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JOHN LEAR 4033 Acapulco Avenue Las Vegas, Nevada 89121 new address 1414 Hollywood Blvd. Las Vegas, Nevada 89110 October 7, 1988 Dear Bill, Enclosed is the Bill English/Grudge 13 report. Feel free to correct any typos or anything else. I have enclosed the or iginal handwritten notes transcribed from the audio casette in case you need to refer to it for clarification. I have made very few editorial changes, most of them because I didn't understand what Bill was getting at. I will leave a number with you where I can be reached in case you have any questions. I would like to gt this in the library as soon as possible and don't want you to have to wait to get a hold of me for clarification. 3 nights ago a friend of mine who was formerly with the SDI program at Los Alamos came over to chat. 3 of his friends who were still at LANL had driven to Las Vegas 2 weeks ago to see him. They handed him the enclosed paper titled Notes from WX and explained that the space based SDI research had been totally dropped and that now they were working on the earth penetrator. The purpose of their visit to my friend was to find out what was going on as they didn't believe the cover excuse of the Russian underground facilities. My friend spent 4 days carefully briefing the group on some of my research and ideas. The group went back to LANL did some chicking and decided that I was probably correct. They found a lot of things that substantiated my ideas. They also found the YY-II complex. The 3 were MIT graduates, highly motivated for duty, honor, country and were shocked to find out that most everything had been a charade. They made the statement that they felt they had been on KP for the last 6 years. They fel t deceived. I thought you might find the enclosed piece of paper i nteresting in view of the current newspaper stories about SDI. Also enclosed is an anonymous letter reportedly written by a gentleman involved with the Alpha teams. The correct name may be 'Plato'. Also a copy of a magazine article about me (which I hope doesn't bore you to death). Also the transcript Jesse Marcel made about Roswell and a few letters from his son. Gordon Coopers letter to the U.N. A packet of Goldwaters stuff. My Westcott file. A copy of the alleged Aquarius document and AFOSI respo nse. Sen. Glenns NSA letter. Greenwoods notes about Gerston. Dr. Walkers (possible MJ- 12 associate) response to Steinmans letter. (Dr. Walker did not respond with a letter but merely sent Steimans letter back to him with the notation "Must reply did code (-1)".) Maybe you can help us decipher. The McCampbell/Bennewitz' notes (take with a grain of salt). The Area 51 letters. Bennewitz' Project Beta (take with grain of salt, last page missing). Mystery chromosome file. Sarbacher letter. Eisenhower b riefing. Cutler memo. W. B. Smith memo. Air Force Academy physics book excerpts. Stringfield stuff. Aquarius document. JMP letter. Ft. Dix McGuire incident. Gary Stollmans statement. Senator Richard Russel file. President Reagans speeches. Halt memo. EBE renderings. Weitzel memo. Ellsworth memo. Mathis affair letter from Steinman (take with grain of salt.) I realize you may have a lot of this stuff or that you may not be interested. I try to 'file e verything, believe nothing' so if you see some thing that looks completely idiotic before you say, "I hope Lear doesn't believe this stuff," remember that nothing is ever black or white...its all shades of gray. There may be a grain of truth in some of the ridiculous things. I'll check with you on Saturday night. Best Regards, JOHN (signature) 


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