ALAN SHAWN FEINSTEIN, MARS AND UFOs by Eric Brown February 24, 1989 My brother suscribes t

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ALAN SHAWN FEINSTEIN, MARS AND UFOs by Eric Brown February 24, 1989 My brother suscribes to a financial newsletter published by "Alan Shawn Feinstein Associates" of Cranston, Rhode Island. He had mentioned to me a few months ago that this financial advisor has been publishing items about the "Mars face" over the past year, which is unusual in a financial newsletter. I'm told that he has stated that there is more to the Mars face phenomena that is being released to the general public. (Gee, doesn't this sound familiar?) Feinstein mentions Mars and UFOs in his latest report. My brother loaned me his copy, and I thought that it might be of interest to users of Paranet. The following is quoted from the "Winter/Spring, 1989, Quarterly Report": "Outer Space: Our government's space agency, NASA, just came out urging exploration of Mars as soon as possible. Sound familiar? That's what _MARS, 1999_, the book I told you to get last issue is about. And the Japanese had a prime time 2 hour show January 21st about Mars and UFO's. They contacted me several times about it... Please, no more orders for _MARS, 1999_. We're all sold out... If you got a copy, congratulations. If you didn't - there will be another printing this spring, with some important additional revelations. I have heard from several scientists inquiring about my recent interest in outer space. One of them wonders if the authorities are using me as a "controlled leak" - a test for important news to be released soon. No - I am not doing this for the government. My information is from private sources. I can tell you this. There are going to be exciting developments this year in the strides for space exploration as well as the search for extraterrestrial life. You'll be among the first to know what's happening - and how important it can be to you... Meanwhile - a favor I must ask you: If you see any newspaper stories about UFO's or any other unexplained happenings, please send them to Lee Simonson, P.O. Box 57, Lewiston, NY 14092. I have assigned Lee to the collection and monitoring of all data in this area. Please - watch for anything of interest and send it to him. There will be a lot happening this year. Exciting news and unique opportunities...I'll be bringing them to you as soon as possible." I have a few observations and questions concerning this: (1) This article brings to mind the constant rumors in the UFO community that there will soon be a major revelation concerning [blank]. (Fill in the blank with any of the following: UFOs, MJ-12, abductions, aliens, etc.) (2) I find it very interesting that this is in a financial newsletter, from someone who apparently is unrelated to the "UFO community". Of course, if it became a known fact that aliens from Reticulum were traveling among us, and abducting a large number of us for biological material, it would probably have a definite effect on the world financial markets. Maybe Feinstein has figured out how to make a buck or two from this if and when the knowledge goes public. (3) Has anyone on Paranet read "Mars, 1999"? If so, what is it about? My guess is that it covers future plans for Mars exploration and the Mars face. (I have definitely told my brother to order me a copy from the next printing this spring.) (4) Feinstein mentions that he was asked if he was a government "controlled leak". This reminds me of some of the speculations that we have heard concerning the MJ-12 documents. (5) Who are Feinstein's sources? (6) Does Feinstein or Lee Simonson ever tap into a Paranet BBS? If they're looking for the latest UFO information, I don't think that they could find a better source! I can't help but wonder what their reaction would be if one of us sent them a copy of something such as LEAR.TXT. Does anyone on Paranet know anything about this guy? I'm reading between the lines, but it seems to me that we might turn up some juicy UFO information if we could tap into Feinstein's sources. If you want to suscribe to these financial newsletters, the address is: Alan Shawn Feinstein & Associates 41 Alhambra Circle Cranston, RI 02905 I don't know the cost -- my brother said that he remembers sending $5 over a year ago, and he's still getting the quarterly reports. (Keep in mind that this is a vague memory.)


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