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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A Review & Synopsis of: "THE FELLOWSHIP: - Spiritual Contact Between Humans And Outer Space Beings" Written By Brad Steiger (C) 1988 - A Dolphin Book : Doubleday (179 pp.) New York~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This Article By Tom Mickus of: THE CRUCIBLE An Alternative PC-BBS 40 Megs 3/12 24 Hrs 416-244-9999 Home of ParaNet Pi~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "God is in his heavens, all is wrong with the world. Man needs a god much closer to home, a god within himself. If God is not there, life is an outrageous terror ruled by Fate, which has no answers, only appointments. Nobody can live with Death before his eyes and the knowledge of the nothingness of all things. Life must have a meaning.. -Ingemar Bergman And with this opening quote made, thus begins one of Brad Steiger's latest written works, "The Fellowship". Steiger, an apparently prolific writer, with over 100 books published, here tackles one of the latest New Age trends; that of increased contact between humans and extraterrestrial entities. Although only 179 pages in length, Steiger manages to cover a lot of ground in this short work. The book basically gives a good over- view of how the "Flying Saucer Movement" has evolved over the past 35 years, essentially from the time of George Adamski's "desert experience" of the 1950's where he initially came in contact with alien entities "Space Brothers", to today, with the mulitiplicity of "contact" experiences by people with other-worldly beings. The Fellowship, in large part, is a chronicling of a variety of messages and sayings of benevolent Alien Beings, as reported by their human "contactees". They have names such as "Mark Age", "OX-HO" and yes, "Semjase". Their message is really very simple, Man must change his ways, he must prepare himself for the great changes that are on the horizon, to adapt to new modes of thinking, or else perish. Change is on the way, the question which the Alien Entities pose is, are we willing to go along or will we be obstacles in its path. For many people, the words of wisdom as relayed to us through the human contactees, is nothing but a lot of metaphysical mumbo-jumbo. To others, the Aliens message is both an inspiration and a warning. As Steiger seems to imply, the contactees "may be the heralds of a New Age religion, a blending of technology and traditional religious concepts. Instead of Christ, there is "Christ Conscious- ness", which stands for some of the positive elements of traditional Christianity. And this new religion is of course centered on the individual, "The mother sea and fountainhead of all religions lie in the mystical experience of the individual...All theologies and all ecclesiasticisms are secondary growths superimposed." Steiger, interpreting the message of the Aliens, sees the World moving "through the difficult period of adjustment as the old, corrupt Piscean Age presents a transitional time of cleansing and purification before we enter the Age of Aquarius." However, this period of purification seems also to be one of great turmoil, since many of the contactees "speak of catastrophic events, the likelihood of a future devastating World War, and a specific out-come in the struggle between the forces of "darkness" and of "light." Much of The Fellowship has to do with the Pleiades. Steiger is convinced that this grouping of distant stars, is home to one of the more friendlier groups of Aliens, of the many which inhabit our universe. In the book, Semjase the Entity, seems to be the PR spokesman for the "Pleiadean Council" and all that goes on back home. She describes a pleasant, refined civilization where some of the citizens live to ripe old ages of 900 yrs, thus giving old Methusalah of Biblical fame, a little competition. In addition to a variety of other depictions of life back home and societal make- up, she describes the preferred mode of transportation, in ships powered by sophisticated propulsion systems. Interestingly, Semjase for one, went into surprising detail about some of the specifics concerning how the "engines" are set-up. While it would probably be most difficult to design any such craft from the scant infor- mation given, nonetheless it would be interesting to hear a pro- fessional opinion about the theoretical possibility of such a set- up actually working, as outlined by herself and other Aliens. In addition to the Aliens of Pleiadean origin, there are also supposedly other Beings of differing persuasions. "Both good and evil dwell in deep space denizens". One particularly eccentric contactee, Fred Bell, who claims a close relationship with Semjase, makes reference to occasional encounters with "rather bizarre humanoid creatures" who he describes as "energy scavengers." In addition, there are the so-called "Astral Vampires", who Fred Bell offers as an explanation for the bizarre "unexplained" cases of animal mutilations which for a time were occuring quite frequently in parts of the North American farm country. In addition to detailing the information relayed by the New Age Entities through the contactees, Steiger offers a varied selection of associated UFO lore which is read now and then in any number of UFOlogy related literature. For example, one interesting account describes George Adamski's reputed visit to the Vatican on the eve of the 2nd Vatican Council, and days before Pope John XXIII's death, during which at a bedside meeting with the Pope, Adamski handed him a sealed package from the "Space Brothers" which prompted Pope John, face beaming, to exclaim, "This is what I have been waiting for!" After the brief meeting, Adamski was seen to be in a similar state of rapture, similar to that of his desert contact experience with the Space Brothers back in 1952. Although Adamski didn't know for sure what was in the package, he assumed that it contained instructions for the upcoming Council. The fact that arrangements were already made to see the Pope, prior to their visit, left the strong impression that there existed in the Vatican a "fifth column" on behalf of the Space Brothers. Steiger also relates the off told tale how Hitler was fascinated with Spaceships, and indeed had a proto-type in their possession. He talks of Hitler's belief that "representatives of alien cultures walked the Earth in secret and that it was his mission to create a master race who would be ready to interact and to interbreed with them." Hitler also was supposed to be "convinced that the Earth was concave and that man lived on the inside of the globe." And in a reference to a conversation Hitler had with Hermann Rauschning, Steiger interprets Hitlers remark somewhat differently than would the military historian, when he says, "The new man is living amongst us now! He is here! Isn't that enough for you? I will tell you a secret. I have seen the new man. He is intrepid and cruel. I was afraid of him." Regardless of its validity or not to some kind of human mutation, the product of Alien interbreeding, it is bizarre and anecdotal information like this which make Steiger's book interesting reading. However, most of the content deals with the positive influence of Semjase and her siblings upon humankind. However, despite assurances that the Aliens are not interfering with human development, or our "free will", it seems clear that, if what they say (and its not always with one voice) is true, then it seems evident that humans are being "persuaded", or shall I say gently coerced, into being more receptive to what the Aliens have in plan for us. For example, it is clear from both Steiger's book, and other New Age material, that the Earth, with us on it, are on the receiving end of a "tremendously stepped-up outflow of energy which is now reaching Earth from other levels of existence." And, as the Space Beings have readily admitted to their contactees, "certain energies must be transmitted in order to accomplish a mass acceptance from the people and the leaders of Earth." Only after this has been done can the physical landings take place and "official" CONTACT be established. Apparently, in 1965, "something 'clicked' whereby everything advanced. Time accelerated." Jesus Christ, called "Sananda" by the contactees is not viewed as a God, but as an "ascended Master". He has apparently told one of his contactees that the period that the Earth is soon to be going through is "the most important segment of time this planet has known in the last 206,000 years." Much of the Space Beings talk has a biblical style to it, as in Mark-Age's statement that,"For truly time and the processes of end- ing an old age, so as to begin a new age, are being shortened for the elect." Another Being tells a contactee, "that a division will take place among the peoples of your planet between those who go onward in light and those who become even more enmeshed in the level of materialistic existence." As this contactee, Aleuti Francesca relates, "I not only feel that the contact with the extraterrestrials is an important factor in the merger of science and religion, I feel that is the single MOST important factor to emerge on the world scene in the last two thousand years. Man is on the brink of tremendous changes and breakthoughs, and ONLY New Age Man, trans- formed man, can make it through to a new world and a spiritually sane existence." Strong talk indeed. It makes one wonder what will happen to all the technoids, materialists, and other non-conformists. What will happen to those on either end of the spectrum, those of orthodox belief on one end, and athiests on the other; what will become of them? All in all the philosophy of the New Age, with its "higher wisdom" being channelled down through humans, due to the generosity of Space Beings and other such entities, is on the surface, a positive message full of hope for the future destiny of mankind. However, it remains a troublesome one as well. For those not sufficiently enlightened, like myself, there are still too many unanswered questions, still too many nagging suspicions of both the Messengers and the Message, for me to rush headlong into the embrace of the New Age. It seems certain, from many accounts, that planet Earth is headed into an unprecedented time of upheaval. Thus perhaps the Aliens are justified in using drastic measures since we are living in such tumultuous times. Perhaps the alternative, to do nothing, to let the human race "progress" onwards with the Nuclear Genie out of the bottle, is too great a risk to tolerate, and thus the Space Beings have no choice but to act. Time will tell. All in all, Steiger has written an informative little book; to some it will remain interesting fiction, a by-product of the times we live in. For others it will give direction, conditioning people as to what to expect; giving them a glimpse over the not so distant horizon of things to come. However you view such literature, one thing is for sure, you haven't seen the last of it. In the coming months and years, books like Steiger's will proliferate, and one way or another, everyone will become aware of the "Message". That much you can be sure of. 04/21/88 -Tom Mickus~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


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