JUNE 13, 1987 Dear Sirs, Although I missed your very recent radio and tv shows, a friend s

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JUNE 13, 1987 Dear Sirs, Although I missed your very recent radio and tv shows, a friend suggested that I write this letter and share my information with you. I am fifty year af age engineer that has worked in the private sector, as well as with the government. From 1975 to 1980, i was involved with several investigations having to do with E.T. material. Even though the project was very well covered, I am still very much surprised that Project Pluto and results have not surfaced yet. In as much as the project was handled by others, there was no question that the government was in full control. For security purposes, Project Pluto had five levels. Those who investigated one level had nothing to do with the next, and would only turn in the results of data of these findings to the next level, then go on to another area. No one that I knew ever had the results of two levels at the same time. There was only one very rare exception to the rule whic h took place in 1975, and was in fact my very first assignm ent with the project. I was employed by a non- government firm that of course was directly involved with the government, and probably fronted for them on the projects. I would assume that eventually government records could be made available to the general public, but not from the private sector. I'm not really sure. In any event, several others and myself were rushed to a rather remote place in upstate Pennsylvannia. We were informed that every thing was top secret, and had to remain that way. We wer e even housed in a hotel close by, and security people were assigned to us. Some type of aircraft had crashed in this area, and the government felt that it would be easier and faster to do all of their investigation right rhere rather than to move the remains of the wreck, and whatever evidence tha soil may contain. The wreck site was rather difficult to get to, however, we turned it into a construction site, clearing the area, and building two small and one very large m etal pre-fab buildings over and aro und the wreck. Heavy equipment, materials, and workers were flown in and out on a daily basis. We were moved from the hotel to some mobile homes that were brought in for us, and many more top level people who joined us. I might add that the local people who still lived some distance from the site, were led to believe that a large private corporation was preparing to build an electrical power supply for the area. But it was off limits to everyone in the area. We were sone of the fi rst ones on the scene other than lots of security people. The wreck had already been covered by very large canvas blankets, and large nets were tented over head to protect the site from any possible air traffic. I did manage to get a very good look at the wreck on several occasions. My first thoughts were that it may have been and experimental air craft of our government, or perhaps the government of another. It was later suggested to us that it was a new typ0e of air craft of a foreign government, and it was a super hush hu sh project. That air craft was nothing like I have ever seen or probably ever will again. The crash site was also something quite different. The disturbed soil was about a hundred feet in diameter, although the craft was much larger in length. I only saw what appeared to be about two/thirds of the rear end, and even that was about ten feet below the surface. When it crashed on about a 30 degree angle, it pushed all the earht back away from the craft it self. Almost as if the hole were made first, and t hen something half the size was put in place. My best thought of this rather strange hole is that some kind of magnetic field had pushed all the earth away from the craft at impact. It was reasonable to assume that I was looking down at the rear end of the air craft, yet there was nothing to indicate that it had any kind of engine as we know it. Not even one little opening. I don't really like to use the term cigar, but since I could not see the front part, it certainly ap peared to have once been shaped like a large cigar. That's by best description. If it was a craft from a foreign government, then we are in big trouble. I actually held one small portion of the wreck in my hand. Incidently, there was only a very small reading of radio waves in the area. The are was quite safe. There was on the other hand, a great deal of free magnetic energy in that area. It was very difficult using our instruments. It was very difficult just toestablish the correct time. Every wrist watch was a different time. T he piece of physical evidence that I held in my hand, was a material that I really can't identify. It may have been torn from the front of the craft when it crashed. A few of us compared thoughts as to what it might be, but no one was really certain. None of us had ever seen anything like it before. It was about one square foot and about an inch thick. It weighed almost nothing, and one had the feeling that it may blow away if you let go of it and the wind increased. It was the same color and texture of the large portion, so it was safe to assume that it was part of the shell of the craft. It weighed nowhere near enough to be any metal that we had ever seen. It even weighed less than any plastic that I had seen of a similar size. I tried to scratch it with a pocket knife, and even cut away a small piece of the edge, but the knife did nothing to it. The surface was clear as glass, and stronger than anything we had ever seen. It was like trying to scra tch the surface of glass with a feather. Of cours e, we had to turn it into the security people. After the site was secure, the first groups that included myself were taken away. There was a very thorough strip search prior to us being given jumpsuits, and put into a truck for the transportation to a waiting plane. We were taken to another area and debriefed before we were allowed to return to our normal way of life. About three months later, a few of us returned to the site to remove the buildings, fill up the hole, a nd generally put the area back int o the same shape as it may have been prior to the crash. We went through the same type of security search and debriefing as we had done the first time. Whatever was left of the craft had been removed and sent to - unknown-. Almost one year to the day, I was sent to another crash site. Everything was a repeat of the first time, except that there were six of us. Four of us were part of the first crash site, and the other two were new. This time the air craft was buried so deep into the lower side of a hil l that we could not get a good look at it. The security arrangements were just about the same, and we constructed similar buildings around it. It was very close to a rerun of the first crash site. Only this time we were told, "as a matter of fact it was a top secret experimental air craft that had crashed. I could however, manage to see the rear end of the craft. It appeared to be the same type as the first. The code name of the pr oject was Pluto, as it was the first also. Incidently, that was in ups tate New York, in 1976. I do not know if there were any "people" or life forms aboard. Several years later, I had an occasion to be in the area of site #one. The bartender only recognized me because he brought in our first room service the first night we stayed there. There was no room service there, but he made his one and only exception to the rule for us. He asked me lots of questions which of course had no answers for, nor would I give any. He told me th at he heard that there were lots of medical people on the site. Ge thought that rather odd for an electric power station. He assumed that there must have been some kind of an accident, or lots of waste material in the area. We let it go at that. It appears that security was very good, and no one had any idea that an air craft had crashed there. I suspect that the air craft was fifty feet in diameter and as long as two hundred feet. I could be wrong in the length. As I recall the under portion of air craft #one had mor e of a flat surface. It w as difficult ot see, but I do recall the difference in the portion of the under surface that I could see. There were also a few interesting grooves on the top and side areas about twinty feet long. We had speculated that either a steering fin had been attached, or a place where it could slide through from the inside, similar to the type of systemused to lower wheels on any air craft. First speculation! In 1978, I was again sent to a crash site. We arrived the day after the security people. This time t he air craft landed in a lake in upstate Pennsylvannia. We went through the same motions, and built several buildings on the edge of the lake to house the craft, once it was removed from the water. Lots of Navy equipment was flown in, and there were divers everywhere. The same magnetic field was present as in the first two incidents. There was no air craft. I spent three weeks there in the event that the buildings had to be adjusted. It seems t hat the divers had located the exact spot that the air cra ft had reasted on the bottom, but it was gone. There was lots of evidence on the beach that something very large had crashed into the lake causing the water of the lade to splash ashore, over thirty feet, and what was normally a rather clean lake, was suddenly a very large mudhole. After three weeks, I left and was subjected to the same type of security as the first two times. I didn't have to return to dismantle the pre-fab buildings. I would think that it was done by others very soon there after. Ther e was some thoughts at first that the craft may have been buried under the bottom of the lake, but by this time, we knew enough about the craft to know if that were the case. It was not - it just vanished. Perhaps it was not damaged and managed to fly away. That may sound silly, but I believe that it is a reasonable conclusion. There was some damage to the immediate area. Six large electrical transformers, and some other equipment were burnt out and had to be replaced by the electric company. The gove rnment took the electrical equipment and had it flown somewhere else. In 1979, I was sent to the shores of southern Texas. The same type of situation, all the evidence led us to believe that whatever it was, it landed in the water and flew away. I understand that over twenty men actually saw it go into the water, but the days that followed bore no fruit. The Navy divers had a good deal of evidence that some thing has made a very la rge recent gash on the bottom in about seventy feet of water. The very same magnetic field was present, and every thing electrical in the emmediate area was burnt out. By the end of 1979, I was sent back to the very same lake in Northern Pennsylvannia. It was a duplicate incident as the first time we weere there. It had landed in the lake and was gone. The same electrical items were again destroyed, and the same magnetic field was evident. I really have no physical evidence to prove one way or another the identification of the air craft. I can only examine what I have ex perienced and wonder! My opinion is another story. I don't really believe that the air craft belongs to our Government or any tther government on this earth. From 1975 to present, we would certainly have seen some kind of revolutionary change in our air craft. To date, I still have not seen any material to even slightly match the very first piece of physical evidence that I had examined. That alone, would have made a fantastic change in the material w e use today. No corporation or government could kee p that kind of material quality under cover for over twelve years. If they had invented it. After twelve years we probably don't even know what it is, or how to make it. I am positive that at the very least, they have two of the air craft hidden somewhere, and probably have learned very little from them, other than they exist. However, the company that I was associated with has made some gigantic leaps forward in electromagnetic forces. Perhaps they did learn something from it after all. If we wish to assume that these air craft are not from this earth, and are from way out there in space, then my goodness, the planet must be full of visitors. The air traffic alone, must be fantastic. It seems to me that who ever they are they have found it easier to land in the water rather than on our dry earth. Perhaps it was designed to land on water or a very flat surface. I have never really had any feelings one way or another abvout E.T.'s. I have elected to deal with hard evidence only, that w as prior to 19 75. For those few years afterwards, I could not help but interject some opinions into my brain. As I would rather deal with hard evidence only, I am forced to put all of this on a scale, and take a good hard look at the tilting of the scales. There is far too much here to ignore. I must confess that i had some what leaned towards the experimental air craft story. But as the years passed, it became evident that was only a cover story. Too much time has past, and our air craft are pretty much the same. There is no doubt in my mind that we as well as others, are constantly expeerimenting with new air craft, however at this late date, I am reasonably certain that those crash sites were not made by anything that we are familiar with, and then again, I stell kind of reserve that possibility. As you can see, I have many mixed feelings about it. Im addition, I have no way of knowing if I had been on every crash site that occurred. There may have bee n many more during that period and many more since then. I really don't know if any one had ever been removed from the two wrecks, that I had personally seen. Perhaps they were only mechanical flights. Perhaps the medical people were only there - just in case. And/or to test the wreck for any form of unknown bacteria prior to removing it. Their being present is not really evidence that a life form was fornd. It could go either way. I just cannot imagine our government or any other keeping it such a secret, if in fact, they w ere not from this earth. It really serves no purpose that I can understand. Also appears to me that if they were from somewhere else that they mean us no harm. I would suspect that after all these years, if they meant us harm, we would most certainly know about it by now. kEven if they were only mechanical flights, the fact that they could get here at all...so many times, is certainly a feat in itself, and worthy of publication. If the fact that they managed to get here at all, and the physical evidence, the material th at I examined is any indication of how intelligent they are, then I would feel safe in assuming that they have left us in the stone age. On a personal level, I have no fear of meeting or contacting such a being. In fact, the very first time I saw the craft, the thought had entered my mind. I didn't expect a being like Frankenstein to come walking out. And for a short time I had wondered what I would do if suddenly a door opened and some form of life came out. What the heck! If it didn't look too bad I may have walked up and said hello just as I would to anyone else who may visit me. I would think that I would be more afraid of picking up some unknown form of bacteria than I would be of the life form itself. Well, today we can pick up AIDS...so, as I put the germ fear aside. Yes. I would certainly try to be friendly once the first wave of fear passed me by. What I fear more than any visitor is that some farmer is going to get them with a shot gun and do meor damage th an we can or want to handle. Also, some cowboy po liceman trying to shoot his first space man. Because of that I should think that our government would try to edcucate us as to the proper way to handle any such situation. That little bit of awareness and education may save ou7r planet form destruction. If there is clear evidence that we are being visited by intelligent life forms, then the heads of our government are by far crazier than I had imagined by trying to keep it a secret. The damage of hostile action on our part may not be repairable. I'm so rry but I am not familiar with your group, but my friend was very impressed by your speaker on tv as well as the radio. Because of that I am trying to share whatever information and evidence that I have which is in fact all first hand data. I have illustrated the evidence and information as it happened, and made note of where I speculated. There are many items that I have not included in this letter, only because this could turn into forty or fifty pages. At some time in the future, i f you wish, I will take my time and write every detail that I can remember. I'll also put it on tape for clarification. I was told that you plan to open another branch in the future in the Philadelphia area? If that's the case I would certainly be interested in some form of association with your group. I belong to no other and never had any desire to, however, I understand that you are serious people, and worthy of respect. I regard the opinion of mm friend very highly. He is a professor of physics, and himse lf a very se rious person. I would appreciate your sending me some literature about your group, and your plans if any to enter the Philadelphia area. I think that you have selected a very good location. There are many very serious people there and a good solid investigation group would be quite welcome. I'm certain that once you entered the area the support group would be fantastic. If you selected Philadelphia, then the assured that you picked the ri ght city for another branch. Incidently, myexperience in the E.T . world ended in 1980, when I changed positions. Have you had any reports of material that I examined belonging to an air craft from others? And the ever present magnetic field, do you gave any reports from others similar to that? I have heard of others saying that they have seen a cigar shaped air craft, and I feel rather silly. Perhaps that's not the word. But, to the best of my knowledge and sight, it appeared to be just that. A cigar shaped craft. Please note that in both cases, I had never seen t he front of the craft. i can only assume that the design was constant. I'll close for now and hope to hear from you. I remain, (AUTHORS NAME CENSORED) 


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