April 20, 1980 _ _ _ Dear _, I read your letter of the 13th with considerable interest. It

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April 20, 1980 ______________ ______________ ______________ Dear ________, I read your letter of the 13th with considerable interest. It seems difficult to believe that I have finally found someone that is as interested in finding out the true story of Project Red Light. First of all I would like to address the specific points requested in your letter, and then I will expand on them and other items as well. 1. I did not know about the UFO movie prior to reading your article. 2. I found out the name f Project Redlight almost by accident. I was ____________________________________________ in a warehouse at Area 51 and saw a large number of wooden shipping crates (the type made with tongue and groove lumber and used for shipping heavy items securely) with the coke name "Project Redlight" written with grease pen or felt tip pen. Also on the crates was a stencilled "Edwards AFB" in standard military type of letters. 3. The article in Readers Digest that I referred to was about a UFO that flew over the US from the East Coast to where it "blew up" somewhere over eastern Nevada. The article did not state that the pilot was human. I'm sorry for the confusion on this. The reason that I felt that this Digest article is important is that I remember a period shortly after the date given in the article (I don't reemember what it was, sorry) everything came to a screeching halt at Area 51. As you can see, I am just putting two and two together, but I am satisfied that the UFO of the Digest article and the U FO of Project Redlight are/were one and the same. Now for some additional information that has come to mind since I talked to you. Your report about the motorcycle riders is interesting. I can remember hearing similar rumors while I worked on the test site and I would not doubt the authenticity of your report. The security force at Area 51 while I serviced the Area were heavily armed and I considered them dangerous. There were seve ral times that I was in the wrong place at the right time and had it not bee n provable that i was not snooping or trying to snoop I really don't think I would be writing you this letter. Incidentally, the security wore standard air police uniforms but looked nothing like any of the AP's I have ever dealt with. They were all in their 30's to 40's, and looked like dock workers. Also as I remember it the only markings they wore just said Air Police. They did not have Nellis AFB on anything but a few of their vehicles, an d I believe that they were assigned to Edwards rather than Ne llis. The reason I remember this is that it seemed strange to me during my first trip to Area 51 I noticed a slight difference in their uniforms from Nellis AP's, and I over- heard a couple of remarks that indicated they were from Edwards. Another interesting point. I was accustomed to going out onto the Bombing and Gunnery Range and had a number at Indian springs (Nellis AFB maintains a forward area base there) to call to get clearence onto the range. This was SOP. How ever, in the case of Area 51 I cal led the security office at kArea 51. This indicated to me that Nellis AFB had nothing to do with the operation of Area 51. Also the designation of Area 51 was classified TOP SECRET. Incidentally, although i carried a "Q" clearance from the Atomic Energy Commission as well as an inter agency TOP SECRET clearance I was investigated for a special Air Force TOP SECRET clearance in order to operate in Area 51. At this point I am going to give you just a series of disconnected observa tions that I made in the hope that they may tie in with something you or Len Stringfield may know. 1. I saw some crates being unloaded from a cargo plane. The aircraft was a super constellation with standard markings and had nothing to indicate it had any military connections. There was no airline name on it. 2. I only the UFO one time. It was on the ground and partly hidden behind a building and at first I thought it was a small private aircraft until I noticed it had no wings or tail. I was probably 1/2 mile or farther fro m it but I would guess it 20 to 30 feet in diameter and sort of a pewter color rather than bright polished aluminium. 3. The reason I know it flew silently is I was present on a number of occasions when it was landing or taking off (I was always taken inside and out of view of the runway at these times) and at no time did I hear anything that sounded like a conventional or any other kind of engine. 4. I was working on their ______ several times wh en they just_______. However since I was there to work o n them I really didn't think anything about it. Oh yes, they would ___________ again just as suddenly. Also there were a number of times that I was called out to work on ______ and could not find anything wrong with it. 5. On of the men that I knew were "Pilots" was just slightly larger than me. 6. Most of the test flights occurred in the daytime rather than at night. 7. The radio frequency they used at that time was in the regular commercial VHF band and was a simplex frequency. At one time I had t he Freq. written down but I have no idea now what it was. Anyway, i really think that someone with a scanner could pick them up if they were to park on the road to the east of the test site and use some kind of directional antenna. 8. Before I send this letter I will try to gey a USC&GS map of the area and will mark the location of Area 51 on it. 9. There was a Radar Station at the north end of the test site near the town of Tonopah, Nevada. Afellow from my home town of _______,________ was an operato r there. His name is __________ __________ . We were talking about the test site one day when he mentioned that he was always picking up UFO's over the test site but was told to ignore them. I remember him telling about one that he picked up on the edge of his RBI on the first revolution was directly overhead on the second pass and was just going off the scope on the third revolution of the antenna. 10. For some reason I seem to remember that the Redlight is spelled Redl ight i.e. all one word. 11. I always had the impression that the flight test area was from Area 51 north because there is a natural valley that runs in that direction for 200 miles or so. Also the area to the south was more populated. Also I entered Area 51 from the north and there were a couple of times that i was questioned about whether I had 'noticed' anything on the way in. 12. I was reminded constantly that no matter what I saw I could be in serious trouble if I ever talked about any of it. I can't stress how mu ch how tight the security was, it was almost paranoid. 13. I don't think this has anything to do with Redlight, but I remember when I was a kid back in the 40's, on two occasions I saw a story about UFO's included in the weekly Pathe' News. There was one story about a UFO that had crashed somewhere and another story about a UFO thaqt was found in some farmers barn. Both of those stories were given the usual news treatment. The reason that I am mentioning this is that I recently read an article about the entire libr ary of Pathe' movie film being given to an institution of some kind which would make it available to researchers. i am certain that if these film clips could be located they would be useful. Realizing that these stories appeared prior to Blue Book and at a time of Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon, there is probably a better than even chance that they can be located by someone willing to spend the time viewing a few hundred hours of old news film. 14. More on item #7, the air-to-ground frequencies were in th e 200mc range. I believe there is a standard set of air-to -ground or government frequencies either just above or just below the 220mc ham band and their communications were on those frequencies. Well there you have it ______. I hope that I have shed some light on some dark areas. Should any other thoughts come to mind that I feel may be important I will try to catch you on the ____________. Hopefully if I can get things settled down to a dull roar I will be able to start checking in on a more permane nt basis. Of course, should you have any questions or want further clarification please contact me. (signature) NOTE...Any information that would identify the sender or recipient of this letter has been deleted in order to protect them. The original document contains both names and addresses but will be given to no one without their permission. The reason Len Stringfields name is left in is that he is a known UFO researcher and it cannot hur t him as he was not the sende r or receiver. 


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