked to stay, and the teacher asked him what were the drawings. He said they just came to me. She then went to speak to the principal about the drawings." "What Charlie had drawn was a map of the world. And in very large drawing form he draw a series of tanks. And in front of each tank there was a large plexi-glass sort of shield, through the plexi-glass shield there was an opening, through those openings are what looked like laser beams shooting out...now this was in the 1930's. And the tanks were placed in a sequence, one after another...coming from China into the Soviet Union. And on several other places on the map, he didn't remember where...there were several mushroom shaped clouds. The principal did not let it stand at that point. He called Ottawa. The next day an official, I don't know at what rank, from the Department of National Defense, showed up and started talking to Charlie. Here's a grade 9 kid talking to someone from the Ministry of National Defense, who asked him where he got these ideas. Charlie said, 'I had a dream I think, maybe it came from that dream. And I started drawing what I had seen in the dream.' He had dreamt the future...he had dreamt about World War III. And the DND now knows." "Do you have the drawings?" "No. They were confiscated. The one drawing may still be in a file somewhere in Ottawa. And Charlie described this to us, and he said, ' I think I may have had a premonition of the future at that time.' And someone in the 1930's at DND must have known something important... about Einstein, and maybe a bomb could be developed from E=mc2 or something. Maybe Einstein had been in touch with some scientists in Ottawa...who knows? And maybe that was why that trip was made down from Ottawa to Toronto to visit this grade 9 kid. And that is quite a story. Now, Charlie worked at Camp X, where spies were trained in WW II. He knew what was going on at Camp X, he had met David Niven out there, and a few other people who were trained as spies in Europe. He had quite a story to tell, and its all on this tape anyway. But thats all that Charlie had to say in relationship to...what turns out to be, or may turn out to be Project Aquarius information...classified information, about what is to happen in our future." "Getting back to the Harbinson books, I got the sense too, cause I've just finished reading 'The Light of Eden' Are you saying that certain elements of what he is saying is true? For instance, Harbinson seems to go off of Robert K. Temple's book 'The Sirius Mystery'. He believes that they're [aliens] are from there..." "...well some of them are." "...and that they have been coming in different periods of our history to..." "Interfacing, causing things to happen. Well Sirius is one of the sources. Zeta Reticuli is one supposedly, and Sirius is another, and the Pleiades maybe another one. I've heard about one or two others, but mostly these ones." "But you personally would lean towards..." "I would say Zeta Reticuli is the most logical one because that was in the Betty and Barney Hill case. That was discovered later on, years later once they researched it. Thats where they were from. Sirius is probably the second [likeliest] possibility. The Pleiades one is a very controversial one. That's the Eduard Meier Swiss case, which may or may not be true. I just got a book of some of the writings of the Pleiades people given to Meier, about 150 pages [which contain] some of the things that were not on the three videos that were produced in connection with the Meier case, which I have at home." "How does this mesh with the 'failed experiment' [referring to what we talked about in the first 45 mins of the interview which was 'lost'], because a lot of the talk is that we are entering into a 'new age' of..." "...the Age of Aquarius. We're in it. Let me talk about something that happened in 1983, in my apartment. Most of the CUFORN members attended from the Toronto area. Bill Moore was in town." "He was there?" "He was there, in my apartment. He made a little speech. Very short. He stood up in the middle of the apartment. I remember that I was sitting on the couch at the time, and everyone was standing around or sitting around, I haven't got a big apartment...there were about 20 people there. I mentioned Project Aquarius to him as he had sent a telex, the 'stolen telex', we looked it over... we published it in fact. And I said, 'What, do you any more about Project Aquarius?" And he said, 'Well, I'll tell you something that's connected. In 1990 something's going to happen on planet Earth which will change the course of human history forever, in 1990'. And I said, 'Well, how important is it?'. He said, 'Well it will be as important as if Christ had returned.' And I said, 'Is it THAT?' He changed the topic IMMEDIATELY [Fenwick's emphasis], to some new information about the Roswell incident. He changed the topic very quickly...as if he knew what was going to happen at Armageddon in 1990." "And referring our telephone conversation, what is the 'Jesus' connection?" "Well, that's pretty difficult to say. The Jesus connection I think...we're talking not about Jesus, but about the Anti-christ meeting with the Jewish Saviour...who is an entirely different person, and with the prophet Elijah who may return at the same moment. In other words, three people involved, although Harbinson said two in his book. I think its three." "As an aside, from my own readings on these 'End time' scenarios, Elias and Enoch are supposed to return for a final confrontation with the Anti-christ and false prophet, who is Jewish. They are the only two figures of both the old and new testaments, who never experienced physical death. In St. John's Book of Revelations they are thought to be the the 'two witnesses' [Rev.11], who by today's standards will have incredible 'psychic' powers." This whole scheme of things, as soon as you mention the name Anti-christ, seems to suggest a Judeo-Christian context... is that essentially correct?" "Yes." "Well then where do the aliens fit in?" "Well I don't know about that part, but maybe we can go into that a little later. But briefly, the confrontation between Enoch, Elijah...the Jewish Saviour whatever name you want to give to him, and the Anti-christ; will be a mental confrontation. A battle of minds...which will occur on one day..." "A battle of 'miracles'?" "Possibly miracles, I don't know. On that one day. And that will be the key element in the whole 'beginnings' of the 9-year war. Now the 9-year war...as I say called WW III. Now the 'alien connection' is strictly through project Aquarius. They know the future, they know the history of this planet...they have a long-term master plan for this planet, and it includes WW III. That's the only connection." "But they're not 'God' though?" "No...but they're very close to it. What we would call in the old days, 'angels'. The equivalent. Able to make miracles. Christ himself may have been a product of a hybrid. Mary, under the Immaculate Conception...now we're dealing in religion. Now this is one of the reasons why Tracy Torme was talking how religion will be affected. We talk about the various things that have happened...in terms of genetic experiments...interbreeding with the abductees. Mary may have given birth to Christ through the same means. One ova was extracted, and Christ was born. There are a lot of years of Christ that we don't know what happened, he was out in the desert and so on. This is where the whole thing may have come to fruition. All the miracles that Christ was supposed to have done were quite common in those days...in terms of capabilities of people. A lot of people in those days could do the same things as Christ could do." "Recently...now I'm digressing somewhat here to religion. Harry Tokarz, our co-director, is quite a religious chap. He reads a Jewish publication, the 'Canadian Jewish News'. And recently...I think this was about 4 months ago...there was an article that said the Dead Sea Scrolls are being translated by computer. And the latest thing that they have come up with, and released to the media...the Jewish media, is that in those days...in the days of Christ, almost everyone could do the same things that Christ could do...but didn't do it openly. Christ did. And he was punished for that by being killed and crucified. Not because he was starting up a new religion or anything else, [but] because he did all these things...and they were not [supposed] to be done publicly. And he was taking advantage of his abilities...his psychic abilities to do...create 'loaves of bread out of one'...this sort of thing. And everyone could do it in those days. And this is what has come out of the dead sea scrolls...this is fact." "The Essenes could do this?" "Yes...oh yes." "But only that limited group though?" "I don't know about that. That I don't know. I haven't gone that much into it. But the Essenes certainly...and maybe a lot of other people in those days had that ability. Now, if we were to get into the other aspect of things that Christ could do. Moses parting the Red Sea, [he] may have had that capability. People in those days were not technologically advanced as we are today. They are close to the primitive Africans...who can sense things a mile away...they have all these psychic/spiritual abilities. I think that primitive people were more advanced than we are in terms of their mental abilities, and their abilities to do things that we would consider miracles. What we call miracles were commonplace then. Nowadays if we see a 'miracle' we wonder if someone is hoaxing us...'this is phony, are we being hypnotised, is mass hypnosis going on'. They were probably able to do such a thing...hypnotize crowds of people into thinking they saw 'a thousand loaves of bread' and they weren't. They may have done it [and] they may not. So if you're talking about the effect on religion...and religious people...very religious Christians, if they knew that Christ was the product of inter-breeding between creatures from another planet and Mary, ...that would destroy the Christian religion utterly, number one. It would upset the scientists, and the general public. And that's why you keep it from the people. I think that if I were in Project Aquarius...if I were a member of Project Aquarius...and not one of the ones who are [currently] talking; I would say, 'Gee, it is justified. We shouldn't tell the people this..., its got to be just too darn upsetting. I mean, maybe all our religions were founded by them [aliens] in that way." "Why doesn't that one part of Project Aquarius 'silence' the ten rebels?" "There's a battle going on. A mental battle I think, or a paper battle. Some say yes, and some say no. And at the moment, the ones who say 'release it' are winning. Maybe in a few years time, maybe next year it will be the other side will hush it all up." "Why aren't Condor and Falcon 'kicked out'? I mean, they must be able to find out who those two are." "They can't." "Now the fact that Condor is reputed to be a black man..." "...that wasn't publicized in the show. I know it." "I know, you couldn't tell by watching the show [UFO Coverup], but the fact that a black man would be in a position of power like that, isn't that a bit suspect? [Note. To all reading, please don't misunderstand what I'm saying]. "He doesn't got the rank that Falcon has. Condor is the black man." "And what is his rank?" "He's military. Falcon is scientific. He's a scientist. Scientist is above the military in MJ-12, under Aquarius. Scientist has a higher rank than the military. They can find out more, in terms of technological things. They supply the information on how the UFOs are propelled...to the military...who use it. But without the scientists, the military couldn't do a thing. So they get a higher ranking. They'd have to." "The fact that there is a black man up there..., I can see that if they were all Vietnam vets like you said, that would make sense there. But what is his 'minimum' ranking?" "Colonel. He's at least a colonel, but I don't know his exact rank. Stanton Friedman called him, 'Colonel B', just gave an initial, that's all." "But 'B' may not necessarily stand for anything. Just as like 'X' or whatever. 'B' could stand for 'black'." "Could use 'X', or however you want to do it. The information, according to Tracy he checked everything that had been told to Bill Moore. And everything checks out. Everything. The credentials...and all the information that he has [which] he didn't tell us, I mean I think we've know heard about 20% of the information. 15% from Tracy, and 5% from that TV show. There's a lot more. And Tracy was saying that..., 'if you think that what I have told you is astounding, you should hear the rest of it.' What we have heard, is nothing compared to the rest of the information that Aquarius has come up with." "How much more incredible can it get?" "I don't know how much more. He said [Torme], 'that it's beyond human imagination.'" "What would you say to people who try to separate the whole UFO phenomenon from religion, but just want to look at the empirical data." "The technological aspects? From a 20th Century point of view, all the technological things can not be done. No. The 21st century maybe, if we live that long..." "No, what I meant is...can we get a handle on the thing by disregarding the religious aspect?" "Yes. Oh we can, sure. From what I have read, and I've read over 400 books on the subject, I think if you were to take an overview of everything that had been written, or at least that I have read; yeah, you can get a handle on it." "Divorced from the religious element?" "Oh yes, definitely. There's no question about that." "...but you'd be missing the point though, if you didn't include it..." "You have to include that. That's the original source of the 'whole business'. I mean, I think they started our religions. I'm pretty sure they started our religions, certainly the Christian religion was started by them." "What, the one group...the 'grays'?" "Yes, the grays." "Do you believe there is 70, as in the 'Andreasson Affair' book?" "70 races there is in the planet, but I don't think that there are very many of the other 70 here around. Most of them are maybe grays, and some of the 'tall ones', and maybe the 'bigfoot' type, whatever. Those are the main ones, those are about 90% of them...of the individual aliens visiting the planet. That other 10% is the other 67 races...maybe one or two guys from each race or something [who] at various times in our history have visited this planet." "What about that one reference to the one 'bad' group, the bad race [see 'Andreasson Affair']." "The bad race, I think we're talking about the grays there. I'm not certain. The grays are the bad guys supposedly. According to some people...and nobody's decided other than the people at Aquarius and MJ-12, who would probably know the truth...maybe. Everyone else is guessing...that the grays are the bad guys. Linda Howe is guessing...and John Lear is guessing, and so on. [Why?] Because of what they do to us, they abduct us...they are doing things that we don't like. If I were a scientist, a genetic scientist from another planet, and was coming down to this planet and doing experiments...and seeing this 'failed experiment' [ie. the human race]; I would do it, without any particular care about whether the human beings were upset by it or not. I'd just do the job...its my job, what the hell." "So we're a failed experiment..." "...from their point of view." "Yes, but what they are going to try and get out of us before we annihilate ourselves...which they are..." "...under the process of doing. Having us do it [to ourselves]." "They are contributing those thoughts to people's minds or whatever. What they want to take is that which will improve their own physiological make-up or whatever." "Yes, they're helping themselves. Hell, I would do it too if I had no muscles, and wanted muscles...and had the genetic capabilities of inter-breeding, sure I'd do it wouldn't you?" "Now, isn't that sort of a fluke in a way, that two different species would be able to inter-breed?" "Yes it is, but they 'blend'. They don't inter-breed very well, they've had some problems with it...they've had some real problems. They're working at it, [after all] they've just started at it. I'm sure that they've tried other places too. If they've 'seeded' other planets... maybe at some places it works perfectly, and maybe at other places it doesn't." "...Just so that I can get this whole religious schema which you've laid out, correct in my mind,...there's still 'God' and there's still the 'Devil', and there's humans AND there's other aliens which are 'angels'?" "What we would call angels. What we call angels...in terms of their capabilities and mental state...they're close to God." "But they're not angels as in our biblical conception of St. Michael for example. They may be a step below..." "Yes, I'd say just one step below." "For instance, there's reference in Genesis to the 'Nephilim', who were said to be the offspring of illicit sexual relations between the 'Sons of God' [ie. angels] and 'the daughters of men'. Obviously the way you said it, the aliens would have been around long before that, but could they be something like that?" "Maybe. I don't know." [ END OF PART ONE - SEE FENWICK2.TXT FOR PART TWO] =================================================================== THE CRUCIBLE 416-244-9999 - 24Hrs - 12/24/96 - 44 Megs =================================================================== and so on. [Why?] Because of what they do to us, they abduct us...they are doing things that we don't like. If I were a scientist, a genetic scientist from


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