NAM SIGHTING We were stationed at a security base in 'Nam in 1968. Some of the units there

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----------------------------------------------------------- NAM SIGHTING We were stationed at a security base in 'Nam in 1968. Some of the units there regularly made sweeps into an adjacent country where we were not suppose to be so the whole damned base was classified. My unit was out on routine patrol when we ran across Charlie and a fire fight ensued. It was late in the day and light was f were mostly firing in the general direction that the return fire was coming from. Undergrowth was heavy and the fire fight ran hot and cold. There were periods of quiet followed by sporadic firing when someone thought they saw something or heard something. During one of these breaks Kelly noticed the object in the sky. I saw him staring up and looked up to find he was looking at a flat disk just hang ing motionless there looked silver colored but was reflecting the setting sun so it was hard to tell. It just hovered there, not moving any way. Sounds like as stupid way to describe something, but it looked just like someone had taken two dinner plates and glued them face to face. Maybe it was a little flatter on the bottom than on the top, it was kind of hard to tell. We had to keep an eye out on the ground so we couldn't watch the obje ct the time, but it just sat there, sort of like it was watching us. I guess it was about thirty feet across or so and maybe 200-300 yards elevation. I could see no break on the smooth surface, and its color was changing as the sun went down. Most of the guys around me had seen it and some were damned puzzled. It didn't look like anything I had ever seen before and no one else knew what it was. Some guys thought it was some kind of vation craft from our side but that didn't sound right. As it grew darker, the fire fight died down. I think Charlie had withdrawn and we would probably doing the same soon. The object just sat there, slowly getting darker but still easy to see against the sky. Just about the time we figured we would be pulling back, Kelly got this idea that he would shoot the damned thing down. He always was a little nuts and he let loose with a burst. I don't know if he hit the thing, probably not. But a minute later it picked up and moved off. Not slowly but not real fast. It just sort of decided it had seen enough here and left. Maybe Kelly's firing at it had something to do with it, maybe not. I don't remember any sound as it left. It disappeared in a general south direction. I remember it did n't climb, just seemed to hold altitude and leave the area. We talked a lot about it but decided that we maybe shouldn't mention it to anyone. Hell, if it were something from out side, we could get in a lot of trouble for shooting it up. No body seriously thought it was from the North but a few wondered if it were something the Russians had sent down. We started calling it a UFO. Sort of figured that if it were a craft from some place else, m aybe it wasn't a good idea to shoot at it. didn't tell anybody. The Lieutenant never saw it so we just shut up. Nobody liked that SOB anyway and we weren't going to go to him and tell him we saw a "flying saucer." I don't know what it was. I am sure, however, that if it were a chopper we would surely have heard the noise and could have easily identified it. I got the impression it was just watching us. I kind of figure Kelly's bullets, even it they had hit it, have done any damage. The above was copied, almost verbatim, from an unpublished book, "Nam Remembered" by Sgt. William Hansey. --------------------------------------------------------  unpublished book, "Nam Remembered" by Sgt. William Hansey. -------------------------------------------------------- g us. I kind of figure Kelly's bullets,


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